Saturday, October 15, 2005

Born in the year of the Fire Monkey: d'uh, I knew that! lol

The youthful and clever Monkey represents the eternal child of the Eastern zodiac: eat your heart out, Sebi! lol These highly diverse and bright souls seem 'irrepressible.' (What do you expect, when born from a "stone egg", but Monkey Magic? lol). Monkeys seem quick (too quick for some more plodding souls, lol!), restless, enterprising, and sexual. Mischievous and high-spirited, Monkeys also seem social, active, convincing, and gifted with a hilarious sense of humor (remember Jim Carrey in 'Liar, Liar'? Got to represent a Monkey-role, as lawyer, if not a Monkey himself, although I secretly claim him as at least an honorary member of the simian tribe). Imagination, ingenuity, and resourcefulness characterize those born into a year of the multifaceted Monkey. Versatile, curious and easily bored, impish Monkeys make witty companions, indulgent, intelligent, and always ready to play. (Hehe, bloody oath, I usually crack 'em up playing literati, even while kicking their ass, and you never get bored with broadband, which also seems why I love my broadband! ;-)) ) This 9th sign of the zodiac equates to the most difficult to define due to their dual and sometimes contradictory nature, i.e. extra-talented and intelligent, but also wary of anything we secretly know to present a challenge out of our league, e.g. chess, at least with really top players: Leo's "ego" hides a deep "inferiority complex", because, not "lucky", unlike Dragons or Snakes, we know we have to work hard for anything we get, and so take nothing for granted! Monkey’s need mentally sharp partners who stimulate their cerebral resources (and preferably appreciate our passion for word-games, etc!), i.e. Ms Monkeys especially need the lights to go on 'in the attic' before they go on 'in the basement': we just seem 'wired' that way! And coupled with Rooster/Virgo rising, just try to slip a spelling mistake or a dodgy word past me in challenge mode, lol! However, when Pigs want to get "down and dirty", that can also seem hilarious! The best time of day for Monkeys equates to the hours they rule, between 3:00pm - 5:00pm, i.e. time to kick back, have a drink and play some seriously hilarious literati! I notice Sebi, the Wood Dragon, and 'best mate' to Monkeys in general, "gathers his energy" by power-napping in the morning hours, 9-11 am! Best to let sleeping Dragons lie, then? Actually, Monkey rules, and 'kicks ass' any hour!! lol

Fire naturally wants to spread, and to urge outcome, to resolve (look out Wood: you may get burnt!). Fire manifests and expresses in the natural rhythm of the heart, which pulsates the blood. The Fire element will multiply the individual sign's energies. Those born into a year ruled by the Fire element, will display above average qualities of leadership, passion and dynamic aggression. Fire element people must "do" something all the time, i.e. "just being" does not seem our forte (ask Bjorn Erik, who could get quite exhausted by this little Fire Monkey!), and attract others with their fervor and radiance. The Fire element arouses, changes, and converts. For those of the Fire element, their brand of flame may be a mystical spark. The Fire element imparts much energy and can cause each sign to appear impatient in pursuit of goals. Fire seems rapid, and can also consume the person's energies, so relax and respect your body's natural rhythms. Fire element persons, no matter what their calling, will always remain fiercely individualistic. Fire's physical organs are the Heart and Small intestine; its flavor bitter (why a "sweet tooth" does not seem one of my many vices? i.e. chocolate will never look better than sex in my books: accept no substitutes! lol). Fire has the color Red and corresponds to the season of Summer and heat (which seems why summer seems my least favorite season: too much heat = too much of a "good thing", or, like fire, "a good servant but a bad master"? And while I usually love anything "hot and spicy" - also a Mars/Aries/Scorpio thing? - these particular chilli chips, Kettle, seem a bit much even for me! ;-P) ;-))

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Q. What's the difference between a King's son, a monkey's mother, a bald head, and an orphan?
A. One's an heir apparent, the next is a hairy parent, the next has no hair apparent, and the last has nary a parent.


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Dear Claire,

I had lots of fun reading this, and I'm glad to see that I inspired such a fun post. It's interesting to see how your love for Literati permeates your reading. How is your rating going, anyway ?

