Tuesday, October 04, 2005

2 of Wands

2 of Wands: 2nd Sunday in Advent: It came to me once, early in a chilly Advent, that that which the religion in which I had grown up offered me, did not suffice any more. Yah, Advent wreaths and candles seemed but a behavioral program to condition children from delayed gratification to the mounting excitement of the Christmas orgy of materialism - I no longer felt "a material girl living in a material world", ave, Madonna! My heart cried out for an alternative gnostic vision, and the scriptures of Barbelo stepped in to fill the void. "You cannot put new wine into old skins," but it also seemed fun to put a new, apocryphal Bible into my old, leather Carmelite skin! Everything old became New (Age) again. The cobwebs in the old church meant that somewhere Spider busied herself weaving her web of interconnection and synchronicity, and poinsettias blazed their bright and lively Christmas cheer into the chilly, grey bleakness, so I decked the winter bear-cave of my heart with evergreens, bringing the forest indoors for the period of virtual hibernation in the dream-lodge, my heart as bright and defiant as the little robin redbreast in the first of the falling snow... "More than snow is falling," indeed, my beloved! Stars also fall into the darkness...


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Very beautifully written, Claire ! I was inspired to google the 'scriptures of Barbelo', so I will see what I can find. Perhaps you could expand upon that for us ? I would love to know what they are.

2:32 am  
Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

This is the site that I found about Barbelo, which might be of interest to you. It is called "Queen of the Angels", and the address is http://www.sarahsarchangels.com/archangels/queen.html


2:35 am  
Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...


I was wondering if you know how to make any sense of the 'Blogroll It !' button on blogroll. It sounds as though it would be really cool to be able to add a blog to my blogroll with just one click, but I can't seem to make any sense of the instructions that are offered on the site. Can you enlighten me, please ?


3:12 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Nice link, Sebi! ;-))

7:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Claire
Thanks for the e-mail 'Feastday Card' - when I get a little time (hopefully) during the day at work I'd like to respond to some of your blogging which on a very quick glance looks great. Sebi's comment on 'Queen of the Angels' reminds me of Francis of Assisi's naming of the Church built over the little church outside of Assisi rebuilt by Francis himself dedicated to Mary of the Angels. Angels seem to be 'in' thing on the blogasphere at the moment. I'm about to go into my own experience of an Angel experience in my own blog.

9:47 am  
Blogger mythosandbios said...

WOW! you've made mythos speechless!

2:17 pm  
Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...


I just checked in to see if you had done any blogging today, and it seems as if the 'tarot of the day' has disappeared from your blog ! Surely you haven't deleted it, have you ? I know that you mentioned that it can be a little temperamental, but let's hope that it returns as soon as possible.


4:24 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Yep, I await its return as we speak; in the meantime, enjoy the rune, and maybe a rune reading? Btw, have you done the healing relationship spread yet?

4:35 pm  

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