Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mozart celebrates his 250th on Friday... dust off your 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik' and prepare for a little light classical, for a change! We seem to have a flurry of famous birthdays this week, from Rabbie Burns (see Ken's blog) and Virginia Woolf ("birthday-spot" in Age) yesterday, to the real reason Gawith has a day off today, namely Dora's birthday: forget Australia's bloody Invasion Day! *grr*

*it's probably too painful
for us to understand
but 200 years ago, we overran their land...

dreamtime's just a nightmare now
an alcoholic sleep
Australia, land of things to do
have you got time to weep?* (Redgum - hopefully Mozart does not turn in his grave at sharing this space with them)... Those sidereal Capricornians do not muck around when achieving the pinnacle of their (considerable) ambition, even if they have to survive some pretty tragic circumstances to do so ;-P

Also, from wyrd email:
>I have just returned from Maya land!! It was beautiful and not quite so dry in the Yucatan. They've had a bit of rain. The real rainy season doesn't begin until March.
The hemorrhagic fever that the Maya's suffered may have been due to mosquitos. If bitten and you get dengue fever any subsequent bite may cause hemorrhagic fever. This is still the case in Central America.
We were very fortunate, not one mosquito in site and we went as far south as Belize.

Previously George had posted:
>As bad as that was there was another seemingly cyclic and native disease thought to be a form of hemorrhagic fever the Aztecs called "cocolizli'. When it struck it killed quickly and in the millions. It also appears to be connected to weather patterns, a long period of drought, followed by rain and then cocolizli, megadeath. It is extrapolated that this also happened to the Mayans. Mexico has currently entered into a period of severe drought.
Stay tuned.

But this still worries me, because, once again, they have had a period of drought, followed by rain? ;-P

Or as the sun moves sidereally into Capricorn, don't we find all sorts of things to worry about? ;-((


Blogger mythosandbios said...

Mythos throws on a CD with Mozart's Symphony No.40 in G Minor, Symphony No.29 in A & Symphony No.35 in D.

Certainly beats out 'you-beaut' Advance Australia Fair ... exept for the Jimmy Barnes version hehehehe!

9:44 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Will save it for tomorrow and Gawith, mythos (wonder if they will enjoy it as much as Katie Melua last Friday? hehe)

Symphony no. 40...very good choice...opening of the movie Amadeus, as I recall, with Salieri finding himself dashed to emergency treatment in the hospital after trying to cut his throat (out of sheer rage and fury at never equating to a Mozart!!!). Lots of Sturm and Drang, thundering hooves, "excitement"... Or does that sound too like Effie? lol

It seems the opening of the Requiem that never fails to send chills down my spine though... I want it played at my own funeral, for the record - not to mention the Queen of the Night aria and Papageno/Papagena duet from the Magic Flute, and that divine wind concerto, whose proper musical name escapes me...that also made Salieri absolutely green with envy, in its divine simplicity... I don't have Amadeus under my "favorite movies" in my profile for nothing: saw it in the cinema three times, the third time with my eyes closed, for the music alone!

Also spookily, I find myself turning 50 in the same year he turns 250, i.e. I got born as he turned 200...nice round numbers? ;-))

1:26 pm  

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