Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Whimsical Tarot story, as posted on AT

Missed out on ringing B-E on his birthday tonight (stupid phone card would not work, on either this phone or the one at the 7/11); hopefully he waits as patiently as this card describes ...

King of Cups
5 of Pentacles
7 of Swords

He stands all alone on the wind-swept shore, asking the sky why his cup seems suddenly empty. He strains to listen, but hears only the gusts of the wind, and the rhythmic plashing of the waves, that echoes the wave-pattern around the hem of his own tunic.

Who stole the wine? That seems the problem, on which this holistic Dirk Gently must use his best detective abilities in this long dark cocktail hour of the soul, when he can no longer kid himself that the cup still seems at least half-full, because someone has stolen all the wine from his cellars, leaving not so much as a Guinness to accompany his fish and chips! He scries into the lees left inside the cup, and thinks immediately of that dastardly rogue, Captain Hook, last seen sailing off in the moonlight under his Jolly Roger flag, swearing vengeance (and treason) on the king! You cur, you swine, you... you.... you dastardly rogue, cad, and bounder, he thinks, and raises his own fist, swearing revenge in turn.

People always did call him 'paranoid', but how can you not feel paranoid, when you saw the villain's own son, disguised as the Knave of Hearts at a festive occasion, sneak up to the window of the kitchen where the cook had set out some tarts to cool, and steal them brazenly, in full daylight? Not only does Captain Hook seem a right villain, but he also brings up the younger generation in his own thieving ways... *grrr!* "I'll get you, Captain Hook," he swears.

And a haiku, also for B-E:

Originally Posted by starsongs
chalice gently holds
rivers of inspiration
molding rocky gorge
He stands all alone
on the wind-swept shore, asking
for rain to fill cup


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...


What a beautiful blog post. I especially love the haiku. More please !


8:57 am  

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