Saturday, December 31, 2005

Sons of God?

I wonder if this amounted to the website Bjorn Erik checked out, when he found himself online briefly? Actually, he said that the only reason he did not take the phone last time seems that he found himself "preoccupied'' with food at the time, in the form of a bread pudding! lol
As it happened, I did "see in the New Year"; well, at least the sound of the firecrackers woke me up as I found myself nodding off over Anne Rice's The Witching Hour, lol! But how sad it seemed in comparison with the wonders of the firecrackers that came right to our balcony in Norway, not to mention the wonders of another New Year when B-E already found himself in hospital...
Here I present a New Year's reflection from the Ecclesia Gnostica, of which B-E and I did once go on a wild-goose chase, looking for the "Oslo parish", lol!

"I resolved to move just a little more slowly through the world, to look around myself with greater care, and to try to remain conscious of all that was going on around me at all times." (The Witching Hour, p. 697) - always a good resolution! ;-))

La Sirene working overtime?

Ok, how cool can synchronicities get? Just when I get the 7 of Cups (in the Voodoo Tarot, La Sirene), Aidan blogs these cool pictures of whales and mermaids!!! lol

Nice pictures to contemplate, especially at the heat of summer: with the 6 of Cups physically on my desktop yesterday, and the 7, La Sirene herself, today, I feel physically 'cooler' than with the 8 of Wands (funny that!), even as the temperature soars... I would expect Wands to have a similar subjective effect in winter, as I just commented on mythos' blog ;-)) Posted by Picasa

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7 of Cups (again!)

Last time found me watching The Fisher King (twice!); this time finds me struggling to recall dreams sent by Nephthys, dark sister of Isis: in the first dreaming phase, I remember travelling around India, with an 'Indian' girl I recognised instantly as mythos; in the second phase, someone lectured me about the four daily phases of the sun, from the sun at noon, to Khephra, the dung beetle, at midnight... which kind of made me recall the 3 of Swords in the Voodoo Tarot, with all those beetles scuttling about... Sorrow that, despite presents from you-know-who, and the fact that he seemed quite happy to talk to me last time, this time, after two days delay (first time, they couldn't find him; second time, there seemed no actual connection), he did not want to take the telephone at all again... Sorry, that seems all I can recall: slippery little buggers, these dreams, although the 7 of Cups tends to make us fascinated by imagery, in one form or another; mind you, it could also relate to you-know-who finding himself 'incommunicado' again (which would culminate in an eventual 8 of Cups, of total communication breakdown?): the flip-side of the "siren song"! Now I know the inner meaning of the 7 of Cups, and we should update the Musical Tarot (cos she seems, after all, also a 'musical' card) to read, for the 7 of Cups: "falling in love with love is falling for make-believe/falling in love with love is playing the fool..." ;-P

>Einstein's strangest theory puts quantum joke on him
>Einstein said there would be days like this.
>This fall scientists announced that they had put a
>half-dozen beryllium atoms into a "cat state."
>No, they were not sprawled along a sunny windowsill.
>To a physicist, a "cat state" is the condition of being
>in two diametrically opposed conditions at once, such as
>black and white, up and down, or dead and alive.
>These atoms were each spinning clockwise and counterclockwise
>at the same time. Moreover, like miniature Rockettes, they
>were all doing whatever it was they were doing together, in
>perfect synchrony. Should one of them realize, like the
>cartoon character who runs off a cliff and doesn't fall until
>he looks down, that it is in a metaphysically untenable
>situation and decide to spin only one way, the rest would
>instantly fall in line, whether they were across a test tube
>or across the galaxy.
>The idea that measuring the properties of one particle
>could instantaneously change the properties of another one
>(or a whole bunch) far away is strange to say the least —
>almost as strange as the notion of particles spinning in
>two directions at once. The team that pulled off the
>beryllium feat, led by Dietrich Leibfried at the National
>Institute of Standards and Technology, in Boulder, Colo.,
>hailed it as another step toward computers that would use
>quantum magic to perform calculations.
>But it also served as another demonstration of how weird
>the world really is according to the rules known as quantum
>to read see

And well worth reading, imho, especially for all you "What the Bleep?" buffs. Here I present just the end of the article:

In an essay in 1985, Mermin said "if there is spooky action at a distance, then, like other spooks, it is absolutely useless except for its effect, benign or otherwise, on our state of mind."

He added, "The EPR experiment is as close to magic as any physical phenomenon I know of, and magic should be enjoyed." Recently, he said he still stood by the latter part of that statement. But while spooky action remained useless for sending a direct message, it had turned out to have potential uses, he admitted, in cryptography and quantum computing.

