Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cat People Tarot
Ace of Cups

The cat is in a state of extreme bliss. He is literally floats with joy. His tail points upward to the source of his ecstasy; the contents of the cup.

Ace of Cups: Holy Grail, Kether of water - when my angel cup and his star (Leunig) cup meet in the form of one beautiful spider goblet/chalice (given me by my son one Christmas, and truly my most treasured possession) of interconnected, synchronistic, fated relationship, then truly both our cups, our one and only cup, run over; the 2 have become 1, without which you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven, according to the gospel of Thomas. Such a completeness of emotional satisfaction and joy, knowing you have found the missing puzzle-piece that makes sense of it all! It helped that I supplied his cup, and he mine! The beautiful music you then make together equals the music of the spheres, in harmony for once! Note: this leaves very little room for physical sex, one way or the other: the pearl of great price comes at a price!

A little piece of trivia that resonates well with this interpretation: Dining etiquette in Japan is tricky. It is considered extremely impolite to pour one's own drink when eating with others you pour your companion's drink and your companion pours yours. On the other hand, it is considered normal and nonoffensive to make loud slurping sounds when eating noodles in Japan.


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Certainly a beautiful tarot deck. I can see why you like it. And there's the Page of Swords again looming as the tarot for the day.

Are you going to be meeting us at the PLC for brunch today, or will we be catching up at a later date ?


7:47 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Dunno... I was supposedly going up to Warburton for a feng shui consultation, but now not sure ;-P

9:14 am  

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