Saturday, October 22, 2005

disk three

In the cold, pharisaical so-called "chapel of love", the 'words of wisdom' of Marilyn Manson ring in my ears as the coins clatter coldly on the collection-plates: "this isn't god". You cannot serve both God and Mammon, hypocrites! Hence, as I shun the chapel of Mammon, may my heart not turn into a chilled chapel but a torrid temple this winter, I pray! May my righteousness, not to mention kindness, truly exceed that of the scribes and pharisees, and may I put them all to shame by the way I walk my talk, in galactic integrity! Three little coins in a fountain - such seem your mistaken little theological, calculating, wish-fulfilling suppositions about God and Trinity, and you cannot buy that with money, at any price, cheap or dear...


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