Nine ways of killing a cat

Another debate, closely related to the issues of entanglement and reality, concerns what happens at the magic moment when a particle is measured or observed.

Before a measurement is made, so the traditional story goes, the electron exists in a superposition of all possible answers, which can combine, adding and interfering with one another.

Then, upon measurement, the wave function "collapses" to one particular value. Schroedinger himself thought this was so absurd that he dreamed up a counterexample. What is true for electrons, he said, should be true as well for cats.

In his famous thought experiment, a cat is locked in a box where the decay of a radioactive particle will cause the release of poison that will kill it. If the particle has a 50-50 chance of decaying, then according to quantum mechanics the cat is both alive and dead before we look in the box, something the cat itself, not to mention cat lovers, might take issue with.

But cats are always dead or alive, as Leggett of Illinois said in his Berkeley talk. "The problem with quantum mechanics," he said in an interview, "is how it explains definite outcomes to experiments."

If quantum mechanics is only about information and a way of predicting the results of measurements, these questions don't matter, most quantum physicists say.

"But," Leggett said, "if you take the view that the formalism is reflecting something out there in real world, it matters immensely." As a result, theorists have come up with a menu of alternative interpretations and explanations. According to one popular notion, known as decoherence, quantum waves are very fragile and collapse from bumping into the environment. Another theory, by the late David Bohm, restores determinism by postulating a "pilot wave" that acts behind the scenes to guide particles.

In yet another theory, called "many worlds," the universe continually branches so that every possibility is realized: the Red Sox win and lose and it rains; Schroedinger's cat lives, dies, has kittens and scratches her master when he tries to put her into the box.

Recently, as Leggett pointed out, some physicists have tinkered with Schroedinger's equation, the source of much of the misery, itself.

A modification proposed by the Italian physicists Giancarlo Ghirardi and Tullio Weber, both of the University of Trieste, and Alberto Rimini of the University of Pavia, makes the wave function unstable so that it will collapse in a time depending on how big a system it represents. In his standoff with Ramsay of Harvard last fall, Leggett suggested that his colleagues should consider the merits of the latter theory.

"Why should we think of an electron as being in two states at once but not a cat, when the theory is ostensibly the same in both cases?" Leggett asked.

Ramsay said Leggett had missed the point. How the wave function mutates is not what you calculate. "What you calculate is the prediction of a measurement," he said.

"If it's a cat, I can guarantee you will get that it's alive or dead," Ramsay said.

David Gross, a recent Nobel Prize winner and director of the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics in Santa Barbara, leapt into the free-for-all, saying that 80 years had not been enough time for the new concepts to sink in. "We're just too young. We should wait until 2200, when quantum mechanics is taught in kindergarten."

The joy of randomness

One of the most extreme points of view belongs to Zeilinger of Vienna, a bearded, avuncular physicist whose laboratory regularly hosts every sort of quantum weirdness.

In an essay recently in Nature, Zeilinger sought to find meaning in the very randomness that plagued Einstein.

"The discovery that individual events are irreducibly random is probably one of the most significant findings of the 20th century," Zeilinger wrote.

Zeilinger suggested that reality and information are, in a deep sense, indistinguishable, a concept that Wheeler, the Princeton physicist, called "it from bit."

In information, the basic unit is the bit, but one bit, he says, is not enough to specify both the spin and the trajectory of a particle. So one quality remains unknown, irreducibly random.

As a result of the finiteness of information, he explained, the universe is fundamentally unpredictable.

"I suggest that this randomness of the individual event is the strongest indication we have of a reality 'out there' existing independently of us," Zeilinger wrote in Nature.

He added, "Maybe Einstein would have liked this idea after all."

*April the cat stalks off to tinker with the superstring theory, obviously yet another physics theory invented by some cat or other, possibly Schrodinger's: ze vorld consists of things like little bits of string...* Hehe! (But really, I scratch my head, as baffled as Bohr and Einstein, by the quantum weirdness of it all ;-))

Thursday, December 29, 2005

8 of Wands (again!)

YAY!!! Today's Simbi la Flambeau not only finally brought me B-E's long-awaited second Christmas present (hopefully he also finally has mine by now, as well!), but also I no longer found myself "suspended" from AT (Aeclectic Tarot forum), and I felt this card helped me post some (possibly helpful?) dream-interpretation comments on the "dreaming the Tarot" thread, re the Knight of Wands, for a fellow Victorian! I love this card... It breaks through all sorts of delays and indecisions!
Mythos might even like to read Anne Rice's The Witching Hour, when I have ploughed through its 1206 pages, that is! lol

e.g. a sample: 'He would not see or speak to anyone except Dr Morris, but Dr Morris couldn't help him. His friends couldn't help him either. And they didn't want to talk to him any more. They were tired of hearing him talk about being dead for an hour and then coming back. And he certainly did not want to talk to the hundreds who wanted to see a demonstration of his psychic power." (p.33)

Plus it did feel really, really hot on that day... Hopefully today (30 Jan.) will feel somewhat cooler with the 6 of Cups ;-))

Monday, December 26, 2005

dreaming the Tarot (again!)

