Thursday, September 01, 2005

Tarot reading for Sebi and Tony

In the absence of my cyber-Tarot today (*grr!*), I have decided to carry out this promise to Sebi and Tony instead, using my beloved Voodoo Tarot of New Orleans!

The card at the top left represents how you see yourself. La Baleine (Four of Cups): Being surrounded by love and devotion but taking it for granted. Ignoring the real and longing for the indefinable. Apathy and emotional disengagement from the world. Dissatisfaction with the condition and direction of affairs, but the inability to accept new opportunities. Inexplicable spleen, or dissatisfaction.
Click for DetailsThe card at the top right represents how you see your partner. Ancestors (Judgment): A swift and conclusive decision. The resolution of a matter long unanswered. A change in point of view, most frequently towards greater enlightenment. Final balancing of karma.
Click for DetailsThe card in the center left represents how you feel about your partner. Ogoun Ferraille (Five of Swords): A success earned through personal degradation. Separation from friends brought about by an unfeeling and coldly calculated act. Temporary victory tainted by dishonor and providing fuel for eventual defeat.... the original "what a bastard!" card. ;-P
Click for DetailsThe card in the center right represents what stands between you and your partner. Marassa (The Lovers): A caring and trusting relationship. Beauty and inner harmony. A decision calling for emotional control and faithfulness to spiritual values.... What could seem better, in a relationship spread? (more in accord with Sebi's own reading) ;-))
Click for DetailsThe card in the lower left represents how your partner sees you. Yemaya (Nine of Discs): Good luck attending material affairs. Attaining refinement and embracing elegance. Discipline and nobility applied to the maintenance of security and stability. The wise use of resources and foresight. The fulfillment that comes with accomplishment, and the turning of attention to higher things, but there does seem a seriously materialistic side to this relationship; good for physical health and well-being, but ;-))
Click for DetailsThe card in the lower right represents what your partner feels about you. Secret Societies (Justice): The achievement of balance and inner harmony after a great trial. Agreements, contracts, or treaties concluded justly. Things set to rights. Karma restored. A turn for the better in legal matters. Legal matters satisfactorily resolved (Hank?).
Click for DetailsThe card in the center represents the present status or challenge of the relationship. Guedeh (Three of Swords): Unsettling news leading to heartbreak or loneliness. Tactless or hurtful words. Acting without consideration for the emotions of others. Betrayal of trust or confidence. The revelation of a painful truth. Sebi, call your mum....She could have some worries about you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Claire, Sebi is 'home' and I have been able to talk to him. He's feeling down but I think he will be alright. Please contact him - remember it is your 'fish and chip' day - keep the appointment with him as I believe it is very important. Your readings are 'spot' on. Remember, you have to do one for me at some stage.
Much love my new friend

8:32 am  
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