Friday, September 30, 2005

Today's cyber-Tarot: Strength

The strongest creature equates, in my humble opinion, to the little ant, who can lift several times its own body weight (you try it, lol!). "Consider her ways, thou sluggard, and grow wise" (Book of Proverbs). She is not only the (relatively) strongest creature, but also very fierce and intensely military and warlike in her group endeavours: truly they seem not so much individuals, as a single social entity, a war-machine, building bridges of their joined bodies as part of the collective, totalitarian mentality/strategy. Fundamentalist Christians have some of the ant's militancy and collective strength in their "onward soldiering": don't they look scary? Shamans seem wisely wary of all insect-species on the other hand: perhaps because they never come alone, but bring all their friends and relations. Why does the ant on my Tarot have a little triangle of dots on her brow? Might this amount to some sort of theological fundie-ant? lol
And since no one has shown any interest in my new "art-form" of the "Tarot story", which had me so excited there for a while, I will consider that one "dead in the water" ;-P

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

4 of Pentacles

disk 4: "slow down, you move too fast, you've got to make the morning last / kicking down the cobblestones / looking for fun, and feeling groovy" (Simon and Garfunkel). Slow down, you've a long way to go...why hurry past the scenery? "Just me and my shadow", moochin' along, in the mooch of life. "The mind can go in a thousand directions, but on this beautiful path I walk in peace; with every step a gentle breeze blows, with every step a flower grows" (Thich Nhat Hanh). Boredom equates to a reflexive verb; you can only do it to yourself?

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Queen of Cups from the Animal Tarot  Posted by Picasa

Tarot story II: the queen of Cups (mermaid)

(Relationship spread, Cat People Tarot.)
Click for DetailsOur little Page of Cups (see previous story below) has now grown up. As the water of water, I embody the essence of femininity, for yes, gentle readers, I can reveal that she equates to myself!

I look quite youthful for a mature woman, or so they tell me kindly. Here I find myself in my native element at last, and everything goes just swimmingly! I haven't had to give up my fish tail to walk, and dance, as on daggers on dry ground, in the foreign elements of air and earth. I feel untouched by pain and tragedy when I dive deep. My best friends seem the dolphins (earth's 2nd most intelligent species, after us), who also hold the secret of ch'i, breath, and how to hold it for up to 1/2 an hour at a time; they have also saved my life in a moment of shamanistic spiritual emergency, by reminding me to breathe! They also laugh and play and communicate with each other all the time, and perhaps I, as the mermaid, telepathically with them? I have become a marine psychologist, to the cetaceans, you see, but do not always feel sure which of us amounts to the counsellor, and which the clients. I can tell you, you can establish some sort of telepathic link with such species through guided visualization/meditation. And remember not only to breathe, through your pain and crises, but also, like those angels called dolphins, to see life as a game!

Click for DetailsThe loss of my first love, as described in my first story felt like another death, but I have now become so used to the constant transformations of "little deaths", that death has become another dear friend to me. I can even affirm that, galactically speaking, the power of death guides me! Clearing away the old to make way for the new, death seems the cosmic sanitation engineer. Unexpected changes, losses, failures, all cause an abrupt change of the old self, and not necessarily physical death, though I have found myself on the brink of suicide a few times. It can come in the ending of a familiar situation or friendship, or the loss of income or financial security. Either way, it always spells the beginning of new era.
Click for DetailsI found the true love of my life in a truly grounded shaman.

His grounding cord plunged deep into the crystal core of Gaia herself, grounding and centering him.
His recommended spiritual practice amounted to performing the Qabalistic Middle Pillar ritual on a regular, daily basis, to receive the white light in at the crown of the head, the lavendar at his throat, the yellow at his heart, purple around his loins, and to see the black earth as a small sphere beneath his feet... ADONAI HA ARETZ! LORD OF THE EARTH! (his true mantra). He took refuge in visualizing pyramid power around him daily, and knew that the kundalini fire cannot burn you, if you properly "earth" yourself .

