Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Icarus, don't fly too close to the sun! (from mythos' Tarot, Painting and Stuff, Copyright: 2003 sjj, in the light of today's 10 of Swords??) Yes, I resonate with this painting as much as mythos herself does. Interesting string of synchronicities too: today equates to an "air" day in the Mayan calendar (White Cosmic Wind), we get this "maximum air" cyber-Tarot of the 10 of Swords, and the Birds deck turned up Eagle (Spirit/air) reversed also this morning... Hmm, which Icarus does it represent, who seems about to "crash and burn", like an eagle spiralling dizzily into the sun before it plummets...? I can make a few guesses, but I would not like to hazard them at this point... ;-P


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Yikes.com ! Crashing and burning !

You're right about 'Mythos' painting. I am very impressed with it too !

9:59 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

See mythos' blog for whom this card turned out to represent! ;-))

7:03 pm  

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