Last night, I felt the Masa (angels) instructing me all night on this card, possibly for Sebi's benefit, as they also included a little instruction on the 9 of Swords, by way of comparison and contrast. I possibly dreamt of this one, having just read in Minette Walters' The Scold's Bridle, how the artist Jack painted Joanne as a hall of triangular, prismatic mirrors, with no real core or authentic self, all as 'image' or illusion (hence a connection also to another 7, the 7 of Cups! The Voodoo in its wisdom depicts this as a connection to La Sirene, the mermaid, hence the little ship). Although quite an unlikeable and 'self-centred' character, one has to feel quite an amount of pity for Joanna anyway, since she does not know her true or authentic self. And the Voodoo love-goddess, pictured here, also seems such a 'self-centred' character, since she does not truly love anyone but herself, but I also had to feel quite sorry for her, as the Masa gave me a glimpse inside her world, of the large mirror before her, surrounded by a host of smaller mirrors, since she always has to look over her shoulder, not sure whom she can really trust... Hence, the ocean of tears. She represents a lack of trust, verging on complete paranoia (if not paranoia itself), but the strength of this card implies knowing whom you can and cannot really trust.
Her traditional song in the Voodoo tradition:
"Haughty Ezili, proud Ezili,
preening Ezili thinks she's something.
Ezili married, she's unlucky,
Ezili prostituted, she's unlucky.'
Similarly, the 9 of Swords, traditionally seen as symbolizing a "major loss", and the grief of this, as in the Whimsical's depiction of Rapunzel fearing and feeling the pain of her loss of hair, i.e. the original 'bad hair' day (although she must lose her hair to find herself free of the Tower!). This card as a strength means knowing you can survive, even with the loss, and the pain of the loss!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Rada 9

It will interest Sebi to know what the Voodoo Tarot of New Orleans does for the 9 of Swords in particular!
Click for DetailsSpooky, I just saw this card on Sebi's blog, in its more scary, traditional form. Masa (Nine of Swords): Time to sit down and relax in the company of the angels, have a cup of tea and realise your star-connection? lol

Friday, December 23, 2005

The Fisher King (1991)

Directed by Terry Gilliam in one of his less 'Pythonesque' moods, note, but nevertheless still obsessed with the theme of the Holy Grail!

Writing credits
Richard LaGravenese (written by)

Genre: Fantasy / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Tagline: A Modern Day Tale About The Search For Love, Sanity, Ethel Merman And The Holy Grail.
Plot Outline: A radio DJ, suicidally despondent (9 of Swords beginning!) because of a horrible mistake he made, finds redemption in helping a deranged homeless man who was a victim of it.
User Comments: awesome!
Cast overview, first billed only:
Jeff Bridges .... Jack Lucas
Robin Williams .... Parry
Mercedes Ruehl .... Anne Napolitano
Amanda Plummer.... Lydia Sinclair

What better thing to do this otherwise boring 7 of Cups day, but 'review' this brilliant movie, which I have just re-watched twice, because it seems so worth it!

I find it a 'Tarot story' and a half! Jack = the Magician, Parry = the Fool, Lydia = the High Priestess, Anne = the Empress, and when this "big four" get together, you have to expect stuff to happen, and it does! In Tarot terms, Parry (the Fool) has an 'inner demon' in the form of a Red Knight, which seems all I remembered from this movie, although Josh tells me I raved about it at the time, as well! The Red Knight obviously = Prince of Wands + Devil, i.e. his PTSD flashbacks. The Magician, Jack, has to scale the Tower to find the Grail (without giving away too much of the enchanting plot, I hope!). And not only the Grail, but also, it will please mythos to know, lots and lots of clocks for her "suit of clocks, or time" itself... and lots and lots of priceless one-liners ;-))

"I like New York in June,
how about you?
I like a Gershwin tune,
how about you?"

You have to love the musical numbers and sequences as well, including the singing drag queen, and the delightful scene where New York Grand Central station turns into a ballroom full of waltzing couples!

