Friday, September 23, 2005

What the Bleep study group will do on Saturday (update)

>Our Meeting this Saturday will investigate Quantum Physics, which is a system that does not follow the rationality of previous sciences. Toward that end, if you wish, you may want to look at my latest blog: "Stephen Hawking's Mail" on my blog spot:

Who or what represents the observer that determines the nature of the particle?

Does an ultimate observer exist?

Can we be conscious of that observer?

What do you think you would see if you looked through the eyes of the ultimate observer?

(Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle)

How do others’ observations affect us?

Does every observer affect the world the same way?

What causes differences?

(Bell’s theorem and non-locality)

i.e. “For quantum theory to work, information must travel not only at the speed of light, but instantaneously.” Non-locality suggests that information, that can appear anywhere in the world, connects everything in the world.

What establishes which communication we receive?

What does non-locality imply for how we can know the world?

How would this change our lives?

So-called classical reality (the world of commonsense, and the science that got us to the moon and back) fades away like the Cheshire cat. Dorothy, we do not find ourselves in Kansas any more (my answer to the question on Jen’s blog amounted to an exploration of the fairytale of Oz, ‘my’ fairytale, in which the ‘Oz’ of the Wizard of Oz and the Oz of local Australian reality mysteriously overlap). I begin to see how the mysterious act of ‘coming home’ (simply by clicking together one’s ruby-red slippers of thought) can enable one to live both in the local Australian reality, and the mysterious ‘great Oz’ of afterlives and next lives.

What has radically altered your experience of reality?

Shamanic journeys (by bus) into the mind of Bjorn Erik, outside of consensual reality; his radical deconstruction of the Bible (by rewriting it in red biro, line by line); his laying down of the “levitical law”, also a divine right of kings, and therefore also of the king of Swords (see Tarot interpretation below).

How did the experience affect you?

Religion can never amount to “the same thing” again, i.e. far from the understanding of the fundies that a “fixed, true Word of God” exists, the words of any text, biblical or otherwise seem to flicker and glow with a superposition of palimpsests, of possible other meanings and interpretations.

What would it be like to experience quantum reality through the senses, as opposed to intellectually?

See image above! Lol

What does it imply?

The meaning of anything does not seem anything we can fix down in one, final, definitive statement. I.e. once, I experienced “the meaning of life”, while watching Monty Python’s Meaning of Life in Norway in fact, and while it blew me away into ecstasy at the time, with a feeling of “eureka! This seems it!!”, I could not put it in words, and in fact became mystically tongue-tied, aphasic at the time, until sex brought me down to earth again… ;-))

>And so, when Eigenvectors eschew the Eidolon, the event horizon may either Plonk, Plink, or go Spoing! But more about this in future lessons.

And the above comments about the fundies' so-called "Word of God" also apply to so-called "fixed, standard Tarot interpretations", because in the end everything will either plonk, plink or go Spoing! lol

I don't really feel qualified to judge between all these possible interpretations of quantum theory, as they all appear to have something going for them (even the more "way out" and "trippy", New Age, "consciousness creates reality", and "many worlds" ones!) as each one seems to take an aspect of it and stretch it to its limits. They all seem to me like the proverbial blind men trying to describe an elephant, from the part of it they can grasp. I still feel drawn, if anything, to Bohr's traditional Copenhagen interpretation, and its "don't ask-don't tell" implications, with the proviso that an ultimate meaning does seem to exist, only we can't really say anything meaningful about it. These derives from my pragmatic experience as shamanic visitor into the non-censual world of psychosis. The only difference between a mystic and one locked up as incurably schizophrenic, seems that a mystic knows when to shut up (so that he or she does not locked up)! This really seems to relate to the philosophy of Wittgenstein, namely, "mystical experiences" amount to real possibilities, and genuinely exist, but we cannot say anything meaningful about them in words others can understand, and therefore we should not try to. The experiences of ultimate meaning we do occasionally experience simply transcend the limitations of human language.

And as you can see, a lot more questions remain than answers... ;-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...


An excellent blog post ! Very informative and insightful. I found your answers to Ansur's questions particularly revealing.

Strangely enough, I watched the Ramtha DVD with my friend Taasha tonight. It certainly provoked a lot of thought too, and there are many things that were said in it that I would like to remember. Just as well that Taasha and I are working on a "Supermemory and Superlearning" programme. In fact, I have started another blog with just that name. ( )

I have sent you a MSN Messenger Instant Message, and also dedicated one of my blog posts to you today. I hope you enjoy it. I look forward to your waking up and having a chat. ( Hopefully in MSN Messenger version 7.5 ).

All the best,

3:33 am  

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