I look forward to seeing what 'Mythos' has to say about this too.


PS. And don't forget that Dragons breathe fire too ! Especially when eating chilli. I had a similar 'hot' experience with some char-grilled beef and black pepper chips myself last night.

7:37 am  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

Yes, indeed Claire, you are an energy packet and a half. this rabbit here wonders how you do it ... but now I understand.

Me, I'll just go back into my burrow and snooze a while LOL.

7:38 am  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

Oops! forgot to add that this rabbit is in love with chilli nuts, Bhuja mix, Indian veggo food, and will always take chocolate over sex.... or was that 'after sex?'

Back to my burrow. I'll say 'hi!' to Alice for you and Sebi, as she passes. I could do with some of her ... er ... mid altering mushrooms hehehe! And, we rabbits are definitely fond of our grass, particularly smoked 'hot'!

7:42 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Metal Dog handled the chilli chips, when I didn't! (and that, for breakfast!) lol

7:24 pm  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

Now ... why, asks mythos, isn't there a year of the three-toed sloth... for, with the exception of toe-numbers - I am sure that was meant to be my year? I could live happily hanging upside looking delightfully stoned and still, somewhere in South America.

11:39 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Hmm, mythos, the three-toed sloth amounts to your year of the Cat/Rabbit, and my son's father enjoyed dope as well, minimum of 4 bongs for breakfast...At least he got his 'greens' that way? ;-P He had Cat, double, along with double Snake (amounting to a Pisces/Taurus over-influence), and I swear, if you lit a bomb under this immovable object, it still wouldn't move!!! (And as a Fire Monkey, I couldn't resist the urge to try, lol! i.e. irresistible force meets immovable object again? lol) Maybe the 3-toed sloth = his year (1951 from memory)...your year??? lol

Also, you have some sneaking affinities with South America as well? The only "past life" I could remember (in a self-regression) came from here... "I wish you could come to my leetle veellage in the mountains" (to quote Carmelita Pepita, the Bolivian bombshell, as rendered by Danny Kaye)...remind me to tell you some time? ;-))

6:36 pm  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

Drats, lost the post - weird as .... and I can't remember what I wrote, except that it was drivel LOL. I'm a 1951 model with double rabbit-cat, and double dog. Woof!

12:22 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...! Double-anything = double trouble in Chinese astrology, and my son has double Tiger (spoilt brats, so parents and teachers get the worst end of the stick, although they mature into quite nice adults, although still the polar opposite nemesis of the monkey, which seems why I decided not to continue with my original idea of home schooling?)

Double cat + double dog? i.e. slothfulness extraordinaire + wary sniffing the breeze extraordinaire? = paranoid depressive extraordinaire?? ;-P

12:44 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

And dogs can seem paranoid extraordinaire, at the best of times: I have known a few,from my chronically institutionalised hubby (to whom I propose to send a providentially provided "wedding ring" for his birthday, on Nov. 12) to the equally paranoid (?) Metal Dog, who polished off my chilli chips and also a glass of my red, whinging about its quality... not to mention my 1958 Dog sister, the bitch queen from hell? ;-P

Even my Water Dog son, who claims not to worry (sidereal Cancer, tropical Leo in denial) has apparently congenital gastric problems, that the quack can't fix; he seems blessed with a Mars/Jupiter ascendant ("what? me worry?") but a mum worries on his behalf anyway... A Dog/sidereal Cancer seems "born to worry", no matter how much in denial! ;-P

12:56 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

I just lost a post too, re my only 'valid' (?) past life self-regression to South America...but never mind, as a Monkey, I can reproduce it as a spiel at any time, if you remind me ;--))

And I have replied to that double-cat/double-dog comment, by the way! ;-))

8:32 am  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

Cool ... Double cat + double dog? i.e. slothfulness extraordinaire + wary sniffing the breeze extraordinaire? = paranoid depressive extraordinaire?? ;-P

hehehehehe! I got lucky and missed the paranoia - so much of it in my family that there just wasn't enough to go around LOL.

6:46 am  

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