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A Tarot story: the Ugly Duckling (page of cups)

page of cups: the ugly duckling -
Who would have thought that someone who felt so physically unattractive as a child, could turn into such an elegant, swanlike creature? She had always thought of herself as too "butch" for a girl, but then, had she been a boy, she probably would have thought herself not butch enough. Sure, she would never have her younger sister's genuinely swanlike neck, but halter necks, plunging necklines and a cleavage helped, especially with her somewhat broad shoulders, and also swelling breasts (marked by Venus herself with a beauty spot).

Click for DetailsWhen younger, she would spend much of her time daydreaming, and her teachers would often have to direct her attention away from the window and back to the task or exercise at hand. She felt that she could become almost anything, but most of all she longed to write, books and poetry, and become world-famous as a professional author! She filled her notebooks with little stories, and also illustrated them with pictures of huge-eyed foals and fawns, graceful if also gawky, knobbly-kneed creatures, as she perceived herself; she drew them always with great wreaths of flowers around their necks. Sometimes she became the horse characters she imagined, and it felt so intoxicating to actually feel oneself gallop over the open plains, with the wind in your mane... Sometimes she even found herself sprouting wings and soaring like Pegasus, this shy, dreamy schoolgirl with the inkspot on her nose. The other girls thought her a bit strange, as in their "ranch" games she preferred to play one of the horse characters and gallop about neighing, snorting and whinnying, than any of their human characters.
Click for DetailsThen one day, having recently come of age, her mother found her in 'flagrante delicto' with a boyfriend, and told her she would have to leave home, since her mother found such behavior unacceptable under her roof. At first, it seemed hard, traumatic even, to have to leave her childhood home so unceremoniously, and all she could afford amounted to a little bed-sit in the city, but what freedom from the shackles of the past it turned into! Her mother's expulsion and rejection of her for her adult sexuality now seemed truly a blessing in disguise, a new beginning, in which the old childish ways had to die, but in order to allow for a wonderful feeling of rebirth, which she had only imagined herself to have known in the fundamentalist excesses of adolescent religious devotion.
Click for DetailsNow she could see so much more of her boyfriend! He swept her away with the passion of a rushing river, and his passion stirred or awoke such passion in her as well; this could not mere "puppy love" or infatuation, when they had both just come of age, surely? She scried all the quizzes in the glamour magazines for assessments of the status of their relationship on an almost daily basis, as well as poring over their tabloid horoscopes. He seemed as truly romantic as she, full of charm and beauty, but prone to extremes. As "romantics" in the true sense of the word, both of them had their ups and downs and occasionally violent mood-swings. Passion after all can represent outbursts of anger as well as the erotic, but it felt so good to blissfully "make up" after one or another of their outbursts, disagreements or temper tantrums! They both represented forceful idealists blended with gentle kindness, eager and intense, out busy "saving the world" or crusading for some cause, when not passionately locked in each other's arms! And the whole world seemed to smile on these two young hippies, hand in hand at any number of protest rallies, with flowers in their hair, as seemed the fashion of the times, and love-beads around their necks. This seemed truly the dawning of the "age of Aquarius", and a great time to find oneself, not only alive, but also adult enough to enjoy and explore the beauty of young sexuality!
Click for DetailsThen one day he became all quiet, thoughtful and brooding, and refused to tell her what was on his mind. Men come after all from Mars, she mused, and women from Venus? It seemed a miracle any communication could actually happen between them at all. Actually what concerned him was setting goals and a vision for the future, getting serious about the future. They argued about whether she could ever earn a living as a poet, and she ended up storming out, in tears.
Click for DetailsWhen she came back, he had gone, bags and all. And she had to admit she enjoyed having the bed all to herself for a change. Let him have his stupid, boring career as a chartered accountant. She would have her own, and eventually move out herself (no longer able to afford the rent they had shared), and she would always find plenty more fish in the sea, where that one came from!
(The Creative Process spread and Palladini Tarot . Now you have a go, Sebi, and write your own "page of cups" story, or a story about any other Tarot character that takes your fancy? How about "The World According to the King of Swords"? lol)


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...


Your blog is good for remembering the meaning of all the tarot cards. I have started reading the book "Tarot for Life and Love : Using the Tarot to get the most out of Relationships". I'll have a look at the Page of Cups and take a few notes here to let you know what it says, more for me than for you, as I know you know most of the meanings already. Hopefully though it may provide some food for thought for you, anyway.

It says that the Page of Cups can represent a situation as well as a person. As a situation, it says that it is one which has only just begun, and therefore may be very fragile. Perhaps you want to nurture it like a tender plant and not expose it to any harsh emotions for a while. In other words, you may be on your best behaviour ! If the situation is a budding romance, the card suggests that it will continue to grow and develop, and that it will bring you emotional satisfaction. I may not turn out to be the biggest relationship of your life, but it will be enjoyable. It may well grow into a strong, sustaining friendship rather than a romance, since Cups rule all personal relationships and do not simply represent love affairs.

