Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I unify, in order to question, attracting fearlessness; I seat the output of intelligence with the magnetic tone of purpose...

Judgement: forgiveness? They said Jesus cast out evil spirits (of judgment?), but they also say he will come back, not to forgive, but to judge the world! lol The universe contains many riddles, paradoxes and mysteries, corn circles representing one of the most mysterious. Who or what creates these stunning spirals and patterns in the fields? You judge!
When Jesus drives out the evil spirit (of judgment?), by 'judging' it as 'evil', it emerges as a salamander, in a blast of dragon-breath, and escapes into the heavens, *free at last, free at last, thank god i'm free at last*, from wrathful, judgmental scrutiny! Who dares 'judge' Jesus? "Judge not, lest they judge you" - but who can avoid making value-judgments on an almost routine, daily basis? This card challenges you to make your habitual reflex of judgment conscious. And Lord, save us, from the false, so-called 'forgiveness' masquerading as sympathy (see A Course in Miracles, ch. 16 here)! Can you forgive Jesus himself for the doom of blight and damnation he has cast upon the world, in the form of churches set up in his name, or will you judge him?
By the way, the 'little dog' (Procyon) amounts as much to a star, as its big brother Sirius´┐Ż All hail, the hounds of heaven: woof, woof!

Oh my goodness, we begin to cycle backwards through the major arcana at this point: how cool! Because to cycle through them backwards, would amount to ascending, rather than descending, through the spheres?

A little blog tribute to Rosa Parks, who has just passed on: http://vsf.blogs.com/driving_audhumla/
A pity only those in the northern hemisphere have Samhain, to commemorate her properly!
Wish I knew the tune of the song, so I could sing it. It seems difficult to think of her without at least mentally adding the words "bright spark"! ;-))


Blogger mythosandbios said...

This card challenges you to make your habitual reflex of judgment conscious.

Finally a meaning for 'Judgement' that makes sense to me. Mythos scribbles your words wildly in notebook with green texta. Hope I actually remember it is there LOL.

6:30 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Thanks...yeh, that came me as I blogged these old Tarot notes the first time; which seems why I made that sentence bold, as a kind of reminder to myself...hope I remember where to find it! lol

6:37 am  
Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...


Wow ! You and Mythos really have a cool interactive thing happening here on your blog. Time for me to check out hers again when I have some time.


12:43 pm  
Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...


Another comment on this post, after re-reading it in relation to your isssue with your mother. Judgement as forgiveness ? Do you think you will ever forgive your mother for not being what you want her to be ? I feel some sympathy for your mother, even though she seems far from being a nice person according to your description. I guess you know that it's really hard being a mother, huh ?

Nostalgically praying for a time when conflict with mother is no longer an issue for anyone, and with love as always

9:34 am  

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