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Email conversation with Ansur, of wyrd_crossings, and Ansur's blog


Imagine that you are sitting on the floor in the "Spoiled Rotus" (an official Yogurt Position) one evening. You are deep in a meditation, contemplating your navel, when you are disturbed by a loud roaring/buzzing noise in the backyard. So you arise and go to back door and throw it open.

Hehe, I like how Ansur ALWAYS thinks "outside the box" and does not need these ('creative thinking') cards, that I personally found a bit silly (pace, Su and Tim!) ;-))

There, standing in front of you is a green, bug-eyed Alien Creature from the Galactic Center of Great Wisdom. Behind the creature is its transportation device, a glowing flying saucer, making metallic clicking sounds as it cools from its swift heated trip through the atmosphere.

Amazed at these unexpected sights, you are even more astonished when the creature, in a perfect Estonian accent, announces, "I am here to grant you the answer to one question. So quit thinking about the fuzz in your navel and begin contemplate one great, life changing question!"

Your mind runs through the gamut of possible questions, knowing that the answer to a great question could literally affect the rest of your life. Quickly, you discard the first thing that comes to you mind-How to stop your souffl├ęs from dropping, or how to get in Mary-Ann's pants (would you have to steal them out of her lingerie drawer?). And then your Chaos training kicks in and you forget all about souffl├ęs and Mary-Ann and you begin to focus your magically-trained mind.

Asking a Great Question could be the beginning of a wonderful adventure, full of exciting discoveries, and even free you from common errors. But asking such a question might also open the door to turmoil and you might be subjected to unknown and unpredictable situations.

And what if the answer is something you don't want to hear? What if the answer puts you outside the comforting walls of safety and security that you have built around yourself?

At this point, you might even look closely at the creature, wondering if it might be, in fact, an evil demon come to destroy you and your way of life - and then eat your soul.

He, evil demons don't scare me so much any more, having read Anne Rice's The Witching Hour, Ansur: EVERYTHING has its 'good' and 'bad' sides in the morally ambiguous multiverse in which we find ourselves ;-))

It takes bravery to ask great questions. Most people would prefer to not go looking for possible trouble and chance leaving behind the known and comfortable.

Perhaps to be a great magician, you must be willing to ask great questions and accept answers that ordinary people would immediately and automatically reject.

So what would your great question be?

Great freakin q, Ansur... will have to get back to you on that one, ok? After contemplating the lint in my navel for a bit, that is ;-))

"What the Bleep Do We Know!?" seems a great start, for a great q, however...! ;-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

A very interesting question, Claire. I agree too, that "What the bleep ... ?" is a very good place to start. I think my question would be, "What is the reality that I really want to create for myself ?" ( I'm not feeling too sure what I could be visualising every morning to most make my 'heart sing').

Also, thanks for taking the time to format the conversation with the speakers' names. It make it much, much easier to read.


10:24 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Nice one, Sebi; yes, I did think of you, and also mythos when I reformatted. Your question also seems a good place to start,and I hope to come up with my own (after I have got some lint out of my navel, lol!). Maybe, for creating your day, you could start with an angels-and-stars scenario, such as I suggest, courtesy of Aidan's blog, in my latest post? ;-))

10:32 am  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

Building on Sebi's question, sne could ask whether one truly can create one's own reality or whether it is a metaphysical myth put out by Louise Hay and her ilk in the name of profit-making? LOL

Masty, nasty mythos LOL.

11:42 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

mythos' "great question", indeed! lol

Actually, I believe we do "create our own reality" but, not always finding ourselves conscious how, and on the contrary finding ourselves influenced by many unconscious forces,it does not always turn out the way Ms. Hay and her ilk would like! I for one find myself in a pits of a 3 of Swords day, for all sorts of mostly grubby and mercenary reasons, and I did not have that intention this morning (consciously)! But what hurts me seems that B-E has, to the best of my knowledge, still not received the Christmas present I sent a week before Christmas (normal airmail timing), and we still have to give it until Friday, this time of year, till I can put in an official customer complaint, and Centrelink won't pay me till next Wednesday either, so I feel officially on the 'poor list', rather than the 'abundance' list, tropical or sidereal... There, that amounts to my whinge,this rotten, miserable sod of a day! lol

3:35 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

My great question to the universe this particular Wednesday must amount to, as I posted on wyrd_crossings this morning, in large caps of desperation, hoping for a scryer, "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FREAKING VEGEMITE???" lol

3:37 pm  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

I ask that question most mornings, and there is no airail involved ... just my putridly filthy and disorganised hovel swallowing things whole!

I got a Christmas card sent in early December from Germany, two days ago ... so don't panic yet!

Irritating though it is!

How to reframe poverty?????? Now that is the question! I remember when I hit 'safety net' at the pharmacy last year (first time ever), I yelled "Yippee, I am now officially both poor and sick! Yippee!", thus leaving the staff and customers roiling with laughter.

Let's work on this! Hmmmmm! Rich in shitty events? Nah! You have an abundance of poverty? Hmmmm, better! How abunbant my score in literati would be if I got the word 'poverty' on a triple score? Improving! Hmmmm! Sorry, can't get futher than this ... I have an abundance of dead brain cells!

Or, as Alexei Sayle would say "I like a laugh!" Only way to approach trash times ... create an adventure and laughter out of them ... that is if you are not so depressed and suicidal that you can't, but then you would be abundant in depression and suicidal ideation. I, on the other hand, am not fat, just abundantly figured hehehehe!

Bluddy, bluddy Centrelink!

I'm still waiting on my triple goddess deck, and that was only sent from NSW a week ago.


7:23 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

S'ok, as of yesterday, Bjorn Erik had safely received the Vegemite and the rest the day before... and he didn't even think my pictures "too ugly", although I did! Things we worry about... lol

12:34 pm  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

Ugly you are not .... but I understand the feelings behind it. Tried to comb out some dreadlocks ... yeech ... disaster .... ah bugger ... do I care? Not really ... too many other thinks to be depressed about. Jeepers, I am having trouble beating this bout! This too shall pass .... honest, trooly and rooly!

2:15 am  

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