Runtime: 137 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color (Technicolor)

Trivia? While it is not mentioned in the film, Parry's name is short for Parsifal, the "pure fool" and legendary knight of the Holy Grail. Parry brings redemption to Jack Lucas just as Parsifal brings redemption to the Fisher King Amfortas. Also, like Parsifal, Parry does battle with a Red Knight. In still another parallel, Parry experiences a cosmic awakening after kissing Lydia, just as Parsifal experiences a cosmic awakening after kissing the beautiful Kundry.

Goofs:Continuity: When Jack dials Lydia's number, it's ended with "11". A couple minutes later, Anna is looking into the same phone book and dials the number ended with "38" or "30". Even the goofs seem interesting. 1+1 = 2, the number of the High Priestess, and 3+8 also = 1+1 = 2. 3+0 = 3, the number of the Empress herself! ;-)) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Reading for Sebi with the Whimsical Tarot , Red Rhythmic Skywalker

4 of Cups:

This seems how I like to think of the Emperor, i.e. men in general: "the king is in the altogether... he's naked as the day that he was born!" (Danny Kaye, Hans Christian Andersen), i.e. if men get up your nose, so to speak, just picture them naked! lol Apparently, you have experienced a certain disillusionment with someone, or someone has become disillusioned with you, and has had the courage to point this out! Disillusionment does not feel particularly good, but would you rather have illusions, or allow someone else to have illusions about you?

Queen of Swords:

Here she comes again, this suave and quick-witted separated or (grass-)widowed lady, looking like a Mother Christmas in her Red Riding Hood cloak trimmed elegantly with fur, and every inch a queen (the fur presumably ermine, although you cannot see the black spots). She seems alone, but not lonely, with her power-animal the owl (of wisdom) looking protectively out for her (a considerably more cheerful take on the Red Riding Hood theme, than my own Princess of Pentacles, also in a snowy wood!). This reminds me of myself in Norway, with the owl, and the snowy forest and all (feeling homesick for the snow already!). I wonder what she has in her basket of Christmas goodies for you? Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a (Four and Twenty) pie, with sauce, presumably! lol But listen to what she has to tell you, because it seems presumably all good stuff ;-))

The Moon:

Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle (although you can't see them here!),
the cow jumped over the moon;
the little dog laughed to see such sport,
and the dish ran away with the spoon.

Now if you can make any sense out of that, good luck to you! lol

We do not even have full moon, but rather a waning gibbous, but presumably you feel 'over the moon', and your 'little dog', i.e. loyal husband Aidan, seems having a good time as well, as you both have plenty to laugh about! Dish running away with the spoon = a kind of elopement? And judging by the little screen thingy on legs, you both enjoy a rich and rewarding cyber-life as well! But do watch for your emotions ebbing and flowing with the moon; if you don't put a moon-phase calculator on your blog, at least check mine daily... ;-))

9 of Rods:

Little boy blue, come blow your horn,
the sheep's in the meadow, the cow's in the corn (there's that cow again, but don't have a cow, man! lol);
but where is the boy that looks after the sheep?
He's under the haystack fast asleep.

Need I explain the Freudian significance of "blowing your horn"? lol But sometimes, exciting as it all feels, the extreme heat, of both passion, in both the erotic and conflicting senses, and the literal heat of summer get a bit much for you, and you just have to collapse in a heap... If you equated to a woman, I would say you found yourself in menopause (hot flushes), but men presumably have their midlife crises as well, and you find it pretty hard to stick to your regular duties and disciplines when totally exhausted... Hope you like this reading; hope it makes sense to you, as it does to me ;-))

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Sun

the Golden Tarot
Click for Details

The card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. The Sun: A time of contentment and freedom from restraints. Creative inspiration. Achievement, success, and warmth. Light and love in personal or business matters. Happiness and faithfulness in a relationship. A good day for unconditional love? ;-))

Venus slows down as it nears a retrograde station on December 24. By New Year’s Day, the planet of love and romance will re-enter earthy Capricorn for over two months!

The planet of love, romance and gift-giving is slowing down until it makes a retrograde station very early on Saturday December 24. This seems definitely not one of those years to go holiday shopping on the last day before Christmas. Venus not only has a lot to do with sensitivity in key relationships, but is the major planet associated with money and personal savings. The above information also suggests that you wrap up presents way in advance, and clarify or confirm all appointments in your hectic schedule for the next two weeks. Don’t leave anything to chance. A frictional Mercury-Uranus square (5:15PM PST) certainly reiterates this. The last thing you need right now is a wave of uncertainty and nervousness leaving you flailing around and gulping for air. Helping you cope with cosmic mischief-makers are the Moon leaving void status and entering warm-hearted Leo (6:19AM PST) and a Venus-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius (7:26PM PST) that can invigorate creative artistry and soulful unions of any kind. By the way, this Venus-Chiron alliance makes an encore performance a week from today on Christmas, although Venus will then be in reverse. Weather permitting, enjoy star-gazing through binoculars or your telescope tonight while the Sun in Sagittarius communes with the heart center of our galactic home.

