Sunday, November 06, 2005

Justice: The spider's comfort

The vindication of the just and the punishment of the unjust. Rule of reason. Balance of power (=karma). "Worry no more, you soldier's son / Just walk on by, and you'll be fine" (Finn Corey's William Blake project).
The yin-yang of opposing complementarities bound together in the spider's web of life, threads of fate and karma binding each to the other - the red and the green - Martian militancy and Venutian harmony reconciled in fairness at last - this seems what I would truly call a miracle, a "win-win" situation, as per A Course in Miracles! Behind thyself (TVAT TVAM ASI), in each facet of Grandmother Spider's web to which she has bound you, even the jewelled prismatic eyes of flies that the spider will eat for breakfast tomorrow - in this wondrous web of interrelationship, even the spider and the fly become one, for the spider only eats itself, whatever it eats! And Johnny Howard always did remind me of Louie the Fly (in the old Mortein ad), I have even caricatured him as such, so take this as a warning, Louie: you WILL make some spider a nice breakfast, some day! Yes, this card does feel like "the spider's comfort" after devastating reading below (somebody just shoot me, if I ever want to do a reading again?) lol

Even the ABC news leads me to suspect there may exist some justice in the universe, after all, and despite the worst efforts of the Howard regime! ;-))


Blogger mythosandbios said...

Those two cups still standing from your previous reading?

10:50 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

I guess they must, mythos! The cups seem somewhat less than half full, but still standing, yes! ;-))

2:12 pm  

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