Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Red Overtone Serpent

Sebi n'aimera pas cet image-ci, mais moi, je jure que celui-ci vient aussi de son blog favori, http://moscowinparis.blogspot.com/ ! Posted by Picasa


Blogger Aidan Aristos said...

Cool, i like that Painting

11:54 am  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

Oh wow! Artist moi? Nah ... not when I see something as superb as this ... I melt into the insignificance of my own little talent.

It's okay .... I never thought that I had much talent anyway ... realistic I am!

7:10 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

It seems a photo, mythos, probably Photoshopped, don't despair! lol

7:34 pm  

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