Click for DetailsI found his company a respite after the heady adventure of the Knight of Cups, like a rest after illness which allowed me to recuperate. He felt to me a haven of calm and repose, not saying much, but his solitude refreshed and replenished me. We often retreated to his island hideaway, in temporary seclusion, for a bit of quiet R & R. We had a stormy crossing in his little curragh, a leather boat like St Brendan's, of the long 'navigatio'; the waves rose high and threatened to engulf our tiny bark, but the power he summoned remained with us, and the little feather he placed as a meditation focus, with a small seed of amethyst, remained unruffled on the deck. The sobering energy of the white light he invoked made our tiny boat into a haven of calm and safety, even as the sea and the winds continued to moan and roar. He made even a fragile little boat tossed on the high seas into a temple.
Click for DetailsHow many times I thought I had spiritually "come home", from the early "born-again" fundamentalist days, to becoming a "born-again pagan" and Sufi adventurer. Sometimes he had the prophetic zeal of Elijah, which in turn consumed me, to "come home to a place I'd never seen before". Do all these "born-again" phases amount only to "just phases", unlike my "feminist phase" which has remained with me lifelong? And yet look at me, now that the goddess Hera has awakened in me, as even a "born-again wife", when I never thought myself the marrying kind before! Do they all just amount to deliria of Elijah's fevered imagination, yet more mad "chariots of fire" drawn by the tigers of wrath, painted on the walls of his island-cave and refuge, glowing eerily in the firelight? Could it just amount to another hobby-tiger, this new bee buzzing in my bonnet? We did everything in a whirl, from Zenith Pleiadian colour healing to Sufi whirling, drunk in the mystic "tavern of ruin". "Elijah, Elijah, what do you do here, keeper of the flame of the heart?" I ask.
And he answers, "Anything, anything, as long it keeps the fire of the heart still burning."
Only the transmuted gold will survive, when we have passed all the straw through the fire.
*I fell into a burning ring (or abyss) of fire...*
Click for DetailsAnd yet one day he sent me away, wanting a more complete solitude. That drove me into severe depression, and even thoughts of, and attempts at suicide. Dark night of the soul: give me enough rope, and I will hang myself, or take enough Tolvon to go to sleep, permanently. Transit or return of Saturn, the greater malefic? She seems such a beautiful planet, with those rings; only sometimes she just feels her distance from the sun, as the love of her life. I had to take the long view, get a cosmic perspective, even put on a Leonard Cohen record to cheer myself up. After all, what would this separation mean in 200 years?
Click for Details
And yet he says he continues to think the World of me, and I still mean the world to him! But he continues to see himself a servant of all Gaia's children, working for the liberation of all sentient beings.
Click for Details

He didn't like the cool blues of Tom Waits, said it seemed too sexual, but then at first I thought the same about Ephemera, saying they amounted to mere "porn-girls", when he thought their music the purest of the pure... De gustibus non disputandum! The blues, or "song sung blue" seem only for those who, like Cat Stevens, "never knew what love is, until they got hurt" (The Hurt). Funny thing, though, listening to or, better still, playing them, you don't feel all that hurt, although they seem all about hurt. "And before you know it, it starts to feel good" (Neil Diamond, Song Sung Blue). You can even play cool blues on a broken guitar with one string missing, and you don't have to appear black, to sing with a black man's voice (ask Tom Waits, or even Elvis!) ...Still, ours does seem a 'funny' sort of marriage, doesn't it, with him still thinking of me as his soror mystica and all, and in an even 'funnier' way, I think of him exactly the same way!

In the absence of today's cyber-Tarot...

