Saturday, January 07, 2006

White Deer of Argonne

Whether the famous White Deer of Argonne represent a mutation caused by radiation from the nearby nuclear research facilities (the article heavily stresses that they amount to a "naturally occurring" separate species), they seem a whole lot prettier and less grotesque than the dreaded three-eyed fish of the Simpsons!

Methinks "Burnsy" (of the Simpsons) still doth protest too much, or does that mean I still have the old hippie paranoia about nuclear energy?

Now, if John Howard became aware of this, he might draft an inclusion into the IR legislation, that ALL workers should compulsorily find themselves exposed to a certain amount of radiation, and any worker who voluntarily exposed themselves to more, would receive a bonus! ;-P

Also, I just (really) received an article about the new Pope, in which it states that he believes in the possibility that the current president of the USA might just be the Anti-Christ predicted in Revelations. So, some advance Christians are obviously capable of thinking outside the box!

Never would have thought of the new pope as an "advanced Christian" by any stretch, Ansur, but if the new Pope suggests this, he seems OK by me, except that he should look past Bush, over Bush's shoulder so to speak, and see the real Machiavellian villain of the piece, namely Dick Cheney! (So much for 'papal infallibility', no bull!);-P


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