Tuesday, December 06, 2005

4 of Wands

Ah, so I will find some rest and respite after all this Sturm and Drang tomorrow, in an almost impossible marriage of fire and water, against all odds? Almost anything seems better than the 10 of Wands, but it feels nice to know I may find some life after Sacred Heart! This little boat sails on, having burnt its bridges, and rested its case! ;-))


Blogger mythosandbios said...

Well that looks like a small improvement ... but jeepers girl ... I so hope that you can find a place of support with the Salvo's. May the boat sail on into clearer waters and a new beginning.

What a shock to find so much change happening ... and with change comes loss, but also a whole host of new opportunities.

Pity it is so damned expensive public transport wise, and of course materials-wise, or you could come out here regularly and do some of your creating. We could re-organise and clear space in my big back room where I paint. Hopefully something closer to home at the Salvo's will prove a better opportunity.

1:22 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Yep, I woke up yesterday thinking of the 'kings' as endings, as opposed to the 'queens' who still seem busy doing their thing, but 10s also represent the end of cycles, do they not? And hence the beginning of a new cycle... Yeh, it seems a pity you do not live closer, for me to take you up on your kind offer! ;-P

I would even take up the offer of Gawith to put in some extra time tutoring at Phoenix Park on Mondays, but then I would never get the chance to do any of my own 'creating' at all, and that would leave a void in my life! ;-P

6:19 am  

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