The One Card spread is the most concise of all spreads. The Marseilles Tarot, an 18th century creation of obscure origins, the true oracle of the common man?
Click for Details Three of Cups (Abundance): A time of merriment and reflection spent in the company of friends and loved ones. The conclusion of a matter in plenty and perfection. The strength of a diverse community being brought together. May suggest a celebration, festival, anniversary, wedding, baby shower, or other joyous gathering.... like the Gawith BBQ I will attend today!! ;-))

Monday, September 26, 2005

A Tarot story: the Ugly Duckling (page of cups)

page of cups: the ugly duckling -
Who would have thought that someone who felt so physically unattractive as a child, could turn into such an elegant, swanlike creature? She had always thought of herself as too "butch" for a girl, but then, had she been a boy, she probably would have thought herself not butch enough. Sure, she would never have her younger sister's genuinely swanlike neck, but halter necks, plunging necklines and a cleavage helped, especially with her somewhat broad shoulders, and also swelling breasts (marked by Venus herself with a beauty spot).

Click for DetailsWhen younger, she would spend much of her time daydreaming, and her teachers would often have to direct her attention away from the window and back to the task or exercise at hand. She felt that she could become almost anything, but most of all she longed to write, books and poetry, and become world-famous as a professional author! She filled her notebooks with little stories, and also illustrated them with pictures of huge-eyed foals and fawns, graceful if also gawky, knobbly-kneed creatures, as she perceived herself; she drew them always with great wreaths of flowers around their necks. Sometimes she became the horse characters she imagined, and it felt so intoxicating to actually feel oneself gallop over the open plains, with the wind in your mane... Sometimes she even found herself sprouting wings and soaring like Pegasus, this shy, dreamy schoolgirl with the inkspot on her nose. The other girls thought her a bit strange, as in their "ranch" games she preferred to play one of the horse characters and gallop about neighing, snorting and whinnying, than any of their human characters.
Click for DetailsThen one day, having recently come of age, her mother found her in 'flagrante delicto' with a boyfriend, and told her she would have to leave home, since her mother found such behavior unacceptable under her roof. At first, it seemed hard, traumatic even, to have to leave her childhood home so unceremoniously, and all she could afford amounted to a little bed-sit in the city, but what freedom from the shackles of the past it turned into! Her mother's expulsion and rejection of her for her adult sexuality now seemed truly a blessing in disguise, a new beginning, in which the old childish ways had to die, but in order to allow for a wonderful feeling of rebirth, which she had only imagined herself to have known in the fundamentalist excesses of adolescent religious devotion.
Click for DetailsNow she could see so much more of her boyfriend! He swept her away with the passion of a rushing river, and his passion stirred or awoke such passion in her as well; this could not mere "puppy love" or infatuation, when they had both just come of age, surely? She scried all the quizzes in the glamour magazines for assessments of the status of their relationship on an almost daily basis, as well as poring over their tabloid horoscopes. He seemed as truly romantic as she, full of charm and beauty, but prone to extremes. As "romantics" in the true sense of the word, both of them had their ups and downs and occasionally violent mood-swings. Passion after all can represent outbursts of anger as well as the erotic, but it felt so good to blissfully "make up" after one or another of their outbursts, disagreements or temper tantrums! They both represented forceful idealists blended with gentle kindness, eager and intense, out busy "saving the world" or crusading for some cause, when not passionately locked in each other's arms! And the whole world seemed to smile on these two young hippies, hand in hand at any number of protest rallies, with flowers in their hair, as seemed the fashion of the times, and love-beads around their necks. This seemed truly the dawning of the "age of Aquarius", and a great time to find oneself, not only alive, but also adult enough to enjoy and explore the beauty of young sexuality!
Click for DetailsThen one day he became all quiet, thoughtful and brooding, and refused to tell her what was on his mind. Men come after all from Mars, she mused, and women from Venus? It seemed a miracle any communication could actually happen between them at all. Actually what concerned him was setting goals and a vision for the future, getting serious about the future. They argued about whether she could ever earn a living as a poet, and she ended up storming out, in tears.
Click for DetailsWhen she came back, he had gone, bags and all. And she had to admit she enjoyed having the bed all to herself for a change. Let him have his stupid, boring career as a chartered accountant. She would have her own, and eventually move out herself (no longer able to afford the rent they had shared), and she would always find plenty more fish in the sea, where that one came from!
(The Creative Process spread and Palladini Tarot . Now you have a go, Sebi, and write your own "page of cups" story, or a story about any other Tarot character that takes your fancy? How about "The World According to the King of Swords"? lol)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

