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What does the Wheel of Fortune mean for me today?

wheel of fortune = the guardian angel: Do you feel lucky tonight? Do you feel born under a lucky star (Jupiter rising)? Don't let it go to your head. Too many lucky synchronicities can go to your head, swell it, to a swollenness of Jupiter, and then, lucky Phil, your luck just ran out, you seem likely to topple into a madness of over-enthusiasm (psychosis, mania). It does indeed seem always better to light a candle (or several) rather than curse the darkness; let your inner child take your lucky-mascot teddy-bear (or whatever other stuffed animal) and snuggle up in the bear-cave of your heart with all your other lucky talismans and amulets. Remember also the purifying mysteries, the sobering mysteries, of Osiris slain and risen, of the Eternal Feminine who always leads us on, of the Melbourne movie Angelbaby. Some "Adriana" or other always leads us on, with her Goldenlight of the heart, but you must fit the pieces of the jigsaw-puzzle very carefully, bit by bit, till the whole Scrabble-game or Lego-construction becomes complete...

The Shadow Truth spread provides insight into your attitudes and hidden feelings.
The Renaissance Tarot is a modern deck, an excellent choice for exploring questions of passion, mastery, and the inner workings of human reason.
Click for DetailsThe card in the center represents the attitude you assume. Page of Staves: earth of fire - "shapeshifter". Dance lightly upon the earth, little shaman sister, for the many disguises you have loved to wear from childhood equate to the signs of your shamanic calling now, that you may dance in ecstasy and tribal oneness. Adopt the masks of your favorite animal-medicines, for they have now become your power-masks, as long as the ritual lasts!
Click for DetailsThe card to the right represents the thoughts and feelings that underly your attitudes. Five of Cups (Disappointment):

grail five/5 of Cups: He didn't like the cool blues of Tom Waits, said it seemed too sexual, but then at first I thought the same about Ephemera, saying they amounted to mere "pornojenter" (="porn-girls", Norwegian), when he thought their music the purest of the pure... De gustibus non disputandum! The blues, or "song sung blue", as this card suggests, seem only for those who, like Cat Stevens, "never knew what love is, until they got hurt" (The Hurt). Funny thing, though, listening to or, better still, playing them, you don't feel all that hurt, although they seem all about hurt. "And before you know it, it starts to feel good" (Neil Diamond, Song Sung Blue). You can even play cool blues on a broken guitar with one string missing, and you don't have to appear black, to sing with a black man's voice (ask Tom Waits, or even Elvis!) ;-))

Click for DetailsThe card at the top represents how your attitude is evolving and will evolve in the future. Two of Staves (Dominion):

2 of Wands: 2nd Sunday in Advent: It came to me once, early in a chilly Advent, that that which the religion in which I had grown up offered me, did not suffice any more. Yah, Advent wreaths and candles seemed but a behavioral program to condition children from delayed gratification to the mounting excitement of the Christmas orgy of materialism - I no longer felt "a material girl living in a material world", ave, Madonna! My heart cried out for an alternative gnostic vision, and the scriptures of Barbelo stepped in to fill the void. "You cannot put new wine into old skins," but it also seemed fun to put a new, apocryphal Bible into my old, leather Carmelite skin! Everything old became New (Age) again. The cobwebs in the old church meant that somewhere Spider busied herself weaving her web of interconnection and synchronicity, and poinsettias blazed their bright and lively Christmas cheer into the chilly, grey bleakness, so I decked the winter bear-cave of my heart with evergreens, bringing the forest indoors for the period of virtual hibernation in the dream-lodge, my heart as bright and defiant as the little robin redbreast in the first of the falling snow... "More than snow is falling," indeed, my beloved! Stars also fall into the darkness...

Click for DetailsThe card to the left represents how others perceive your attitude. Seven of Coins (Assessment): recommitment: back together, lovers again *sigh*! And if that doesn't work, we can always just get drunk, my love... For you might not always find sex 'on tap', but you will spirit! To me, this card seems what you call a "win-win situation", or a "miracle" in the true sense of the word, i.e. "the maximal expression of love that seems possible under the circumstances". I can understand whichever goddess you want at the time, my god, so skaal! A loaf of bread, a jar of Vegemite, and thou, under the bough... and the wine of bliss runneth in our veins. There seems always room for a little Rumi, if 3 does not seem a crowd!
Click for DetailsThe card at the bottom represents what you cannot confront or are hiding from yourself. Four of Swords (Truce): Retreat from the battlefield of life. A rest from the conflicts with colleagues or competitors. Calm in the storm. Self-imposed exile.

4 of Swords: a rest after illness which allowed me to recuperate. He felt to me a haven of calm and repose, not saying much, but his solitude refreshed and replenished me. We often retreated to his island hideaway, in temporary seclusion, for a bit of quiet R & R. We had a stormy crossing in his little curragh, a leather boat like St Brendan's, of the long 'navigatio'; the waves rose high and threatened to engulf our tiny bark, but the power he summoned remained with us, and the little feather he placed as a meditation focus, with a small seed of amethyst, remained unruffled on the deck. The sobering energy of the white light he invoked made our tiny boat into a haven of calm and safety, even as the sea and the winds continued to moan and roar. He made even a fragile little boat tossed on the high seas into a temple.


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...


What a wonderful exegesis on 'The Wheel of Fortune'. Congratulations. It certainly is all about putting the pieces of the puzzle together, isn't it ? In fact, I have just the song that I would like to post onto your blog. It's called "Putting It Together". It's a crime that we don't know how to put music clips onto the blog in any way other than using an audioblog. Perhaps we could ask Shirley to bring the issue up in "Aclectic Tarot" ( which is an absolutely amazing site I might add and thank-you for recommending it to me. I can see why you were so impressed with it and joined the chat forum. You certainly did manage to meet an amazing person there in 'Mythos' too, didn't you ? ) In fact, since I have decided to join the forum there myself, I might bring the issue up myself and see if anyone can help me directly, rather than delegating my duties to others. Not that it's always true to say, "if you want something done, you've got to do it yourself" though.

It's six o'clock in the morning and almost time for our Mixed Media Art Class. I can't wait to see what you are going to do with your collage. I'm really happy about being able to finish my painting of Jeff and Ackbar, and I can't wait to put it up in my flat. My flat is starting to look great, and Aidan and I are really making a love-nest out of it, as you will see when you come over to play "Magic - the Gathering" later on this afternoon.

Anyway, a little more blogging for me, and then hopefully I'll be back very soon to read the 'rest of your reading'. HBow exciting. I see that you've done a 'Shadow Truth' spread. Why was it that you chose this particualar spread ?


6:15 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Um,what has audioblogging to do with Tarot? ;-P

And I never choose the spread; I always let it "choose for me", to add an element of "surprise me".

But the Wheel turned out not as lucky as I thought, or maybe it did, but I failed to catch fickle Dame Fortune "from behind", i.e. missed a very small "window of opportunity" to resume telephone contact with B.E. as connection seemed down between here and Norway... Maybe if I had have tried slightly earlier? ;-P

7:18 am  
Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...


I have a strange feeling of deja-vu when I read this. Have you posted any of this before, or have I just read it twice. Parts of it are lovely, and very romantic, and it's great that the tarot is such an inspiration to you.


5:13 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Of course you have deja vu, Sebi! I just copy and paste the bits I have already posted, from my Tarot document, which seems also why I refrain from posting on Death today, because I have already posted on that, as well ;-))

7:05 am  

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