Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Moon Goddess

The Moon Goddess, this full moon: I equate to the triple goddess, woman, virgin, bloodmother, crone, hear me roar! My sensuality, sexuality and beauty, already present in my virginal whiteness of maidenly chastity, and maturity of motherhood and bloodflow, will continue into the days of my cronehood, only ripened to a richness of silver in the inky black velvet of the night - Hail unto me, jewel of the night! (Why do traditional interpretations put such negative interpretations on me?) Hail also unto the three Nemis, whether they have had a sex-operation or not! (For a male, this seems to mean profound menstruation and/or womb envy: Freud, eat your heart out?) This goddess projects on to the figure of a living woman, at whatever age ;-))

Vale Yoshe Moonwatcher
10/10/1992 - 15/10/2005
While she posted her daily cards earlier, Shirley's lovely Yoshe left us. Incense and candles burn. Prayer flags wave in the breeze, with the parting of a beautiful soul.
Nothing that reincarnation won't cure!
I loved her and always will!

Dog - The Druid Animal Oracle

Dog represents guidance, protection and loyalty. From the handbook: In the Druid tradition the dog is seen as the Guardian of the Mysteries... Faithfulness, trust and loyalty equal vital ingredients of close relationships, and the time may come for you to focus on these qualities - to develop them gradually in yourself and to appreciate them in others.

The 9 of Swords: Universal Waite Deck.

The figure holds her head in her hands, anguished by nightmares, depression and feelings of guilt and despair.

Shirley (mythos) has come to the stage where she must make a decision whether to take her dog, Yoshe - MoonWatcher, a loyal loving protector, and have her euthanased. What a terrible burden to the mind and soul this appears. She experienced no pain, but seemed sad and discomforted as her breathing became more and more laboured. She had refused food for many days, and only took small sips of water. She had been with us for such a long time now ... it feels so difficult to see her dying, and difficult to make the decision to help her to do so.

Copyright: The Druid Animal Oracle Set - Phillip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm. Illustrated by Bill Worthington ISBN: 0-7318-0471-6

Copyright: Universal Waite Deck - recoloured by Mary Hanson-Roberts.

With mythos in her sorrow, even as I rejoiced in my own doggy companionship! ;-P

The rune Man speaks to intellect and culture that separate us from the animals...why would we want this? And a dog howls, spookily, as I post this ;-P


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...


What a fantastic blog post, Claire. Beautifully written, indeed ! Congratulations. It was a lovely idea to put the 9 os swords and the dog card together with the story about Mythos' dog.

A lovely description of the Moon Goddess card too.


1:09 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

These cards came from Mythos' own blog! ;-))

5:45 am  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

Thanks Claire ... as Yoshe rests awaiting re-birth ... she'll feel the energies of your candles, and her presence on the 'web' - physics -ally speaking!

11:36 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Indeed, mythos, remind, or allow me to forward you a little email story you might appreciate... ;-))

8:44 am  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

Consider yourself reminded and allowed ... smile

My verification word is 'yeovp'. I believe that Mrs Yeovp and her family of treekids live in a tree in Belize, but I could be wrong.

12:10 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

As I have already forwarded you the email story in question (it gets harder and harder to type at this late hour!), allow me to present the story of my past life, as afforded by self-regression, which I did in my present hubby's hospital room, while waiting for him to wake up ("see yourself walking down a familiar path: as you go forward in space, you also go backwards in time"):

I find myself back in the Andean mountains, with my grandfather (now institutionalised hubby, in this life). Grandfather also seemed a bit of a shaman, with his burning coca leaves/crystals... I see Pleiadian friends walking towards me across the lake, like lake Titicaca, and run to tell my grandfather...

Whereas, otherwise they tell you to check left and right in such visualizations for detail, I feel afraid to look right for fear of my grandfather's "box on the ear", i.e. if you have seen Pleiadian buddies coming (tall,Nordic-looking, unlike my hubby, who does not fit the Norwegian stereotype), don't bother telling me, cos while mystical experiences may seem valid, it seems useless to report on them (Wittgenstein)...

So I play my cards close to my chest.

Grandfather/hubby died, and I went on living in the Bolivian/Peruvian (Andean) mountains as a hermit, alone, but not lonely, with his spirit, not to mention those of the Pleiadians to keep me company?

Does any of that make sense? The challenge of this life seems the perennial Zen invitation to come down from the mountain,and share what you have learned, in the marketplace, with the butchers (as if they will understand!) lol

1:28 am  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

You'd be amazed at how much sense it makes ... I was the Pleiadian buddy coming (tall,Nordic-looking) - I did heaps of past life stuff back in the late '90's. I couldn't believe how very tall I was --- didn't know I was Pleiadian, just knew I was not of this earth - scared me silly. There was a cold clinical feeling to observations, like I was an anthropologist checking our the scene.

I stopped doing Past Life regression when I got past the stage where they were healing visits, and merely 'adventures'. Figured it was time to stay in my body for a while. After all, I incarnated to live in it.

6:53 am  

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