Friday, October 21, 2005

The High Priestess

The Priestess: Sophia: Hiding behind her battleaxe/labrys, because I found I could not draw her face. As hidden as the hermit, as veiled as Moses from beholding the glory of the transcendent Great Face. She has crossed the desert-abyss by the dark paths of gnosis to reach this point, riding her trusty camel. She has left even the moon and stars far behind, as she plummets straight upwards into the immeasurable abyss of the Crown, that crowns her in turn with a halo of glory like the silver light of the moon. She only half-appears as either Isis or the Virgin Mary, but she seems also my grailsister, or soror mystica, my blood sister who holds the cup of the holy blood, the holy grail. She also comes as spear-maidens, guarding the grail with their lances. Veiled in mystic lunar white, fringed with a crone's gypsy prayer-shawl of crimson suf, her grail shines silver in the half-light, her altar shimmers small and immaculate, her two blended incense-sticks send up a pleasing fragrance to the Most High, that amounts to a holy thing in itself, as does her temple fire. She has ignited her prayer-sticks and feathers with the power of magick. She also has her own grimoires of feminine mysteries, lunar Magick, magick lunacy. She also wields her labrys with reason, for she has many enemies, who would burn her at the stake as a heretic, and a witch, while really a saint, though needing no patriarch to validate this!

Call me the high priestess of html, and a template equates to my temple! Narrowly averted a major template disaster on the Gawith Villa blog today, but staying calm, and not panicking, helped! By the way, yesterday's Tarot of the 9 of Swords turned out to apply to a client at Gawith today, who had her day completely "unmade" by another client... One of the workers thought me a bit heavy-handed with the attempted support; I needed more lightness of touch, apparently, but really, all she seems to need seems just a good night's sleep (google "narcolepsy" after this?). Also, do this hardworking little high priestess of html a favor, and visit the Gawith Villa blog (see link in blogroll, in sidebar), and gaze with awe and wonderment at our new uploaded pictures, and blog theme: truly the Gawith blog seems "a thing of beauty and a joy forever", has now acquired its own class and character (and even resident power-bird/totem: the Googlebird!), and just goes on from strength to strength! What you must also admire seems the evident diversity and individuality of clients, and the Googlebird seems there to remind us of the strength of collective creativity, as well as the whole amounting to more than the sum of its parts! ;-))

More information on narcolepsy than you probably needed:

Today's hot trivia item:
Arabic numerals are not Arabic; they were invented in India.


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...


All hail the High Priestess ! I'm off to check out the Gawith Villa blog as suggested.


6:37 am  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

What a profoundly inspiring description of the High Priestess. The picture didn't come through with it, unfortunately. And Arabic numerals from India? Why am I not surprised, says she who hopped of the plane at New Delhi airport, wandered out into the street and said ... thank the goddess, I am home!

8:07 am  

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