Monday, December 12, 2005

The Giotto Tarot

The Giotto Tarot,,
has fallen into my hot little hands, from the gracious hands of mythos, when I least expected it. You can read a review of it by Solandia at the above link, and also see some cards; unfortunately, I could not find a site featuring the whole deck, as at taroteca (featuring both the Voodoo and Whimsical). I like how Solandia's review highlights its 'grim realism' as opposed to New Age 'airy fairiness': perhaps this explains why I responded so 'energetically' to it! I accepted it on the basis of mythos' 7 of Cups, which turned up yesterday; now in the Giotto, the 7 of Cups, like all the minors, has a highly specialized meaning: "fickleness (figure at left with moon and crab) and lies (lame figure at right with bundle of sticks on fire). Be aware (oil lamp) of fickle acquaintances (moons)."

For the life of me, I cannot see this oil lamp (I really do need stronger reading glasses?).

Studying this card (oil lamp = flame in one of the cups? aha!): limping figure with burning bundle of sticks = moi, in partial possession by Papa Legba as Master of my Head as per the Voodoo Tarot (6 of Wands in that deck), fearing that so many watery cups will put out her fire(!), and also Queen of Wands (Petro Mambo) as indicated by mythos' card on giving this (Giotto) deck; figure with moon in cup = mythos, presenting to me this gorgeous offering from her wealth of moony cups (Tarot collection). The Queen of Wands looks away in some hesitation, fearing infidelity to her own 'first love' of the Voodoo Tarot... Hopefully, mythos will understand (using her moony intuitiveness) and not allow my fear of my own 'fickleness' to interfere with our friendship... Going to do a morning meditation now, starting with today's card of Judgement, and see where it takes me on this Giotto journey; there seems a lot to learn in this deck, and I look forward to it (may need some annotating, like the Voodoo, to 'make it mine'? In order not to offend the loa, I shall invoke Papa Legba at the start of the meditation, to remind him of my undying loyalty, and get him to bless this deck as well, making it equally "hot to trot"? ;-))


Blogger mythosandbios said...

Never read the 7 of Cups as fickle friendship - what a strange interpretation the Giotto gives. Mind you, my learning is so bound up in the damn RWS tradition that I fail to look too much further ... and I need too!

I am happy for you to have the Giotto, and so glad that we have become friends ... even if the journey for visiting - for both of us - it a real bitch. Not a touch of fickleness in sight!

Odd how I can flit around the planet with backpack without a complaint, but find my own city a trial. But then, it is the only city that I drive in.

The old VW Van is not comfortable doing city - it longs for the open road (as I do) ... and my knee screams at me. Time for Panadeine Forte methinks!

12:55 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

>Never read the 7 of Cups as fickle friendship - what a strange interpretation the Giotto gives. Mind you, my learning is so bound up in the damn RWS tradition that I fail to look too much further ... and I need too!

Same here, and if you thought that weird, you should see their interpretation for the 5 of Wands! (Feedback expected shortly...) May have to "wing it" and revert to own interpretations, Queen of Wands style (as per the Giotto), i.e. NOT doing it by the book! lol

Glad to see no sign of 'fickleness in friendship' in sight; mind you the inner meaning of the Hanged Man (Zombi) revealed itself to me today, i.e. as per Usch at Gawith, it seems OK if voluntary (like Odin hanging on the world tree 9 days and windy nights), and only a 'bad thing' if involuntary, i.e. if someone has 'sapped your will' for you... Funny mixture of both at Sacred Heart today: still could not go in there, and not even a word of "we'll miss you" from anyone, neither Kate nor Sister Rose nor anyone, except Craig, my musical buddy, whom I may help back into the blogosphere via my own computer, if not his... With the Hanged Man, you know who your true friends amount to, and who they don't... I agreed totally with Craig today: you need to find yourself a junkie to get any attention there at all, i.e. what do I have to do? Stick a few holes in my arms? lol
They wouldn't even help me with transport for my mannequins from the meeting place, but I finally got it myself through the office (the guys making their Christmas donation rounds should drop them off Monday, before their rounds)...I feel more like a voluntary than an involuntary "hanged one", but some people don't appreciate you any more, and either way you can just seem like a damned nuisance! ;-))

4:05 pm  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

Even holes in your arms wouldn't have worked because you are 'only' a volunteer. The reality is that most 'professional's feel threatened by volunteers. This is not the volunteer's fault of course. It arises from the fact that Kennett went all out to de-professionalise psych and social work so that people like my sister - who wouldn't know a social work qualification (or the necessary skills) if she fell over them - is head social worker where she works. There was also much talk of employing unemployed 'professional's in voluntary positions, thus further diminishing the value of the educational hurdles etc that alleged professionals have to jump. It results in a reduction of pay ... and social workers are badly paid anyway compared to their counterparts in psych etc ... and hell, why pay someone to do your job when they can get one for free. So, politically, the environment you are in is one of 'shooting the messenger'.

I've worked both ends of the scheme of things - volunteer and paid government or government-funded church based social welfare organisation social worker - both positions are fragile and fraught with difficulties and lack of appreciation. The ridiculous part is that both are equally valuable, but governments (regardless of flavour) have a bottom line of voters and economics.

You ended up in the middle of it. The best place to be in the system is as a client! Sad but true.

3:29 am  

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