Monday, October 24, 2005

grail knight

Knight of Cups: A person of turbulent, poetic, romantic cast. An opportunity or favorable event in the near future. Deep feeling transformed into verse, music or visions.

knight of cups, peace-star, beauty of water: adolescent infatuation. "They say we're much too young to know..." Does this feeling equate to mere 'puppy love', or something more? Young love can endure, surprisingly, with a tenacity exceeding your wildest expectations, contrary to all popular myth and pop-psychology a la Oprah. This pain also seems something you will not necessarily grow out of...but it seems a "pain" you would not do without, or not? In the words of an Indian sage: "the eyes of love are in reality tinted delicately red as the lotus".

Hopefully this card today means I will hear shortly from Bjorn Erik, after a long lapse in our communications, or maybe he will get in touch in again after I send him something special for his birthday (Nov. 12). On the other hand, on a more mundane and less 'romantic' note, it could mean John, who pegged this card as the 'bloody idiot' drinking and driving, remember? Given my dream-fragment this morning, in which the Queen of Pentacles (Capricorn) sent me a letter, which I did not open, and given that John equates also to a Capricorn, I suspect the latter, even though our resuming contact after a lapse of intellectual compatibility last week, would thrill me considerably less than a word from my real "grail knight". Mind you, John also felt intensely jealous of Bjorn Erik and wanted me to take down his most recent pic off my computer monitor (as if!) lol

A Monkey's love-life can seem almost as complicated as a Dragon's at times? lol *wondering if I shouldn't send John a "dear John" email! lol

A not-so-little bird told me (a little poem for Bjorn Erik)

my beloved, as a vulture of culture
flies desolately, and haunts
the cultural desert in which he finds himself
swooping down now and again
to pick over the bone
of a fragment of culture or memory
which he thought he had forgotten
and he hears not one, but many, voices crying in the wilderness
so at least he will never feel lonely
even in this desolation

...I wonder if he will remember these old bones,
that once, to his delight,
felt the hardness of his bones
through the softness of his outer flesh
(c) 24/10/05, Claire Pedersen

Hey, come to think of it, having posted this poem, and checked my poetry pages to see if they still load properly (they do!), the grail knight must also represent an ('adolescent'?) aspect of myself, as hapless, hopeless and romantic, i.e. poetry-writing, troubadour of love? ;-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

A very nice blog post Claire. And it's nice to see your poetry on your blog. I will come back to this one to read it again. I'm sure I will appreaciate it even more upon further examination. Nice to see that you and John are still seeing each other, although he certainly will be very jealous if he reads this blog entry of yours, won't he ?


12:46 am  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

I hope you hear from Bjorn Erik. Your poetry is inspiring. I must admit that I have been reluctant to read it, because I am one of those brain-dead souls who just don't 'get' poetry', but I 'got' this and it made my all teary.

It is indeed beautiful and evocative,

12:56 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Not sure about John and me, still, Sebi, although I have sent him a "dear John" email, lol!...Thanks, mythos; at least you got it (thank the birds, in this case Vulture!) A strange one to come up in the case of Bjorn Erik, but I have found with the bird cards, my initiation into reversals, the "reversed" meaning, where it exists, can also apply when the card seems upright, i.e. in this case "cultural desert" as well as "culture vulture"... And what can represent a "cultural desert" more than a locked psych. ward? ;-P

The "hardness of bone/softness of flesh" thing comes from an earlier poem I wrote in Norway, that he particularly liked... I just thought of that, because vultures like picking over bones ;-))

8:28 am  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

Wow! my solar plexus chakra is pinging here, and an amazing influx of energy. Connection there somewhere.

1:39 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Wow! Solar plexus pinging? Connection with Bjorn Erik? Any "message" coming through? (At Gawith, co-worker Usch looks to me for picking up things "from the ether" - she reckons I do at time; here I look to you: maybe we can see more objective, even psychically, about others rather than our own connections...) ;-))

7:25 pm  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

As an 'empath' the task of turning the 'feelings' I pick up into words is a daunting one. Holes in brain mythos thinks she sent an email about this ... but can't remember. Arrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!

or as word verification would have it ..... uggwfyr

6:34 am  

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