Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tarot reading for Christopher, as requested

The Creative Process spread is designed specifically to peer into the nature of a project or creative undertaking. The William Blake Tarot explores the mystical vision and artistry of the renowned English painter and poet. It has long been the deck of choice for artists, writers, musicians, and thinkers. There are only a few autographed copies of the Blake Tarot left, so if you want one, buy it now!
Click for Details The card in the middle represents the creative force behind the project, be it a person, organization, or other entity: Error, or...

The Devil: who, or what, seems to run your life? A devil of a good question. It seems kind of hard to smoke your last cigarette down to its filter while wearing your theatrical gloves. Who, or what, seems running your life may not represent so much a physical addiction (though most of us have plenty of those, unless we represent the insufferably "righteous"!), as your compulsive thoughts of self, thoughts that run on autopilot, as mechanically as memorised lines in a script, a stand-up comedian's spiel; the greasepainted persona and daggy hat he presents to the world, equates to your own persona/ego hiding, or revealing your true self? The eyebrows we can paint on can seem so much more attractive than those with which nature provided us. It seems up to you: nature or art? The choice, as always, remains yours. The devil does not always come disguised as an angel of light, but sometimes a shambling, daggy, wise-cracking clown, wise guy rather than wise man, the glowing tip of his cigarette representing his long descent from the son of thunder on high; a fallen angel, after all, remains still an angel, not descended, like the rest of us, from apes!

Click for Details The card on the top represents imagination - the prophetic image that stems from the creative force of the previous card to initiate the project. This is the poetry or voice of the undertaking. Five of Music (Melancholy): "Whatever is Born of Mortal Birth / Must be consumed with the Earth / To rise from Generation free: / Then what have I to do with thee?". Emotional disappointment. Existential angst. Spiritual insights following a sad event. Separating and moving on. Sadness, loss, grieving. Acknowledging your mistakes. Releasing ties and attachments from the past. In the creative process: Convert the pain of disappointment or loss into artistic expression. Let go of something old or dead and move on to something new and alive.
grail five/5 of Cups: He didn't like the cool blues of Tom Waits, said it seemed too sexual, but then at first I thought the same about Ephemera, saying they amounted to mere "pornojenter" (="porn-girls", Norwegian), when he thought their music the purest of the pure... De gustibus non disputandum! The blues, or "song sung blue", as this card suggests, seem only for those who, like Cat Stevens, "never knew what love is, until they got hurt" (The Hurt). Funny thing, though, listening to or, better still, playing them, you don't feel all that hurt, although they seem all about hurt. "And before you know it, it starts to feel good" (Neil Diamond, Song Sung Blue). You can even play cool blues on a broken guitar with one string missing, and you don't have to appear black, to sing with a black man's voice (ask Tom Waits, or even Elvis!) ;-))
Click for Details The card on the left represents emotion - the feelings aroused by or surrounding the ideation of the project that takes place in the previous card, the music or scent of the undertaking. Reason: Using your head to get through a situation. A time to define or obey the rules. Yielding to or being the boss, or authority figure. Patriarchal or traditional approach is favored. Fathering issues.
Pan, or the Emperor: Bats in the belfry? Bees in the bonnet? The delusions of full-on chronic paranoid schizophrenia seem nothing more than an over-inflated male ego ("I AM both the Father and the Son"?!!)? In the bad, old days they would have trepanned your skull to let the evil spirits out... Pan as horned god, for Christians the very epitome of evil. In these bad, new days, their trepanning tools seem more sophisticated (we have moved on from lobotomies and ECT to psychopharmaka), but in reality they still seem as crude as sledgehammers to the fragile neuronal contents of the skull... He walks the streets like a regular guy, but if you look into his eyes, and worship him, "you recognise that ancient face" (Mike Scott), you see him suddenly loom larger than life, and suddenly you wonder if your perceptions also take on the shades and lurid hues of religious psychosis - but old stars never die, they just fade away, getting younger and younger, until the day they make their big come-back - let the Christmas bells ring: "So follow Christ as best you can / Pan is dead / long live Pan!" (Mike Scott, a musical authority on the subject of Pan). He returns, not entirely happy about it, but looking forward to it in his grimly apocalyptic way... This new "frying Pan" demands not so much a revolution, as a new Inquisition! lol "Come with me, on a journey beneath the skin / we will look together for the Pan within" (Mike Scott), i.e. your own inner majesty and divinity as a 'regular bloke'.
Click for Details The card on the bottom represents thought - the analytical process of organizing the project and capturing the emotional content of the previous card. This is the science or vision of the undertaking. Man of Music: "Music as it exists in old tunes or melodies ... is Inspiration, and cannot be surpassed; it is perfect and eternal". Using emotional self-control. Experiencing a sense of self-integration and mastery. Feeling at the top of your form. Swaying others with your gift of expressiveness and fluency in the language of the unconscious. Ability to interpret dreams, oracles, and omens. Be cautious of a tendency to overestimate yourself. In the creative process: Dedicate your considerable powers to help others and for creating beauty in the world.
King of Cups, grail King: fire of water - who knows ever what my King Scorpio, my King of Hearts, wants, deep down? He seemed once, like all with more than their fair share of Scorpio, heavily motivated by sex, and now not at all... Irene the Viennese psychotherapist spoke rightly: she had never known a Scorpio without a profound sexual dysfunction somewhere. According to Edna O'Brien's Wild Decembers, all mental illness seems about sex, as well... Maybe for all men, sex only seems alluring while unattained, and unattainable; once attained, it becomes "boring" - for Scorpio men in particular, the thrill seems to consist in the waiting, the wanting, the hoping, the chase - he once said, he only married, "to see what it would be like". In a profound way, we find ourselves learning the Buddha's 2nd Noble Truth: "all suffering comes from attachment/craving/grasping/desire". "Be still, my soul, and wait without hope, for hope would be hope for the wrong thing" (T.S.Eliot).
Click for Details The card on the right represents manifestation - the real work involved in completing the project, and the form it will take upon culmination. This is the painting or touch of the undertaking. Six of Science (Passage): Opening the way or clearing obstacles. Movement of information. A Rite of Passage. A stressful journey. Seeking a sense of purpose. Receiving guidance from a higher source. Exploring new terrain. In the creative process: Your imagination needs to be uncovered or unleashed by resolving contradictory elements and seeking spiritual guidance.
Sword 6 (I guess): spirit-journey. Enfolded in the wings of a snowy white swan, we glide through interdimensional barriers to other realities and parallel universes, this spirit-sister and I. I made her acquaintance so long ago, I no longer recall her name - she still wears military khaki and jungle camouflage on her face and helmet, which makes her appear more butch than her true identity. The swan (Miranda from Picnic at Hanging Rock?) winks, its whiteness of nostalgic innocence, or innocent nostalgia, not yet charred to the black more typical of Australian swans. I find myself enrobed in a hooded enchanter's cloak of purple, tied under the chin with a long gold tassel, and covered all over with little gold stars - it makes me appear more sexless and androgynous than I feel. The willow-branches part silently, and we glide through them... This little trip proved a pleasant spot of R&R, by your leave ;-))