MON DEC 19 This is not the greatest start of a workweek in recent memory. It doesn’t have to be an unmitigated disaster, but there are overtones of exhaustion and emotional or mental burnout as far as the eye can see. Here’s why. Venus is rapidly reaching its standstill – a complete pause that occurs early on Saturday morning. With end-of-the-year holidays reaching a feverish pitch, the combination of Venus slowing down and this morning’s monthly Moon-Saturn union in Leo (3:32AM PST) seem just not something to write home about. The Moon with Saturn always suggests a return to logic, common sense, decorum, caution and conservation. Nevertheless, a Mercury-Venus parallel (2:59PM PST) offers you the ability to laugh away the blues, shoot the breeze with pals at a favorite café, and still find time to visit a museum, art gallery or attend a piano recital and poetry reading. Another problem pops up tonight when Mercury in Sagittarius moves 150 degrees to Mars in Taurus (9:57PM PST). Make sure you are staying on target with your diet and health matters. Drive defensively and say “no!” when it comes to attending public events where hundreds of strangers are intermingling. Steer clear of directing verbal salvos at friends or dear ones who are just trying to help you out a little. Pushing any panic button too quickly may set the stage for even greater volatility continuing overnight and into tomorrow. Remember the adage to let sleeping dogs lie! All text written by Mark LernerContact Mark at:

By the way, I think, like Shirley/mythos, I had an 'epiphany' about the card of the devil some time last night while sleeping, but unfortunately I cannot recall it either! lol

Shirley/mythos' best ever painting, in my humble opinion...

...her take on Strength, as Durga... Maybe the tiger just needs to glow a little more, as in the forests of the night? ;-)) Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 16, 2005

High Priestess

What on earth (or in the ethers) has this to do with Marie Laveau? ;-P Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Hmm, you can celebrate every day as a Carnival day, with this card? And while we find ourselves in a somewhat silly, if festive, mood this silly season, why not drop into and check out my battle to the death (with Tarot) with Amaterasu, the Shinto sun-goddess (Tarot Games and Fun)? ;-))
(For some reason, my access to replying to this thread seems blocked by a 404 error message; could someone please email or PM Similia and tell her what has happened - because the "error message" won't even let me do that? I will post my reply as soon as humanly and technically possible ;-P)
Hehe, I figured out from a thread on "tech. support" that there exists a silly known bug on AT that will not allow the words "curl" and "lynx" for some unknown reason, so I just had to delete the "curl", as in, "You curl up in foetal posture", and it went straight through!!! lol

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

3 of Pentacles, Haindl Tarot

OK, have a fair idea of what it means, referring mentally to Voodoo and Whimsical... but can anyone please tell me what the little I Ching hexagram in the corner means? (See Haindl Tarot in sidebar) ;-))
Nasty, nasty, nasty in the Giotto: it seems this one substitutes for the 5 of Wands (in this deck) as the "quarrels" card, i.e. people swearing to sue each other, particularly over domestic disputes! So tonight, tomorrow, I will look out for my "3 of Pentacles" moment, i.e. when reading a card for the day, I do not expect for the whole day to have that 'colouring', but when the moment arrives, I should recognise it, and go: aha!? ;-P

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Giotto Tarot

The Giotto Tarot,,
has fallen into my hot little hands, from the gracious hands of mythos, when I least expected it. You can read a review of it by Solandia at the above link, and also see some cards; unfortunately, I could not find a site featuring the whole deck, as at taroteca (featuring both the Voodoo and Whimsical). I like how Solandia's review highlights its 'grim realism' as opposed to New Age 'airy fairiness': perhaps this explains why I responded so 'energetically' to it! I accepted it on the basis of mythos' 7 of Cups, which turned up yesterday; now in the Giotto, the 7 of Cups, like all the minors, has a highly specialized meaning: "fickleness (figure at left with moon and crab) and lies (lame figure at right with bundle of sticks on fire). Be aware (oil lamp) of fickle acquaintances (moons)."

For the life of me, I cannot see this oil lamp (I really do need stronger reading glasses?).