fool/clown: What can I say? Fools seem everywhere, we all equate to that, in leaving our home, for what? Every tear you have shed amounts essentially to the homesickness of the fool, for the home he never left, in truth. Like the Devil, the Fool knows you have to put on greasepaint and personality to survive in this world, and truly fools rush in, where even fallen angels fear to tread. No less fallen (or ascending) than the Devil, he weeps, like the little mermaid, whose new-bought feet dance as on daggers. And yet truly, if you have become a no-body to become somebody in this world, that same somebody must become a zero again, Zero the Hero, to re-align with our true self... A wise fool constantly parodies him/herself. See Fool card below, on this blog! ;-))

post Burning Man festival

Greetings Magical Friends!

Abbi and I have recently returned from the Burning Man art festival in Northwestern Nevada. How can one convey, in the space of an email, the experience that is Burning Man? This year, more than 40,000 people attended, from all over the world. We drove the ten hours from Las Vegas to the playa. In Spanish, playa means beach, but there's no swimming or surfing to be found here. At one time, millions of years ago, this whole area was under water. These days, the water is long-gone for most of the year, and the ground is a fine, packed, deep layer of silica dust.

Once we got to the Burning Man entrance, we followed the burma-shave style signs. Their messages were all about the mind, the brain, the ego, the selves within. The theme for this year's Burning Man was "Psyche," and most of the art installations were related to the theme.

We spent our time exploring interesting art installations, meeting old and new friends, and making music and magic throughout the camp. We had a great time out on our bikes, zooming around from place to place, seeing all there was to see. On one of our nights, we went through the Maze located at the base of the giant neon Man who would burn. There were at least thirty rooms, little revolving cubicle doorways, unexpected dead ends... and finally, after a long search, the staircase leading up.... to an open platform, looking down on the top of the Maze -- where you could call words of encouragement or confusion to those in the Maze -- and then more stairs leading up to the Man. If you had enough people working cooperatively together, you could turn the Man to face a different direction, further confounding the people in the Maze. The Maze was only open a few nights and they had to take it down on Friday night since the Man was going to burn on Saturday amidst a huge array of fire spinners and pyrotechnics.

Light Wizard Gary Stadler, along with our webmaster Bryce Kuhlman -- with their amazing crew from Arizona, Las Vegas, San Diego and more -- set up the Inner Mind: a humungous air inflated pointy-topped dome containing a smaller inflated dome inside. The top held a huge bright light shooting out of the top (ala the Luxor in Vegas). Inside the inner dome was a huge, interactive brain made of nearly 3000 microprocessors. There were thousands of little LED lights zooming around, representing thoughts, in all different colors, which you could control...

"Passage" was the name of a large metal sculpture of a mother and child. The installation started about fifty feet away from the sculptures, with cement footprints in the playa -- and filled with fire -- representing where they had walked. Looking at them, mid-stride, we could see that water flowed down from their hands, and that the mother was passing a handful of fire to the child. The mother was probably about thirty-five feet tall, and the child was about twenty feet tall, all made out of scrap metal (bike chains, horseshoes, little horses...). The couple who created it were welding on it for the first few days, and had it completed by Friday night.

The Flaming Lotus Girls brought out their Angel of the Apocalypse: a propane-shooting, flame throwing sculpture of a gigantic bird, about fifteen feet tall, partially buried in the playa with its beak, 12 distinct wing tips, and part of its belly sticking out... the amount of flame coming out of the wing tips could be controlled just by pushing a button, and they let everyone push it!

