Sunday, December 11, 2005

7 of Swords (again!)

OK, this time I relate this card to yet another disturbing online communication from John, starting all over again the process he started in Melbourne, where he seemed really getting on his feet; why he has to go and start all over again in Sydney, I have no idea... He said he thought I might have felt offended by a comment of his about "my ex", but I cannot even remember any such comment... And he went on and on about the "paranoia" of those around him: talk about a hall of mirrors! ;-P Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Craig said...

Reminds me of Hendrix song, Room full of Mirrors.. The Four Tops, 7 Rooms of Gloom (note the 7!)...Talk about Vanity and Paranoia...Memories of past indiscretions...

8:52 pm  

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