Studying this card (oil lamp = flame in one of the cups? aha!): limping figure with burning bundle of sticks = moi, in partial possession by Papa Legba as Master of my Head as per the Voodoo Tarot (6 of Wands in that deck), fearing that so many watery cups will put out her fire(!), and also Queen of Wands (Petro Mambo) as indicated by mythos' card on giving this (Giotto) deck; figure with moon in cup = mythos, presenting to me this gorgeous offering from her wealth of moony cups (Tarot collection). The Queen of Wands looks away in some hesitation, fearing infidelity to her own 'first love' of the Voodoo Tarot... Hopefully, mythos will understand (using her moony intuitiveness) and not allow my fear of my own 'fickleness' to interfere with our friendship... Going to do a morning meditation now, starting with today's card of Judgement, and see where it takes me on this Giotto journey; there seems a lot to learn in this deck, and I look forward to it (may need some annotating, like the Voodoo, to 'make it mine'? In order not to offend the loa, I shall invoke Papa Legba at the start of the meditation, to remind him of my undying loyalty, and get him to bless this deck as well, making it equally "hot to trot"? ;-))

Sunday, December 11, 2005

7 of Swords (again!)

OK, this time I relate this card to yet another disturbing online communication from John, starting all over again the process he started in Melbourne, where he seemed really getting on his feet; why he has to go and start all over again in Sydney, I have no idea... He said he thought I might have felt offended by a comment of his about "my ex", but I cannot even remember any such comment... And he went on and on about the "paranoia" of those around him: talk about a hall of mirrors! ;-P Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 10, 2005

The picture I would like to use as a thumbnail avatar in AT...

...if AT would let me! ;-P

Would make some Tarot deck a really freaky 'Hanged One', which strangely enough also turned up in my morning meditation spread, i.e. the 'Hanged One' spidereal-monkey style? lol
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Contemplation: Accepting one's personal failures (the sorrow in this card comes from the original sorrow of the Creator at the failure of the first creation); using these sadnesses and failures to build a house of peace and purity, an impregnable abode fit for the indwelling of Obatalah, god of the disabled.
Divination: The root sense of materiality. The presence of all material possibilities, from soaring wealth to crushing poverty (Voodoo Tarot of New Orleans).
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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

4 of Wands

Ah, so I will find some rest and respite after all this Sturm and Drang tomorrow, in an almost impossible marriage of fire and water, against all odds? Almost anything seems better than the 10 of Wands, but it feels nice to know I may find some life after Sacred Heart! This little boat sails on, having burnt its bridges, and rested its case! ;-))

Monday, December 05, 2005

10 of Wands - or the curse of environmental sensitivities

Although we had quite a pleasant chat last night (although he spoke Norwegian, so I did not understand him too well over a bad connection), I have decided NOT to ring B-E tonight, on the strength of this card...

And it does not end there. I already felt averse to Sacred Heart mission
art group changing its location back to the meeting place as of yesterday, i.e. I just "did not like the energy" of the place (possibly the reason I find myself into feng shui - environmental sensitivity to energies of place?).

The only "pro" I could think of to justify the move seemed that there we/they find more space, and people did get stressed by cramped conditions, and lack of physical space, including myself, on occasion.

The "cons" I totted up amounted to -
(1) lack of natural light, opaque and dingy windows, necessitating a dingy, yellowish, electric gloom even at the height of a very bright, warm summer's day - and one simply cannot paint by artificial light, as I found the last time I tried to paint at night, by artificial light, in Norway, i.e. what do artists' studios feature, regardless of size, but an abundance of windows admitting natural light, and even the odd skylight?
(2) bars on the windows, making one feel "imprisoned" and claustrophobic, despite the extra space;
(3) lousy acoustics, such that when Billy started to sing, you could not even tell he sang at first, and then you had to move closer to discover what he sang (also causing very poor and stressful conditions for trivia, which I also had to abandon, for that reason, because it just did not seem "fun" any more);
(4) horrible narrow storage area, with doors opening every which way, making it difficult for people going in or out to collect supplies and materials;
(5) finding ourselves locked out, in the beginning, and kicked out, at the end, to facilitate Sacred Heart's own agendas - no opportunity for traditional socializing and traditional "karaoke" on Tuesday? Although Craig did not attend today - someone must have tipped him off? So I never got to check this one out, having to leave early today, for the 6th big reason...
(6) the disinfectant with which they washed the floors today smelt so strong, the fumes went to my head straight away, giving me a headache, smarting eyes and difficulty breathing... They treated it as a joke when I had to go about with a tissue over my nose and mouth, and finally had to "exile" myself outside till I could go. Even if I could go in after an hour, that would not leave any time to actually do some art. The nuns would kick up a big stink if anyone dared smoke in there, but cannot understand it when the boot finds itself on the other foot, of a smoker to boot (i.e. who said smokers have no sense of smell, and no environmental sensitivities)? Kate would not even listen when I tried to explain this, saying she found herself "too busy"; Sister Rose did show more sympathy, and I will miss her when no longer able to attend as either a participant or volunteer. I hope they will miss me too.
I cannot do art at home (no room). I have heard the Salvos also run some art program on a Monday or Tuesday; must check it out, due to the stresses of this dis-/relocation...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