And there was so much more. We brought out the Alchemical Fire Circle and did one all-nighter on Wednesday night. The music, the drumming, the singing, the magic, the ritual and spontaneous co-created ceremony went on through the night until well after sunrise. It's such a gift to be able to share this magic at such a special place.

Jeff's favorite quote from Burning Man is: "If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room!" To see event more astounding images... check this out --
Gary sent this great graphic novel style comic book report of the Burn.

Magically, Jeff McBride

Friday, September 23, 2005

"dear John", will it ever get better than this?

The Three Fates spread is a popular way to gain insight into the past, present, and future. The William Blake Tarot explores the mystical vision and artistry of the renowned English painter and poet. It has long been the deck of choice for artists, writers, musicians, and thinkers.
Click for DetailsThe left card represents an important element of the past. Seven of Poetry (Boldness): "The times require that every one should speak out boldly: ...every man should do his duty, in Arts, as well as in Arms, or in the Senate". Standing up for yourself and your beliefs. Telling the truth despite everything. Tests of integrity, firmness, and commitment. Doing the right thing even though it hurts. Facing the envy or enmity of others. Proving yourself against rivals and competitors. Finding the courage to resist organized, institutional, or governmental oppression. In the creative process: Maintain your artistic tenacity and courage despite any criticism, disapproval, or influence of societal prejudices or market pressures. (I cannot replace this with my own interpretation, since I have no idea what this corresponds to in the regular Tarot - possibly 7 of Cups - which would explain why I get the feeling of his past paranoid "weirdness" persisting in his rants, and his very over-active imagination, to the point of paranoia, i.e. still not quite recovered, although apparently grounded and lucid?) ;-P
Click for DetailsThe middle card represents a deciding element of the present. Nine of Science (Swords) (Despair): Experiencing mental anguish or self-pity. Grief. Depression. Feeling isolated and alone ...not to mention damned frustrated when all he seems to want to do amounts to TALK!!! And our compatibility seems not in the intellectual sphere, but the purely physical, if anything ;-P
Click for DetailsThe right card represents a critical element of the future. Angel of Science: "Quis basin demonstret? (Who would demonstrate the foundation?)". Floating in the realm of pure or abstract thought. Objective, unemotional, and unbiased thinking. Mental speculation, exploration, meditation. A brilliant insight bursting through. Stimulus to organize or systematize. Precision and clarity of vision. In the creative process: An intellectual vision or perfect insight inspires you to rise above yourself. (I can get so over this, with the help of the Tarot, and my own intellectual integrity! I just refuse to let him make a fool of me any more, not to mention delay my precious phone call to B.E., which I did not feel up to last night! ;-P) ;-))

3 of Pentacles

disk three: In the cold, pharisaical so-called "chapel of love", the 'words of wisdom' of Marilyn Manson ring in my ears as the coins clatter coldly on the collection-plates: "this isn't god". You cannot serve both God and Mammon, hypocrites! Hence, as I shun the chapel of Mammon, may my heart not turn into a chilled chapel but a torrid temple this winter, I pray! May my righteousness, not to mention kindness, truly exceed that of the scribes and pharisees, and may I put them all to shame by the way I walk my talk, in galactic integrity! Three little coins in a fountain - such seem your mistaken little theological, calculating, wish-fulfilling suppositions about God and Trinity, and you cannot buy that with money, at any price, cheap or dear...

What the Bleep study group will do on Saturday (update)

>Our Meeting this Saturday will investigate Quantum Physics, which is a system that does not follow the rationality of previous sciences. Toward that end, if you wish, you may want to look at my latest blog: "Stephen Hawking's Mail" on my blog spot:

Who or what represents the observer that determines the nature of the particle?