There is also a possibility that the Page of Cups refers to a situation that will bring creative or spiritual benefits. One example might be embarking on a course or period of study that will teach you more about the world and increase your understanding of other people. The precise nature of the course is not as important as the effects it will have on you, so it could be as diverse as a course in a complementary therapy or an accountancy class, provided it softens your appoach to the world or makes you more accepting of the people around you. The Page of Cups might also describe the dawning of a strong religious conviction of philosophical belief that will sustain you and give you a great deal to think about ; it may even offer you a new direction in life. This will be shown by the cards that surround the Page of Cups, especially if they are connected with change, such as the Wheel of Fortune or the World.

When the Page of Cups refers to a person, they are young. They may even be an adolescent. They are helpful, considerate, and sensitive. You might feel that you can rely on their support, loyalty, or sheer good nature. They may also be interested in creative or spiritual topics. However, the fact that they are described by a Page means that you do not know them very well. They may have only recently arrived in your life or could be in the process of leaving it. Perhaps they are only an acquaintance at the time of the reading, but you are hoping to get to know them better. The nature of the Cups suit suggests that you will have some form of emotional contact with them ; if you are a teacher, for example, the Page of Cups may refer to one of your favourite students. Sometimes the card describes someone who will never play a major role in your life but who will perhaps provide a service for you or help you to work towards a particular goal. They will have some significance for you, even if this is only at the time of the reading.

Well, that's it. I hope you found that interesting and enlightening. I certainly did. It made me think about my relationship with Aidan, who I think is described by the card in terms of the fact that he is young, helpful, considerate, and very sensitive, with a loyal, supportive, good nature. He is definitely playing a major role in my life and helping me to work towards a particular goal.

I wonder if you consider that the card refers to John. He is young, and also sensitive. It also seems true that you do not really know him fully yet, as it seems that from what you have said, it is important for John to get to know you and to talk to you, and to let you know about himself, while you have said that you want specific things out of the relationship, and so with preconceived expectations are less likely to be open to 'the flow', and to allow the Universe to surprise you rather than demand it meet your expectations or you're jumping ship. I certainly think that this is an appropriate message for my relationship with Aidan, as there is always a period of adjustment in a new relationship.

Hope you enjoyed "Jane Struthers" comments on the card, and that they gave you something to think about, as they did me.

All the best,

12:35 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

>I wonder if you consider that the card refers to John. He is young, and also sensitive. It also seems true that you do not really know him fully yet, as it seems that from what you have said, it is important for John to get to know you and to talk to you, and to let you know about himself, while you have said that you want specific things out of the relationship, and so with preconceived expectations are less likely to be open to 'the flow', and to allow the Universe to surprise you rather than demand it meet your expectations or you're jumping ship.

It certainly might refer to John in the sense of someone that I hardly got to know, who has already left my life (again!)...and someone for whom I did feel considerable affection, despite the frustration that he caused me! lol

4:44 pm  
Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Well, again I revisit this reading, and I am interested to see how it has evolved now that you have chosen to create a story around the 'Page of Cups' card. I am particularly interested in the card since yesterday Aidan pulled the "Knight of Cups" as his card of the day. It's good to see that I have left a long comment here already, and I feel that you are a little unjustified in your criticism that no-one is paying any attention to your blog or your writing. This is clearly not the case.

Comment after reading the second part of the story, about the Death card : Is this story true ? I guess it is, and am sorry that you were treated that way by your mother at such a young age.

And nice to see that the Knight of Cups makes an entrance again here. Yikes ! It seems only appropriate to learn that the Knight of Cups is a card that you have associated with violent mood swings. At least there's a passionate love story involved with the card at this point.

The story really gets interesting at the point of the 'Two of Rods'. As a Scorpion, associated with archetypal death and rebirth, I guess I am interested in seeing the 'creative process' of reconstruction involved in creating the reality you express a desire to enjoy. It's good to know that the rest of the story is guided by the "Queen of Cups", isn't it ? ( I'll see that in a moment ). This seems to auger well for the continuation of the story.

As for your challenge to write a story based on the tarot, I accept, but may not do so immediately. I will certainly start thinking about it, and have started reading the book accompanying my Alister Crowley tarot pack. I even have some of the cards in the scanner ready to be scanned. I wonder what you would make of them ? Perhaps I should post them to my blog, and use them as the basis for my story ? I think that, like you, I would like to explore the potential of a tarot story as being healing in terms of my relationship with my partner.

But on to read chapter two of your story, which ( of course ) I am enjoying immensely, and which ( of course I agree with the mysterious 'mythos' ) is extremely well-written.


and on to part two ....

3:40 am  

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