Thursday, January 05, 2006

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a·poph·y·sis ( P ) Pronunciation Key (-pf-ss)n. pl. a·poph·y·ses (-sz)
(1) Anatomy. A natural swelling, projection, or outgrowth of an organ or part, such as the process of a vertebra.
(2) Geology. A branch from a dike or vein.

Kind of reminds me of my card for today, the Sun, and how, not only does the Sun sustain itself by processes of nuclear fission, similarly growth occurs by a process of cell division... Or as it says in the Zelator (p.13), "the notion of fission, which was so important to the Way of the Fool." Perhaps this represents what mythos meant in her mysterious painting 'Splitting'?

"William Blake had perceived his own inner double - what he called his spectre - but he also saw that the inner spirit of man should be given over to the expression of eternal joy. It is in this that the path of the Rosicrucian (which was that followed by Blake) and the path of the Fool seem to meet: they both see the inner darkness as a double, and the inner Light as creative energy.
"I realised just how inappropriate was the word shadow or even double, for the creature that dwelled within us was really more substantial than a shadow, and far too remote from humanity to be a human double. A more fitting term would be deadman.
"It is a most distressing stage on the path when one realizes that one is accompanied always and everywhere by a deadman, a clever deadman, able to usurp one's own being."
He laughed. "But I have at least pointed to the antidote, which is creative joy... Furthermore, the problem is that the deadman is essential. You see, David, the Fool has to get rid of the deadman before he can climb into heaven. It is the process which the esotericists call fission (or separation of the light and the dark): for development, the dark must give way to the light, yet before that is possible, they must separate. Only then is fission possible." (Mark Hedsel in The Zelator, pp. 48-9.)


Blogger mythosandbios said...

Maybe that is what I meant .... um ... yep ... definitely LOL! I always need help in interpreting what I paint .... after all, I have no bluddy idea why I do anything hehehehe!

6:53 pm  

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