Saturday, September 24, 2005

fool/clown: What can I say? Fools seem everywhere, we all equate to that, in leaving our home, for what? Every tear you have shed amounts essentially to the homesickness of the fool, for the home he never left, in truth. Like the Devil, the Fool knows you have to put on greasepaint and personality to survive in this world, and truly fools rush in, where even fallen angels fear to tread. No less fallen (or ascending) than the Devil, he weeps, like the little mermaid, whose new-bought feet dance as on daggers. And yet truly, if you have become a no-body to become somebody in this world, that same somebody must become a zero again, Zero the Hero, to re-align with our true self... A wise fool constantly parodies him/herself. See Fool card below, on this blog! ;-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

"Day after day, alone on the hill, the man with the perfect grin is keeping perfectly still..."

3:52 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Thanks for all your comments, Sebi, and check your email for my replies to all your others: it still seems easier for me at least to do it that way when doing email, i.e. half the time my "doing email" status message actually means blogging, but never mind! lol

8:04 am  

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