Monday, January 30, 2006

A very Sagittarian centaur... very Sagittarian Usch, who does not really believe in blogs, with the possible exception of Ken's, but may find herself tickled anyway by one of her artworks finding its way into the blogosphere! This centaur also has really cute and well-drawn hooves, by the way, but you will just have to take my word for that, as the scanner unfortunately chopped them off (thanks, anyway, for the scan, Sebi and Aidan! Otherwise, 'perfectomundo', as the Fonz would say!) ;-))

Oh, great, a 10 of Swords day coming up, I see, but given the state of my current 'Bjorn Erik crisis', that can only mean, 'the worst has happened: it can get no worse'? lol Heigh ho, heigh ho, it seems off to work (at the coal-face) we go, and live on to toil another day, while a rainbow of further promise arcs in the sky? ;-))

And, while there, why not check out NArdS's Street Magick website bring a little magick into your otherwise drab, and mundane little life? lol

(He equates to a Page of Wands, btw, according to the Myers-Briggs test below, and also the Universe, according to the Quizilla quiz, further below, as we just established on Messenger, but I still don't know if I have spelt his rather confusing online name correctly ;-P!)... Check out link for more info about INTPs than you ever wanted, if you dare! But, hey, I got this little Page of Wands checking out this little King of Cups' wyrd posts more in future, so what more can you want? And I think I engaged him on Messenger for... geez, how long? Omg, the time really does fly when you have fun!!! lol

Dream: continuing to chat with NArdS on Yahoo Messenger (!). He said, how silly he found it that Yahoo Messenger had only a half-assed angel or silly devil to choose from; what, no gargoyles, griffins, dragons etc. or other colourful creatures like that (except for the odd dragon in avatars)? I told him that I had just chatted with his 'angel', and a very nice 'angel' I found it, as well... Conversation then got a bit 'Hegelian' and 'philosophical', piling thesis on antithesis, and vice versa, till I 'spun out', and woke up! lol

Comment: "a dream = a message from yourself to yourself to whatever part of you listens" (Fritz Perls), as I did in fact have occasion to quote to NArdS, but the dream had an 'astral' feeling of utter reality about it, i.e. I could not believe it, when I woke up and found myself not actually online! lol I wonder if I did not actually chat with NArdS, and/or his spirit guides, in some higher dimension (not to mention his 'Higher Self')? ;-))

Or, in the threatened/impending absence of B-E, my animus decides to rear its head and kick-start itself back to life, and project itself back 'out there' again (to get a bit Jungian/Platonic)? Cos Jung's Archetypes really = Plato's Ideas? Therefore, every dream really = 'symposium' or 'love-feast' between different aspects of yourself? ;-))

And, yes, Sebi, it seems now still dark at 5:30 am, and does not start getting lighter until 6:00, so the southern hemisphere has started darkening into autumn, so prepare to celebrate the Lammas Sabbath (Lughnasadh) tonight, or tomorrow. The word Lughnasadh literally means the funeral games of Lugh, the Irish sun god, who hosted them in honour of Tailte, his foster-mother. This Sabbath originally coincided with the first reapings of the harvest, giving seeds and fruit for our use as well as ensuring future crops, since the first seeds = the best for replanting... Bright Lammas blessings, everybody!

"A circle begins and ends in the same place. Life is a circle that begins and ends with the Great Mother; the First Mother who in Her loneliness created all life (...) Blessed Mudo is our beginning and our end. From Her we come; to Her we return. In all ways, She provides for us. We are Her children, all life springs from Her. She gives freely of Her abundance. From Her body, we take sustenance: food, water, and shelter. From Her Spirit come gifts of wisdom and warmth: talents and skills, fire and friendship. Gifts come from Her all-encompassing love.

"The Great Earth Mother takes joy in Her children's happiness. She delights in our enjoyments, and therefore She has given us Her wondrous Gift of Pleasure. We honor Her, show Her reverence, when we share Her Gift. But to the Blessed among us She has given Her greatest Gift, endowed them with Her own miraculous power to create Life." (Jean M. Auel, Valley of the Horses, pp. 223-4);-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Well, Claire, I knew that you would enjoy "The Valley of Horses", so I'm glad to see a few paragraphs of it reproduced here on your blog.

A trippy dream too ! And have you managed to get a bit of sleep ? Maybe it was a full moon last night ? I went a bit weird myself.

PS. Message from Aidan. He wants to know why you haven't put a hyperlink on our names to our blogs. He says you're not tapping into the hidden market.

PS. from Sebi. Isn't the enthusiasm of the newbie blogger lovely to behold ?

6:48 pm  
Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

On the topic of Ayla and Jondolar, I thought you might find it interesting that Aidan and I won a Lion King gift pack in a Joy FM competition the other night. It seems that Ayla's totem is sending us a message !

And hey, I got that part-time job that I went for. I'm starting on Monday, and will be working Mondays and Tuesdays.

6:51 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

WOW! You did tell me about the gift pack... so who = the sidereal Leo, but Aidan? lol

8:23 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

and which part-time job did you get? Congratulations, and bright Lammas blessings!!! ;-))

8:24 pm  

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