Monday, December 19, 2005

The Sun

the Golden Tarot
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The card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. The Sun: A time of contentment and freedom from restraints. Creative inspiration. Achievement, success, and warmth. Light and love in personal or business matters. Happiness and faithfulness in a relationship. A good day for unconditional love? ;-))

Venus slows down as it nears a retrograde station on December 24. By New Year’s Day, the planet of love and romance will re-enter earthy Capricorn for over two months!

The planet of love, romance and gift-giving is slowing down until it makes a retrograde station very early on Saturday December 24. This seems definitely not one of those years to go holiday shopping on the last day before Christmas. Venus not only has a lot to do with sensitivity in key relationships, but is the major planet associated with money and personal savings. The above information also suggests that you wrap up presents way in advance, and clarify or confirm all appointments in your hectic schedule for the next two weeks. Don’t leave anything to chance. A frictional Mercury-Uranus square (5:15PM PST) certainly reiterates this. The last thing you need right now is a wave of uncertainty and nervousness leaving you flailing around and gulping for air. Helping you cope with cosmic mischief-makers are the Moon leaving void status and entering warm-hearted Leo (6:19AM PST) and a Venus-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius (7:26PM PST) that can invigorate creative artistry and soulful unions of any kind. By the way, this Venus-Chiron alliance makes an encore performance a week from today on Christmas, although Venus will then be in reverse. Weather permitting, enjoy star-gazing through binoculars or your telescope tonight while the Sun in Sagittarius communes with the heart center of our galactic home.

MON DEC 19 This is not the greatest start of a workweek in recent memory. It doesn’t have to be an unmitigated disaster, but there are overtones of exhaustion and emotional or mental burnout as far as the eye can see. Here’s why. Venus is rapidly reaching its standstill – a complete pause that occurs early on Saturday morning. With end-of-the-year holidays reaching a feverish pitch, the combination of Venus slowing down and this morning’s monthly Moon-Saturn union in Leo (3:32AM PST) seem just not something to write home about. The Moon with Saturn always suggests a return to logic, common sense, decorum, caution and conservation. Nevertheless, a Mercury-Venus parallel (2:59PM PST) offers you the ability to laugh away the blues, shoot the breeze with pals at a favorite café, and still find time to visit a museum, art gallery or attend a piano recital and poetry reading. Another problem pops up tonight when Mercury in Sagittarius moves 150 degrees to Mars in Taurus (9:57PM PST). Make sure you are staying on target with your diet and health matters. Drive defensively and say “no!” when it comes to attending public events where hundreds of strangers are intermingling. Steer clear of directing verbal salvos at friends or dear ones who are just trying to help you out a little. Pushing any panic button too quickly may set the stage for even greater volatility continuing overnight and into tomorrow. Remember the adage to let sleeping dogs lie! All text written by Mark LernerContact Mark at:

By the way, I think, like Shirley/mythos, I had an 'epiphany' about the card of the devil some time last night while sleeping, but unfortunately I cannot recall it either! lol


Blogger mythosandbios said...

That Sun card just seems to pop up everywhere! I hope you had a good day walking on the 'sunny side of the street'.

11:37 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

I got this card for last night/today (as you know, my starts from sundown, as per the Mayan, Catholic and Jewish calendars, so, great for returning to Gawith after a long weekend, what with the "unconditional positive regard" and all)... I thought it interesting that this card came also right after the Moon, on Saturday (with a slightly draggy 5 of P in between) ;-))

5:21 am  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

Thanks for the addition of the astrology stuff. I try and keep up with retrogrades especially. Been delaying wrapping present wrapping ... I lost my interest in creative present wrapping a couple of decades ago LOL. Might be plastic bags again LOL.

Will be so interested in seeing the impact of Venus-Chiron alliance. My natal Chiron is in Sag in 9th House ... and hence why I find travelling so healing ... may also be why, at this time each year, I have the urge to travel ... long distance ... it is an ache in the heart.

7:20 am  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

Oops! Pity that I had forgotten this before my email comment: Steer clear of directing verbal salvos at friends or dear ones who are just trying to help you out a little. Pushing any panic button too quickly may set the stage for even greater volatility continuing overnight and into tomorrow. Remember the adage to let sleeping dogs lie!

I realise that the negative energy that I am receiving is from your direction geographically ... thus who knows who saw me in my recent visits your way ... it was, after all, my old stomping ground both workwise (a pissed-off ex-client maybe?) and old social connections (a pissed off ex-friend maybe?)

Remind me that when I get sent a 'shutyourmouthus' spell, which is confirmed by astrology, to do just that.

My apologies and a mountain of them.


2:09 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Apologies for what? ;-P

9:31 pm  

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