Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Creating my night, as well as my day (an original pathworking)

(Secret Dakini Oracle):

(2 of Pentacles + Death) I see myself in a forest, stretched out peacefully on the earth as a corpse. The sunlight filters gently through the canopy, igniting the tips of the pinebranches till they glow like candle flames. Everything around me breathes: the trees and their resident indwelling spirits breathe out oxygen, and the animals all breathe carbon dioxide back to the trees, in an endless cycle of breath. The bears lumber playfully around, batting each other with their long sharp claws, and fishing salmon out of the stream, to devour them with relish; sparkling fresh water drips off their muzzles when they take a drink themselves. The weasels whisk cheekily out of their holes, and slink away again mysteriously, faster than lightning. The opossums "play dead" in the branches, but they only sleep. Only I do not breathe. I lie quietly here, and watch the flesh slowly dissolve off my bones; first the flies, and then the maggots come to gnaw me clean, and soon my bones lie bare, stripped and empty, all exposed to the naked sky on the moss-covered earth, amid the fungi...
(9 of Swords; card of the year) My spirit finds itself mysteriously wafted up, as if by angels, to a castle I have already built in the clouds, even while still on earth, to meet my beloved there, if he still finds himself at home... But in truth I do not know what I will find there.
(V of Swords + Star) Instead I meet my mother, the goddess Kali, crushing my skull along with the skulls of so many others under her boot; she holds other decapitated heads aloft, as trophies. We find ourselves now even above the clouds, at home among the stars.... They glitter like an island of jewels up above the seeming "cloudbank" of the Milky Way... She begins to adorn my spirit with them, in preparation for my next life.
(VIII of Cups: today's card) But first she must perform a brutal surgery, of snipping off the astral threads that still tie me to this one. I hope she will not sever all connection with my beloved, but I submit to her hand, knowing she, in her fierceness, knows more than I, and what the hand of severity takes back, the hand of mercy restores in another form. She must clear me of all the preconceptions I have gathered in this life, to enable me to recognise him, when I see him as a new person in another life (maybe not even the next? perhaps a different gender? maybe even another sexuality?). But she leaves me with a cluster of star-jewels in all my chakras to remind me of the eternal promise and pledge, that we will meet again...


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Wow, Claire ! What a powerful dream ! No wonder you were so excited about getting me to read it. Congratulations on describing it so beautifully.

Did you actually dream all these cards, as you seemed to suggest ? I think the opossums 'playing dead' seem to present a strong theme in the dream of life after death, or the illusion of death as an ending, given that later stages of the dream talk about your spirit journey and your initiation by Kali, and your preparation for another incarnation.

I'd be very interested to hear any further thoughts that you might have about the dream, and will return here to see what you have to say. In the meantime, keep dreaming and keep blogging !

10:36 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

This did not amount to a dream, Sebi, but a 'pathworking', or my own guided visualization (from this cards). You can even use it, too, if you like! Just read it over till you get a sense of the flow, then lie down, relax, breathe, and imagine yourself going through this sequence... Or alternately read it on to a cassette tape, or get someone to read it to you, but slowly enough, with long enough pauses, that you get a chance to fully visualize all images... Funnily enough, it resulted in a funny night of dreams again, but just playing literati against cheating bots, whom I could not challenge (no challenge mode!)... lol Some 'graphics', as in the other dream; at one point I fell into the red-hot, molten lava, as in the Alex Kidd (Sega) game! But at least I knew it amounted to a game along! lol

5:18 am  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

What a wonderful pathworking. It is so long since I have done any pathworking ... the time is getting closer, and your experience helps/encourages me to move past NDE fear and gloom. My thanks my friend.

6:19 am  

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