Sunday, October 09, 2005


John and I have both defeated the evil wizard in Magic, the Gathering: he much more quickly than I did, by 7:55 pm; I took a bit longer, as a slow learner... But I did him by 9:20 pm, with John's coaching, and learning from his way more defensive approach (no, in this game at least, attack seems not always necessarily the best "defence against the dark arts!"). I had to learn many things, especially not to get my giant spiders out of sync. with his attacking bog imps (although they will do them, when in sync.)... plus I genuinely got much "suckier" cards than he did, i.e. the evil wizard saw me coming and had my number... i.e. he played the Mind Rot hypnosis crap repeatedly against me and never against John (he knew a sidereal Pisces when he saw it coming), and also a thing called Sanctimony, which meant I could not play a Mountain without giving him a life... in the end I just had to blast the bastard to blazes!!!


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Congratulations !

I'm looking forward to seeing some stories about the game, and maybe some more cards.


10:39 am  

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