And in the light of all the musical references above, especially Mike Scott, I feel a little shameless plug for his new album to be in order:

Greetings Waterpeople!


The new live Waterboys album KARMA TO BURN is released next Monday, 26th Sept by Puck Records. It is through all usual channels and by download from iTunes, Napster and www.od2.co.uk. Amazon is taking pre-orders and you can order a copy by clicking here.

Our new KARMA TO BURN web pages are live now, featuring an exclusive interview with Mike Scott on the making of the album and how the Waterboys work as a live band; background notes on the creation of KARMA TO BURN; and a unique series of reports from some of the wildly different Waterboys concerts over the past two years. Access the new pages by visiting www.mikescottwaterboys.com and clicking on the KARMA TO BURN album cover thumbnail.

With love and light from all of us at www.mikescottwaterboys.com

Omg, this new live album includes all Mike Scott's and my personal favs, including The Pan Within, and Long Way to the Light (my own 2 of Pentacles, which I shall reveal later, in another reading, on another day?) :-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...


OK, here goes ! I pause and take a breath before I read this, knowing first that it is bound to be a wonderful piece of literature that I will thoroughly enjoy, and yet at the same time sad that I will be reading about a friend who I feel has drifted away from me. I pray that this reading provides him with some direction and guidance in difficult times, and that he will return to it for inspiration when necessary.

OK, so here I go. It's interesting to see that you have done the 'Creative Process' spread for Christopher. Is that because you were thinking of his desire to write, or his attempt to carve out a new life for himself and a new romance ? I'm sure that the reading will deal with all these things. I certainly hope it does inspire him to continue with his blogging. If he doesn't want to speak to me, then I'm sure he would be able to ask you for some tips if necessary.

Oh dear! It seems that you have repeated exactly what you said in the reading for the Devil card when it came out for us, as you have hear with Christopher's. I thought that what you had written was original. Am I wrong, and is your only crime that of copying and pasting a text that you first wrote ? I hope so.

I am also wondering how 'Error' can be a creative force. Do you mean that wrong thinking and obsession could be driving Christopher to be a simulacrum of what his true potential really is ? I hope the rest of the reading offers a solution to this, if this is the basic issue of the reading. I know that Christopher certainly is a worrier, and in the past I have been guilty of taking on his concerns and worries, when they were not my own, as he has with me too. I am reminded of the importance of the advice of Tony's spirit guide Arthur, who always requests that we ask our gatekeeper or guardian angel to protect us from any negativity and clear our aura every day. I am interested in Christopher revealing his true self, as he has shown an aspect of himself over the last few months that I was not at all familiar with. Parhaps as I have changed, he has become uncomfortable with the changes in my life. I now see how Scorpio and Taurus can be so completely different. I must take the advice of my own horoscope and remember that I do not need to have the last word, even when I feel I have been hurt and disappointed by someone. Instead, I should feel grateful that Christopher and I had such a lovely friendship for such a long time.

