Sunday, December 04, 2005

OK, this one (3 of Pentacles) has me stumped, as today's cyber-Tarot. Should I read it in the sense of the Voodoo, seen here, energising, grounding, but also potentially disruptive influence, as the goddess of lightning, or the Whimsical, Rumpelstiltskin (the alchemist) busily spinning straw into gold? I expect generally a restful, if stimulating Sunday online, however, although I will have to do some shopping at some point (those sausages and salad did turn out "off" last night after all, but by then, I did feel more tired than hungry, after my all-night literati binge the night before!) lol However, with the influence of Oya, I feel my literati "reflexes" could possibly seem as sharp, or even sharper, than ever?Actually I think I will read it that way, and see if I go from strength to strength in my favorite gaming addiction ;-))

OK, and just for free, the inner, kabbalistic meaning of Father Christmas (while people seem generally getting into that 'silly' mood, lol!) -

"The God Aspect of Chesed is shown with profound simplicity as AL (pronounced EL). This is usually translated as 'God,' but it means essentially THE God or Divine One. A familiar form is BEL, or BAAL, meaning simply the Chief or head person. In olden days every tribe or even location had its particular 'Bel' who was thought to manifest through the living tribal chieftain, which gave rise to the God-King cultus. It was the Divine Bel who granted the tribe all the good things of life, and to this day we celebrate Bel-tan as a feast in honour of this early God-concept. The Magical Image of a benevolent King grows at its strongest with EL. EL is the Divine Giver. We are too much inclined to think of this attribute in material terms, and blame the Deity for our lack of material benefits."

Call me old-fashioned, but does this sound like the idea of 'Father Christmas' to anyone else, or what? ;-))

"Moreover we are apt to look askance at evident evil-doers amassing fortunes, and criticise the Divine Benefactor for bestowing such favours to those unworthy of them in our opinion."

Scrooge? *grrr* Bah, humbug!! lol

"In doing this, we completely miss the truth of the matter. Material holdings are not directly a Divine gift at all nor ever were. The gift of cunning, ruthlessness, or even a capacity for hard work, we are supplied with the means of enrichment, once these are geared to opportunities."

i.e. God helps those who help themselves, even the mercenary and greedy (Capricorns?) among us? What sort of "god" does this represent, she muses, but the "evil and false god of this world", aka. Blake's Urizen, or the gnostic demiurge? Get thee behind me, demiurge! I got into trouble for castigating him on the kabbala-concepts, but I can post such sentiments and comments freely here, lol!

"What we do with our gifts is our responsibility entirely, and we should not blame Divinity for what others do with theirs."

We can however question the idea of such a divinity who grants such 'gifts' as cunning, greed and ruthlessness in the first place....*big ggggnostic ggggrrr!* ;-P

"The EL of Chesed is greatly above the level of offering free gifts with every life. EL may be a Divine Distributor, but is neither Santa Claus nor a Fairy Godmother. There is much truth in a saying attributed to Mother Nature herself; 'Take what you want - and pay!' This shows the Geburah-Chesed combination very nicely. Chesed says, 'Take what you want,' and Geburah adds grimly - 'And PAY!' Going up the Tree Geburah keeps the cash-desk while Chesed hands us the purchases we have made with our lives. If we try to sneak out without paying, there is a useful Abyss awaiting us." - William G. Gray (The Ladder of Lights)

Interesting - not quite sure what to make of this paragraph, but can see that Mother Earth/Gaia herself definitely does not equate to 'Father Christmas' - faint glimmering of epiphany here? Here endeth the Sabbath sermon ;-P


Blogger mythosandbios said...

I've been slack about reading my Kabbalah Concept stuff ... well, no slack so much as that I get tired and can only handle just so much input. Wish I had read this one ... it is excellent - especially in light of the silliness of my Tarot Cafe Christmas question.

Pity about the sausages and salad. By the time I got home I was so tired that I just crashed out too.

Enjoyed myself just the same. This exhaustion-fatique thing is a pain in the legs, back, neck, arms, arse LOL

Had a 'little' nap on Sunday, after seeing Harry Potter, of only about 10-11 hours LOL.

10:16 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

>Wish I had read this one ... it is excellent - especially in light of the silliness of my Tarot Cafe Christmas question.

Did think of that...but I think it looks somehow 'fresher' in the blog context, with illustration, than the email context, don't you? In fact all of that Kabbalah concepts stuff just seems too much to do anything but skim, anyway... ;-))

3:22 pm  

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