Saturday, November 05, 2005

Three of Swords: A mother's heart

...! (the standard initial 'knee-jerk' response, lol!) : sing out, little heart, for this time you seem pierced not by the grail-spear (5 of wounds), but by the grail-swords! Only the Holy Mother knew this, as prophesied by Simeon, and "therefore all generations shall call me blessed"? Break into song and sing your own Magnificat now, for the Lord has truly blessed you, in this rending and piercing. If you like, you may offer some prayers to the Virgin-Mother-Crone Mary as well (see - warning: material may offend some, if not most, viewers!), and preferably do so in song (because it hurts less that way, no matter how sad the song!) ;-P This seems especially harsh in conjunction with the rune Hagal, but for that very reason I suspect it has something to do with Bjorn Erik's mother (the mother and mother-in-law from hell, because she, if anyone, deserves it, as the classic schizophrenogenic mother?)... *have just updated Bjorn Erik's blog,, right now, on the strength of this* ;-))


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