Imagination as melancholy. This surely is indeed a powerful creative force. Let's not hesitate to hope, however, that Christopher will be able to transmute this energy through prayer and positive thinking, as well as some active strps on his part to make some changes in his life and to his imagination. I think that his self-esteem requires an upgrade to match his wonderful personality. His self-esteem should be wonderful too.

Claire, at the risk of making a constructive suggestion, you may need to more clearly define the transition from the explanation of one card to another. I'm sure that Christopher, who has little experience with the tarot, will be a bit confused about which explanation refers to which card by now. So I will summarize, as you have, in saying that the emotion Christopher feels in relation to the issue at hand (obsession and addiction according to the first card ?) is reason. Is that to suggest that reason will help Christopher emerge from his crisis ? It sounds like you are asking him to define boundaries, both external and internal. It would seem that he is being asked to re-examine both the way that he sees others and the way that he sees himself. Perhaps he could be kinder to himself, and father his own wounded child, to avoid projecting the wounded child's pain onto others ?

Reading further on in relation to the same card, I see that the card is asking Christopher to assimilate his shadow side, and start to treat himself less like a sinner, and more like a sovreign being and Child of God. So the Man of Music sychronises with the King of Cups, does it ?Why od you focus on the sexual dysfunction side of the man. Surely he represents a thousand other positive things. And surely not all men are Bjorn-Eric. What happened to Christopher's reading ? I acknowledge that the advice about attachment is sound, and will definitely resonate with Christopher being in favour of vows of poverty etc., but I think I fail to understand what message you are really trying to convey when talking about 'thought' in this category. I'm sure Christopher needs no advice about detachment from outcome. It is true that we all need faith and trust, though.

The second last card, it seems, is where the advice comes in handy. Uncover or unleash your imagination to resolve your problems. I think this is good advice as it has worked for me. When I first saw the reading, I couldn't help thinking that the main focus for Christopher woulld have to do with healing through art therapy, whether it be his writing or something else which stimulates his creativity. At least he is in a fortunate position when it comes to seeking spiritual guidance, with friends in high places.

I'm sure that Christopher will remain perplexed yet serenaded by the lyricism of the last card's explanation. I can't help, teasingly, add the dreaded phrase so familiar to me over the last couple of weeks, "It doesn't make sense". Fortunately, as you realise, some of the best things in life don't.

It was very kind of you to do the reading for Christopher, Claire. I hope he enjoys it.


1:26 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

'Creative Process' spread, and the deck, I let the cyber-Tarot choose for me, as I let it choose the ones in ours (also the deck)!!

It does represent all my own original work; I have cut and paste it into a Tarot document for ease of reference; how does that amount to a 'crime'? :-))

>And surely not all men are Bjorn-Eric.

But he does vividly encapsulate for me the idea of the universal god-man, which seems what this card is all about; in this idiosyncratic Tarot, I use my own personal experience to make my points; the personal and the universal seem as identical as the personal and the political (feminist axiom)! ;-))

"The lyricism of the last card's explanation" amounts to an invitation to do his own guided meditation/visualization, preferably in female company, whether incarnate or discarnate ;-))

Anyway, I have pre-briefed Christopher about this reading over the phone, so hopefully he will find it less confusing than you did! lol

6:32 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

And don't worry about trying to follow the card-sequence over-logically, sidereal airy-Libra (king of Swords), Sebi... Tarot readings have about as much rational, logical connectivity as dreams (lol!), and require intuitive leaps on the part of both reader and querent, in this case, Christopher... As long as you resonate with YOUR reading, that seems enough for me! And let Christopher resonate with his, and me with mine! lol

Yes, there can appear "a little something for all of us" in any reading, but on the whole they seem geared to that person, and that person alone ;-))

7:13 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Claire, what can I say! Thank you for your reading, work and for the conversation we had last evening. Although I haven't had much time to go into all details (because I'm still at work), I have been able to get the general idea. When I'm able to catch a little more time I will examine the readings in more depth.
I was also so thrilled to have Sebi make his comments on the readings - he really does have a talent with words - and I will take both your's and Sebi's comments to heart because both speak to me of understanding and depth. Claire, I rang Sebi to thank him for his work and time in commenting. It was lovely to speak to him again and to be able to say that our friendship still continues (and hopefully in ever growing strength). Sebi is right in saying that I am a worrier (I am working on this) and I am a Taurian afterall - very stubborn. I'm also working on my own self esteem which has taken a battering over the years. I believe I have a great deal to offer him (and you) in friendship.
Thank you Claire and thanks to Sebi.

3:01 pm  
Blogger jon said...

relationship horoscope info is so cheesy but we were looking at it anyway...why i dont know. I guess it is fun to play around online. Anyway, I saw your relationship horoscope posts and though it was cool...Alright, well...have a great night, I am back to relationship horoscope surfing LOL : )


2:24 pm  
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Blogger Zuki said...

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