Wednesday, October 19, 2005

In the absence of Tarot, today's cyber-Tarot, from Sebi's reading below

6 Anfore (Pleasure): When a Viking cannot travel abroad, his best friend seems his connection, and a helping hand to connect him to his website! It seems all about the internet, communication, "bringing forth that which you have within you, so that that within you may save you" (gospel of Thomas), whether or not others want to read or see: publish, or perish! Even if others seem put off or unimpressed by your publications, or simply do not understand, we speak here of surfing the waves of cyberspace anyway, and boldly going where none have gone before! Surf the waves, or save the waves: it all seems one, as we look both backwards (towards a possibly idealized childhood, with fond nostalgia) and forwards (to entertaining the children of the future with our own inspirations).


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...


A lovely reading. Thank-you.


7:22 am  

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