Does an ultimate observer exist?

Can we be conscious of that observer?

What do you think you would see if you looked through the eyes of the ultimate observer?

(Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle)

How do others’ observations affect us?

Does every observer affect the world the same way?

What causes differences?

(Bell’s theorem and non-locality)

i.e. “For quantum theory to work, information must travel not only at the speed of light, but instantaneously.” Non-locality suggests that information, that can appear anywhere in the world, connects everything in the world.

What establishes which communication we receive?

What does non-locality imply for how we can know the world?

How would this change our lives?

So-called classical reality (the world of commonsense, and the science that got us to the moon and back) fades away like the Cheshire cat. Dorothy, we do not find ourselves in Kansas any more (my answer to the question on Jen’s blog amounted to an exploration of the fairytale of Oz, ‘my’ fairytale, in which the ‘Oz’ of the Wizard of Oz and the Oz of local Australian reality mysteriously overlap). I begin to see how the mysterious act of ‘coming home’ (simply by clicking together one’s ruby-red slippers of thought) can enable one to live both in the local Australian reality, and the mysterious ‘great Oz’ of afterlives and next lives.

What has radically altered your experience of reality?

Shamanic journeys (by bus) into the mind of Bjorn Erik, outside of consensual reality; his radical deconstruction of the Bible (by rewriting it in red biro, line by line); his laying down of the “levitical law”, also a divine right of kings, and therefore also of the king of Swords (see Tarot interpretation below).

How did the experience affect you?

Religion can never amount to “the same thing” again, i.e. far from the understanding of the fundies that a “fixed, true Word of God” exists, the words of any text, biblical or otherwise seem to flicker and glow with a superposition of palimpsests, of possible other meanings and interpretations.

What would it be like to experience quantum reality through the senses, as opposed to intellectually?

See image above! Lol

What does it imply?

The meaning of anything does not seem anything we can fix down in one, final, definitive statement. I.e. once, I experienced “the meaning of life”, while watching Monty Python’s Meaning of Life in Norway in fact, and while it blew me away into ecstasy at the time, with a feeling of “eureka! This seems it!!”, I could not put it in words, and in fact became mystically tongue-tied, aphasic at the time, until sex brought me down to earth again… ;-))

>And so, when Eigenvectors eschew the Eidolon, the event horizon may either Plonk, Plink, or go Spoing! But more about this in future lessons.

And the above comments about the fundies' so-called "Word of God" also apply to so-called "fixed, standard Tarot interpretations", because in the end everything will either plonk, plink or go Spoing! lol

I don't really feel qualified to judge between all these possible interpretations of quantum theory, as they all appear to have something going for them (even the more "way out" and "trippy", New Age, "consciousness creates reality", and "many worlds" ones!) as each one seems to take an aspect of it and stretch it to its limits. They all seem to me like the proverbial blind men trying to describe an elephant, from the part of it they can grasp. I still feel drawn, if anything, to Bohr's traditional Copenhagen interpretation, and its "don't ask-don't tell" implications, with the proviso that an ultimate meaning does seem to exist, only we can't really say anything meaningful about it. These derives from my pragmatic experience as shamanic visitor into the non-censual world of psychosis. The only difference between a mystic and one locked up as incurably schizophrenic, seems that a mystic knows when to shut up (so that he or she does not locked up)! This really seems to relate to the philosophy of Wittgenstein, namely, "mystical experiences" amount to real possibilities, and genuinely exist, but we cannot say anything meaningful about them in words others can understand, and therefore we should not try to. The experiences of ultimate meaning we do occasionally experience simply transcend the limitations of human language.

