Sunday, September 18, 2005

6 of Pentacles: today's cyber-Tarot

To make this into a proper Tarot blog, worthy of the Tarot webring, I propose to transcribe my notes on each card as it appears, from my own customised Tarot notes, ok? This will seem highly idiosyncratic to some, and diverge in many ways from the standard interpretations, but it will also represent the fruits of my long and very personal reflection on each card.

6 of Pentacles, or Discs, in my Tarot, represents a bottle of Nozinan sleeping pills, with 6 spilled out. I found that Nozinan could seem good for you, even it seemed, for Bjorn Erik at times, when he could not get enough sleep! When your circadian rhythm has gotten completely out of whack, and turned night into day, especially in the long, dark Scandinavian winter, or at the peak of their long, bright schizophrenic summer, do yourself a favor, and realize the importance of sleep for mental well-being: many do indeed become psychotic (if they did not show any signs already) merely by depriving themselves of dreams, or turning night artificially into day. And if your day seems one long psychotic dream/nightmare, even more so!! Six Nozinan a day can keep the shrink at bay, and the patients and staff happy, so "do yourself or someone else this favor", and give the gift of sleep, either to yourself or someone else. Of course, if you really mean to end it all, you may need something a lot stronger. Charity begins with yourself, but it seems also wise to let sleeping Dogs (and others) lie, for as long as they need to ;-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Claire, what a fucking brilliant piece of writing. I have just started a competion on my blog, which I feel certain that this comment will win. I am going to copy it and feature it on my blog as the first "Interactive Guest Blog Post Comment Button. Yes, remember that name, Claire, for it will be repeated...

12:51 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

WOW! Thanks... ;-))

8:13 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Claire, Thanks for the phone call last night - sorry I missed you. I'll be home tonight after 8.30 (It's my meditation night). Look forward to having a chat.

9:16 am  

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