Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Music, Mystery, and the Inner Lantern : Mike Scott, with Karma to Burn, explains the mystery of his life

Mike Scott
Stuart Davis

The founder of the Waterboys, an ever-changing musical ensemble over twenty years running, Mike Scott equates to an extraordinary musician whose thirteen albums showcase an uncanny ability to blend rock and roll, spirituality, and radical spontaneity. He released his most recent album Karma to Burn, the Waterboys' first official live record, in September 2005 in the UK.

Stuart Davis joins us in this dialogue as guest interviewer, and with eleven albums to his name and a passionate interest in "dharma pop," he seems the perfect guy for the job. Together, Mike and Stuart discuss how music can represent a uniquely effective vehicle for expressing some of the mystical chords of reality. As Stuart shares, he felt deeply touched the first time he heard Mike's song "The Whole of the Moon," and instantly felt it reflected a spark of creativity leading straight to God. (Didn't we all?) Just like some of Stuart's other favorite bands—such as U2 or Live—it was this recognition of a certain "inner lantern" in Mike that Stuart so clearly resonated with.

Although Mike relates that this song from his younger years amounted to a kind of "wonderful accident," he goes on to explain that at the time he wrote it, he still struggled to find meaning and direction in his life. Mike goes on to comment on how his time with the Findhorn spiritual community in Northeast Scotland has helped that kind of intuitive seedling grow into a truly conscious, stable part of his life. By engaging Findhorn’s supportive "we-space," functional day-to-day structures, and time-honored interior practices, Mike felt able to reinvigorate his creative spirit in a very profound way.

Ranging the entire span of his long and distinguished career, Mike and Stuart explore the nuances of creativity, the music business, and how to balance artistic integrity with the necessities of functioning in the "real world." As they discuss, you might feel the most authentically engaged with your creative process locked in a woodland cabin, but if you want to share your work with more than the squirrels, you need to find a way to interact with the wider world. As Stuart points out, he would never have found out about Mike if he hadn't heard the Waterboys playing on a mainstream radio station.

When all is said and done, Mike and Stuart prove to be a brilliant and complementary pair of musical mystics. We hope you enjoy their insightful, energetic exploration of the Mystery....

keywords: Karma to Burn, The Waterboys, Findhorn, Peter and Eileen Caddy, Dorothy Maclean, Sufism, Christianity, Rosicrucianism, U2, The Call, Live, perennial wisdom, "What Is Integral?," Van Morrison, Kate Bush, Dion Fortune, Society of the Inner Light, Bell.

Most memorable moment: "When I went to Findhorn, I had a heart-opening experience of a very powerful, unforgettable nature—like every love I’d ever known rolled into one 'yes'...."


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Bring 'em all in...


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Unfortunately I couldn't download or blog the whole interview, but I thought the intro interesting to blog in itself ;-))

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