Monday, November 28, 2005

Zombi! I find this card way 'scarier' than yesterday's (twin) Towers, which did not eventuate, at least as far as I know. I do not find Death, the Devil etc. scary either, or even, now, with the Voodoo Tarot, any number of Sword cards, but this one fair dinkum gives me the shudders... What can possibly amount to the 'up side' of finding yourself in a critical stasis, drained, whether voluntary or not, of all will? Actually, there seems nothing 'voluntary' about the 'sacrifice' implicit in this card at all; I also don't like how the book talks about the "spider having lost its way in the web" (cf. the very spidery hanged one in the Whimsical!)... It just all cuts a little too close to the bone for this little arachnid heart...Ah! the clue seems in the lips sewn shut with another Simbi (snake) - I enforced this "silence" on myself in the Kabbalah-concepts group this morning ;-P


Blogger mythosandbios said...

Probably a really good move - 'silence'. I have never seen Kabbalah Concepts like this, and I have been a member for years. Usually there is only each day's quote ... no discussion to speak of. I do know, from a recent post by Jakob, that he is looking to turn some of his responsibilities over to someone else. Maybe that is it ... stress exploding. I gather that he has often had to deal with emails (not on-line) of a nasty nature. Maybe it has all just risen up and spewed out ... you just inadvertantly ended up in the way, I suspect.

"Silence", I imagine ... in this situation, is probably the most sensible approach.

The feeling of exploding stress seems to be in the air currently, all over the place ...

One wonders what exactly is going on astrologically?

2:05 pm  

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