And as you can see, a lot more questions remain than answers... ;-))

Thursday, September 22, 2005

wheel of fortune = the guardian angel: Do you feel lucky tonight? Do you feel born under a lucky star (Jupiter rising)? Don't let it go to your head. Too many lucky synchronicities can go to your head, swell it, to a swollenness of Jupiter, and then, lucky Phil, your luck just ran out, you seem likely to topple into a madness of over-enthusiasm (psychosis, mania). It does indeed seem always better to light a candle (or several) rather than curse the darkness; let your inner child take your lucky-mascot teddy-bear (or whatever other stuffed animal) and snuggle up in the bear-cave of your heart with all your other lucky talismans and amulets. Remember also the purifying mysteries, the sobering mysteries, of Osiris slain and risen, of the Eternal Feminine who always leads us on, of the Melbourne movie Angelbaby. Some "Adriana" or other always leads us on, with her Goldenlight of the heart, but you must fit the pieces of the jigsaw-puzzle very carefully, bit by bit, till the whole Scrabble-game or Lego-construction becomes complete...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Today's cyber-Tarot: knight of cups

knight of cups, peace-star, beauty of water: adolescent infatuation. "They say we're much too young to know..." Does this feeling equate to mere 'puppy love', or something more? Young love can endure, surprisingly, with a tenacity exceeding your wildest expectations, contrary to all popular myth and pop-psychology a la Oprah. This pain also seems something you will not necessarily grow out of...but it seems a "pain" you would not do without, or not? In the words of an Indian sage: "the eyes of love are in reality tinted delicately red as the lotus".

And this card turns out to represent the answer to the Two of Cups I deleted, that I thought only I felt with regard to a certain person: apparently he feels a little bit about me like this, and could not stay away! ;-))

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tarot reading for Nathaniel, whom Usch and I just met in the tram today, if he logs in!

The Relationship spread provides insight into the interaction between two people or entities. It seems the spread of choice for questions about partnerships, be they in romance or business. The Renaissance Tarot equates to a modern deck, with symbolism drawn from the heroic age.

None of my regular readers will know Nathaniel from the proverbial bar of soap, but by a strange and spooky coincidence, today's cyber-Tarot, Justice, appears in his spread, so I know that one appeared especially for him, from a "chance" encounter (which just goes to show, no such thing really exists!) lol
Click for DetailsThe card at the top left represents how you see yourself. Three of Cups (Abundance): A strange but beautiful occurrence. Omg, this card also turned up, by spooky "coincidence", as my personal card of the day this morning! It refers to a postcard I sent once to my son from not-so-distant Warburton: "having a lovely time - wish you were here", which can also summarise Nathaniel's recurring dream! Dreams can also seem like postcards or emails from apparent strangers we know we have known "before". The "3" of the card also referred to a weird dream of my own at the time, in which I had not one, but three sons! What this card seems to represent equates to finished, or unfinished karmic business?
Click for DetailsThe card at the top right represents how you see your partner. The Sun: Glory and rejoicing. The light of reason. The flower of manhood. Inspiration in poetry and music.
Igraine, the dawn star: Round belly, round and golden as the sun, round golden globular discs of breasts - truly, "your belly resembles a heap of wheat, surrounded by lilies" (Song of Songs). This Lady of the Sun squats astride a moon-crescent disc, crying aloud in pangs of childbirth, crowned with 12 stars (Revelation 12). If we could capture these pinpricks in time-exposure photography, they would describe great whirling streaks encircling her in a halo of glory. The lost child about to enter re-birth has not yet felt the birthquakes; he remains undisturbed in repose in the womb of the sun?
Click for DetailsThe card in the center left represents how you feel about your partner. Ten of Swords (Ruin): Calamity. The failure of a hero, foretold in prophesy, but brought about by the hero's own choices.
Sword ten: give up expectations that in all likelihood cannot come to pass, even though this seems as brutal as the Biblical injunction to "cut off the hand that offends thee"! ;-P
Click for DetailsThe card in the center right represents what stands between you and your partner. Eight of Cups (Indolence):
simplicity - especially on those days, like Boxing Day, that seem one huge anticlimax, or merely hungover, after the "big, special days", like Christmas. Come back to reality, normality, sanity of regular free-flow of 5th-dimensional energy (big Zen chuckle!). No need for disappointment, although when all the water leaks out of the bucket, the reflection of the moon, a reflection of a reflection, seems also lost (Zen parable). Mostly, just be*here*now, or you might miss something really important in the present, by hankering for something that might or might not happen in the future! Even the feasts of "no-occasion", everyday life, can amount to special feasts, of presence!
Click for DetailsThe card in the lower left represents how your partner sees you. Justice: The vindication of the just and the punishment of the unjust. Rule of reason. Balance of power (=karma). The spider's comfort: "Worry no more, you soldier's son / Just walk on by, and you'll be fine" (Finn Corey's William Blake project).
The yin-yang of opposing complementarities bound together in the spider's web of life, threads of fate and karma binding each to the other - the red and the green - Martian militancy and Venutian harmony reconciled in fairness at last - this seems what I would truly call a miracle, a "win-win" situation, as per A Course in Miracles! Behind thyself (TVAT TVAM ASI), in each facet of Grandmother Spider's web to which she has bound you, even the jewelled prismatic eyes of flies that the spider will eat for breakfast tomorrow - in this wondrous web of interrelationship, even the spider and the fly become one, for the spider only eats itself, whatever it eats!

