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The ipod Tarot vs. the online Tarot, and the Nahualli Animal Oracle!1pvz-cA_NXY8Pa2Onrzd11_Q!1969.entry#comment

Sebi, you might want to try out this fascinating idea, and see how it works for you! ;-))

And another non-Tarot divination oracle to die for: the Nahualli Animal Oracle (Aztec):

For many people, the bat seems a frightening animal. Not so for the Aztec. In their myth Bat who brought flowers to the world. Briefly, when the gods saw that the earth had no color, they created a bat from the semen of Quetzalcoatl and sent it to the underworld to visit a goddess named Precious Flower (she is a transfiguration of the Goddess of Sex, Tlazolteotl). The bat approached Precious Flower while she slept and (to put it delicately) partook of her virginity. Upon Bat's return, gorgeous flowers blossomed. Fragrance, hower, seemed missing, so Bat bravely returned to Precious Flower for a second encounter. The result of that union added a countless variety of fragrances to the flowers of the earth.

In a reading, Bat symbolizes sweetness, joy, trust, intuition and fruitfulness. These key words stem not only from the flower myth, but also from a bat's unique sonar system, which truly amazes. When Bat appears, expect change to occur, but a sweet change, accompanied by much joy.

Having read the description above, what emotions does it invoke within you? This card contains very complex energies, much more than we are able to cover in a book. Even if you do not own this oracle, you can still do the exercise. If you feel like you can share your results, please do so here.

Keywords of the most revered and most mysterious predator in Central and South America amount to Power, Authority, Courage and Twilight. This animal plays such an important role in Mesoamerican mythology, dating all the way back to the Olmec, that he seems not only an animal, but the nahualli of the most powerful of the Aztec gods - Tezcatlipoca. Yet, it doesn't stop there. Not only does Jaguar amount to the nahualli of a deity, but Jaguar equates to a deity himself (Tepeyollotl). Jaguar created the First Sun and also witness the destruction of the Fifth Sun (our present era).

When Jaguar appears, tremendous power works just under the surface of your own skin. Others may feel it and their reactions will tell you something about who they are. Those who feel confident in their own flesh will welcome you as an equal. Those who lack such confidence will find reasons to avoid you, or even conduct petty campaigns against you out of fear. The flip side is that you must utilize Jaguar's power with integrity and grace, or it will become a negative influence instead of a positive one.

If self-doubt or self-loathing, fear or rage grips your heart, Jaguar's power will contribute to and strengthen that negative energy.

Tepeyollotl equates to the god of magic and foresight. His name means "Heart of the Mountain" and he represents the deified form of Jaguar. The priests of Tepeyollotl had two main abilities: to shape-shift and to foresee the future. The folk legends of the were-jaguar originated long before the Aztec empire. You can see images of the man-jaguar on Olmec pottery and sculpture from thousands of years ago.

If the God of Magic has made an appearance in your reading, learn the triad of Will (the focus of the mind), Desire (the focus of the heart) and Imagination (the creative womb that ultimately shapes our actions). Apply all three elements simultaneously, and you have birthed magic!

Snakes abounded in Central Mexico during the time of the Aztec empire: the Aztecs carefully observed and identified them, because some could kill, like the rattlesnake, while others, like the coral snake, brought favor to one's house. Rattlesnake represents the ones with venom; and Serpent represents the non-venomous ones.

Keywords: Unification, Integration and Synthesis. In the mythology of the Mexica (the name the Aztec people called themselves), the Serpent could go anywhere, from underground cave to the branches of the tallest tree. The most precious gemstone in Central America (and China, with a very mysterious relationship existing between the two) seems Jade, the blue-green variety of which they knew as the Serpent's Heart. It has this name because of the way it is interwoven through the rock in serpentine-like strands.

When Serpent appears in your reading, or in your life (all of these interpretations apply equally well to real-life appearances as well as readings), look for ways to integrate the blocks that you experience. "Integration and Synthesis amount to parts of the process of weaving together disparate parts of your life into a beautiful, colorful tapestry."*

Serpent asks "what blocks you"? What keeps you from feeling fulfilled, enriched or abundant? Not only does Serpent force the question, but it provides the answer to resolving the block. The art of synthesis and integration in problem-solving seems a negotiation technique that has proven itself again and again. When two polarized positions exist in any given problem, the negotiator will find the non-conflicting core values that both parties can agree on. This also works in dealing with personal blocks. Keep digging until you find what attracted you to obtain the "blocked" skill, project or goal in the first place, then build from there in a new way.

Serpent also addresses repression, which is the opposite of synthesis. "You can never repress difficult emotional issues and negative behaviors successfully. An integration approach finds a way of utilizng that energy in a more productive or positve way. Integration does not deny any part of us, but instead blends each separate part into one cohesive whole."*

If you have had any experiences with snakes of any kind, try to relate the time of appearance with what was going on in your life, or in your thoughts, subsequent to that moment. If you'd like feedback, feel free to share the experience here.

Like most oracles, keeping a journal can prove very valuable. If you enjoy working with animal energies, begin a journal of animal sightings. Include next to the animal, what thoughts the sighting evoked within you. It may prove to be a wonderful teaching aid for your own inner teacher and your animal teachers as well.

Caelum & Ivory

In keeping with the advice of Caelum and Ivory, I here commence my journal of animal sightings for this weekend:
Yesterday - CROW's hoarse kraak attracted me; I wanted to see where it came from and what it had to tell me; located Crow on a TV antenna opposite, still kraaking. John thought Crows traditionally associated with Joy, and suggested putting out some food (meat) on a pillar for it, but I had no meat in the fridge. The Crow flew off, disappointed?
Today, on St Kilda beach - first wade of the season. I felt pleased to cross surprisingly warm water to a small sandbar, and greet my brother and sister GULLS with cries of "Hi, ocean scavengers!", i.e. opportunists, which they did not seem to like, so I toned it down to "Hey, guys and gulls, see, I do just the same as you," i.e. walking through the shallows, and they seemed to like that better..... DUCK, coasting peacefully on a small brackish estuary, and apparently 'nestling', cradled in a small raft of floating weed; very peacefully aligned with today's cyber-Tarot of 6 of Swords, "pleasant journey over water"; we had, significantly, to cross a small wooden bridge to spot her. DOG: reading the 'doggy news' and headlines in a clump of native grass; remarked on Dog's awesome capacity for sensing olfactory information. Dead PUFFER FISH, washed up far from home in SA? Felt sadness at its fate, also nostalgia re puffer fish I have known (the poisoner poisoned?). John also shared with me his moment of communion with a flock of SULPHUR-CRESTED COCKATOOS, one morning, near Punt Rd Bridge: he apparently enjoyed the company of these little feathered friends ;-))


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