Thursday, December 01, 2005

o seems there still exist those at Gawith who still do not always trust my professional judgment... Not more tears of emotional catharsis, 3rd Friday in a row? I do not know how others into the Voodoo Tarot can equate with this card with romantic love... Tears connect with La Siren (7 of Cups), however? Very interesting... Despite its appearance, this does not equate to a romantic card, but serious issues of trust misplaced, or others suspecting one's highest intentions... Ye goddesses and little fishes, help me! Grant me the constructive use of "creativity, fantasy and design", i.e. "method in my madness", as hinted at in the interpretation! Ye goddesses, if Alister can get away with it, with his Tom Waits/Devil persona, why shouldn't I? lol

P.S. Also not a good night to try and re-ring B-E, as he would not take my call last night, and his paranoia may have reached extremes, again? ;-P


Blogger mythosandbios said...

May your Friday improve. The string of Obalatah veve prayer flags are now wafting in the breeze amongst my Buddhist prayer flags ... sending energies to all, including B-E, the Gawith mob and many more. I just finished threading them onto string and hung them this morning. Seems like they are needed.

I know that you loathe the RWS, but added possible meanings for the 7 of Cups with that deck are ... too many options to choose from, pipe-dreams and illusions of being able to have/do 'it' all ... in terms of fulfilling your dreams, and being confronted by your shadow in another -- or in your dreams for what you want.

Don't know whether this helps or hinders ... but a bit of added potentiality at work. I'll light a candle for B-E. It may be the new moon effecting him ... and thus will pass quickly ... I pray so!

8:01 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Thanks for the candle for B-E - his emotions do indeed wax and wane with the moon (not that the hospital staff would recognise that!) ;-P
As for the other worries about 'the evil eyes' of others possibly directed my way, I did my own new moon banishing (7 of Swords as problem led me down a long solitaire path to the Moon as solution), and then it occurred to me that you can in fact do a lot of real magic with mirrors! hehe So, before setting off, I did my favorite ritual banishing with mirror, i.e. deflecting possible negative regard from any quarter back to its source, and I did in fact have a hassle-free day! No more 'Friday tears', only validation from fellow workers, and the worst that happened seemed a long wait for the taxi for four clients, which never seemed to come... They should write a song about the "big yellow taxi" that didn't come! But one worker and I decided to stay with them, putting in a little overtime 'just for fun', and we did have fun, against the odds! ;-))

4:15 pm  

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