(I would even go so far as to suggest, there may exist karmic reasons why you cannot see him, other than in dream, right now, and the dream figure of your glorious "solar" love - see above - may in fact represent a projected image of your own beauty and potential!)
Click for DetailsThe card in the lower right represents what your partner feels about you. Page of Coins: An intelligent and sensible young person. Dependable and practical person who yet hides mysterious corners of himself and hoards secret treasures. An admirer of the patterns of heavens, the makeup of nature, or the language of numbers.
Stone maiden, earth of earth - "daddy's girl". Your daddy might seem a snowman, for all the warmth he gave. Even now, you seek your grandmother's house, little girl lost in the wintry woods. Your bare feet turn blue in the snow, but however lost, lonely, orphaned and estranged from your earthly parents you feel, know that the brightness of your spiritual home blazes in the defiant red of your cloak and hood. Your dress is innocent, virginal white, and four and twenty blackbirds pipe from the pie lovingly packed into your basket of goodies for Grandma. Their carolling awakes even the butterflies and swallows into an untimely spring. Snow covers the signpost that should show you the way, Little Red Riding Hood, and no flowers bloom for you yet, on or off the path... I love this card, because it shows our genetic resemblance to our earthly and even spiritual parents, even when we feel most estranged or alienated! Hey, there, little Red Riding Hood, you do not seem as far out of your way as you think.... ;-))
Click for DetailsThe card in the center represents the present status or challenge of the relationship. Page of Cups: A young person of sensitive and meditative nature, capable of deep loyalty and profound affection. "Ugly duckling" -earth of water: who would think that someone who thought him/herself so ugly as a child, could grow up into such a beautiful adult? You could have had deep feelings of insecurity about your physical attractiveness as a child, but, be told, you have now turned into the most gorgeous swan, and not the "duck" they expected you to turn into!

Today's cyber-Tarot: Justice - the spider's comfort

"Worry no more, you soldier's son / Just walk on by, and you'll be fine" (Finn Corey's William Blake project).
The yin-yang of opposing complementarities bound together in the spider's web of life, threads of fate and karma binding each to the other - the red and the green - Martian militancy and Venutian harmony reconciled in fairness at last - this seems what I would truly call a miracle, a "win-win" situation, as per A Course in Miracles! Behind thyself (TVAT TVAM ASI), in each facet of Grandmother Spider's web to which she has bound you, even the jewelled prismatic eyes of flies that the spider will eat for breakfast tomorrow - in this wondrous web of interrelationship, even the spider and the fly become one, for the spider only eats itself, whatever it eats!

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