OK, this one (3 of Pentacles) has me stumped, as today's cyber-Tarot. Should I read it in the sense of the Voodoo, seen here, energising, grounding, but also potentially disruptive influence, as the goddess of lightning, or the Whimsical, Rumpelstiltskin (the alchemist) busily spinning straw into gold? I expect generally a restful, if stimulating Sunday online, however, although I will have to do some shopping at some point (those sausages and salad did turn out "off" last night after all, but by then, I did feel more tired than hungry, after my all-night literati binge the night before!) lol However, with the influence of Oya, I feel my literati "reflexes" could possibly seem as sharp, or even sharper, than ever?Actually I think I will read it that way, and see if I go from strength to strength in my favorite gaming addiction ;-))

OK, and just for free, the inner, kabbalistic meaning of Father Christmas (while people seem generally getting into that 'silly' mood, lol!) -

"The God Aspect of Chesed is shown with profound simplicity as AL (pronounced EL). This is usually translated as 'God,' but it means essentially THE God or Divine One. A familiar form is BEL, or BAAL, meaning simply the Chief or head person. In olden days every tribe or even location had its particular 'Bel' who was thought to manifest through the living tribal chieftain, which gave rise to the God-King cultus. It was the Divine Bel who granted the tribe all the good things of life, and to this day we celebrate Bel-tan as a feast in honour of this early God-concept. The Magical Image of a benevolent King grows at its strongest with EL. EL is the Divine Giver. We are too much inclined to think of this attribute in material terms, and blame the Deity for our lack of material benefits."

Call me old-fashioned, but does this sound like the idea of 'Father Christmas' to anyone else, or what? ;-))

"Moreover we are apt to look askance at evident evil-doers amassing fortunes, and criticise the Divine Benefactor for bestowing such favours to those unworthy of them in our opinion."

Scrooge? *grrr* Bah, humbug!! lol

"In doing this, we completely miss the truth of the matter. Material holdings are not directly a Divine gift at all nor ever were. The gift of cunning, ruthlessness, or even a capacity for hard work, we are supplied with the means of enrichment, once these are geared to opportunities."

i.e. God helps those who help themselves, even the mercenary and greedy (Capricorns?) among us? What sort of "god" does this represent, she muses, but the "evil and false god of this world", aka. Blake's Urizen, or the gnostic demiurge? Get thee behind me, demiurge! I got into trouble for castigating him on the kabbala-concepts, but I can post such sentiments and comments freely here, lol!

"What we do with our gifts is our responsibility entirely, and we should not blame Divinity for what others do with theirs."

We can however question the idea of such a divinity who grants such 'gifts' as cunning, greed and ruthlessness in the first place....*big ggggnostic ggggrrr!* ;-P

"The EL of Chesed is greatly above the level of offering free gifts with every life. EL may be a Divine Distributor, but is neither Santa Claus nor a Fairy Godmother. There is much truth in a saying attributed to Mother Nature herself; 'Take what you want - and pay!' This shows the Geburah-Chesed combination very nicely. Chesed says, 'Take what you want,' and Geburah adds grimly - 'And PAY!' Going up the Tree Geburah keeps the cash-desk while Chesed hands us the purchases we have made with our lives. If we try to sneak out without paying, there is a useful Abyss awaiting us." - William G. Gray (The Ladder of Lights)

Interesting - not quite sure what to make of this paragraph, but can see that Mother Earth/Gaia herself definitely does not equate to 'Father Christmas' - faint glimmering of epiphany here? Here endeth the Sabbath sermon ;-P

Friday, December 02, 2005

Today's Tarot, plus astro-forecast

Tough decision, whether to post the one from the Voodoo or the one from the Whimsical (Dorothy returning home via the ruby-red slippers, also a very fav of mine, from that deck!), but in the end I had to go with Papa Legba, as the 'opener of the ways' and my personal 'Master of the Head' (Hierophant), for Tarot Cafe tomorrow! ;-))

