Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Great Mother, or Empress:

the great Love of the Father, for truly it seems not us the Father loves, but Her; "little children, be on guard against false gods", and goddesses, i.e. those plaster Virgin Maries weeping tears of so-called blood - there seems nothing false about Her blood, that lines the juicy walls of her endometrium with capsicum red, nor about the juicy capsicum red of her vagina polycarpa, seemingly dentata, with its little rows of capsicum-seeds - nor about the horns of a bull to draw down the moon - the delicate hormonal interplays within everywoman that walks as a goddess in flesh and blood - she resembles a woman you could meet on any street, just as her consort, Pan, the Emperor, seems also a 'regular bloke' you could meet on any street - but have you looked into her face, and beheld the "ancient face" (Mike Scott) of the Great Mother? Sometimes I just don't like the mealy-mouthed, "butter-wouldn't-melt-in-her-mouth" the Rider Waite Tarot gives her (as it also gives the Magician, by the way); to me, her essence fairly reeks of idolatry and sacred pornography - Woo hoo! I seem about to have an "Empress" day at long last? ;-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...


I got the Empress as my card for the day a few days ago, and took it to mean that my sister-in-law and brother, who were expecting a baby on the 28th of October, would be giving birth, Such was not the case however, and the baby is now one week overdue. Aidan says that the chances are that it's a boy, as late babies, he says, are usually boys. I wonder what the tator for the day today is ? ( Sebi gets cards and shuffles them and pulls ... the 5 of wands. Yikes ! )

See you at 3:30pm for fish and chips, Claire, OK ?


4:33 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Still the Empress here, Sebi... You forget, my Mayan day runs from sunset to sunset, and the cyber-Tarot roughly coincides with it, so the "today" card you look at may also represent "tomorrow's"; stupid Gregorian calendar, lol!
Yep, cya, and will see John afterwards? Actually birth issues I would relate more to the Ace (or Knave) of Wands; conception and fertility issues to the Ace of Cups: Empress seems more about sexuality and beauty, in general, not necessarily procreation-related ;-))

6:22 am  

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