Fa la la la la, la la la la.... Seems the season to get silly, as we all come together in a universal launch of this beautiful time with an abundant New Moon in Scorpio. Your WISHES COME TRUE, and especially on this awesome first day of December marking a spiritually fresh, and ever so accomodating 'huge' time ahead with one of the most blessed and best New Year's ever! This month we hug, love and bring each other together in a most verbose and spiritual way with a cosmically inclined December beginning today. Kick it off with a new moon today, and our communication with others begins to settle down. Delays are no longer feared in airports or on the ground, as Mercury goes direct, finally again on the 3rd. YAY!!!
Then on the 9th, we push forward our action oriented Mars, placing our thoughts and ideas into an action as we plan to initiate and ignite our plans on or about the 16th with an entirely new annual Plutonian cycle to wrap up the mystery of all that's occured in 2005.
We open the doors to a brand new year with a Venus retrograde on the 24th, to help us clear our weary heads and put our love life in perspective. We can 'for the moment' become still and reflect on where we find ourselves and what we do and with whom and why...?
Whatever we do, we must do it well, and with abundance and great gusto now, creating a busy buzzing, sizzling, sassy sound to all our communication with everyone around. Certainly, it seems a time now to offer gratitude for all that we have become, all that we have, and all that we've experienced, endured, and enjoyed. And especially for all that we have yet to experience, each and every day. Take time to say, "I love you" to those in your life from whom you've learned, whether by virtue of an essay, a story or witnessed miracle. May you all enjoy a great happy holiday.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

o seems there still exist those at Gawith who still do not always trust my professional judgment... Not more tears of emotional catharsis, 3rd Friday in a row? I do not know how others into the Voodoo Tarot can equate with this card with romantic love... Tears connect with La Siren (7 of Cups), however? Very interesting... Despite its appearance, this does not equate to a romantic card, but serious issues of trust misplaced, or others suspecting one's highest intentions... Ye goddesses and little fishes, help me! Grant me the constructive use of "creativity, fantasy and design", i.e. "method in my madness", as hinted at in the interpretation! Ye goddesses, if Alister can get away with it, with his Tom Waits/Devil persona, why shouldn't I? lol

P.S. Also not a good night to try and re-ring B-E, as he would not take my call last night, and his paranoia may have reached extremes, again? ;-P

A wonderful real-life Tarot moment!

Circle Of Life

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Tim Rice
Available on the soundtrack The Lion King

From the day we arrive on the planet
And blinking, step into the sun
There's more to be seen than can ever be seen
More to do than can ever be done

Some say eat or be eaten
Some say live and let live
But all are agreed as they join the stampede
You should never take more than you give

In the circle of life
It's the wheel of fortune
It's the leap of faith
It's the band of hope
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the circle, the circle of life

Some of us fall by the wayside
And some of us soar to the stars
And some of us sail through our troubles
And some have to live with the scars

There's far too much to take in here
More to find than can ever be found
But the sun rolling high through the sapphire sky
Keeps great and small on the endless round

� 1994 Walt Disney Music Company

Now I never found myself particularly into the Lion King before this year, but it seems the Lion King has stalked me, artistically speaking, already this year, as I have found artistic inspiration already in the characters, costumes etc.!
This picture represents one of our Gawith Villa clients (see also Gawith blog for further details).
In the Gawith blog, I did not allow myself to elaborate on the Tarot symbology, but on this blog I will allow myself "full rein", so to speak, and the metaphor seems appropriate, given the equestrian setting! lol
Note the Wheel of Fortune, already indicated in the song lyrics above.
Note also the 10 Shields (Pentacles) strategically placed to give the illusion of a "little Africa".
Now the Lion King himself - whom else could he represent but his majesty the King of Wands, in my Tarot, the "monkey king" or "real king of the jungle", for his control, assurance and also sense of humor!
Shez (almost unrecognisable in her "warpaint", like her magnificent mount Caspar, so-called for his normally "ghostly" appearance, now appearing as a zebra, after due checks for allergies etc.) rose magnificently to the occasion, demonstrating confidence, mastery and no little firmness in controlling her somewhat spunky steed.
Shez actually seemed to incarnate the idea of the "Lion King", or King of Wands, fully in role for the duration of the performance! Maybe because she also equates to a sidereal Sag., and her birthday comes up on the 9th of December... so if you want to send her birthday greetings on the Gawith blog, please do so! Maybe this also amounts to her real affinity with and genuine mastery of all things equestrian!
So, when I begin to immortalise this moment on canvas, as proposed, I shall also include the other inhabitants of the Circle of Life that visited us, such as a magnificent pair of pink galahs overhead, and of course the ubiquitous flies, ever threatening to get in the way of photo-representation! lol
P.S. Here I present my birthday prayer for her, as per the 4 of Pentacles (today's cyber-Tarot) - Shez, may your god Obatalah continue to go with you, and grant you many more wonderful 10 of Shields years! ;-))

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