Friday, August 26, 2005

Last night's dream

It seems as if I find myself flying home from somewhere, and my biggest worry consists in how to get my extremely heavy suitcase to and from the airport...
Comment and interpretation: I find the thought of "coming home" extremely spiritually exciting. If only I could just "come home" like Dorothy, by clicking some ruby-red slippers (now, where do I find those slippers?). The extreme weight of the baggage seems to refer to karmic weight, although anyone would think I had burned off some by now (maybe I have re-incurred some since, though). Woke up thinking I could just go to a luggage shop and buy one of those little sets of wheels to just strap on to the suitcase... ;-))
Speaking of "reptilian monsters" (see Anne Rice dream below), and in the 'light' of Sebi's subsequent comments: I feel we may all have to undergo some sort of process of 'karmic stripping', that will leave us stripped of our normally simian and mammalian selves. We think of the back part of the brain, or the 'reptilian', as the most 'primitive', but that could represent a misconception, from the gnostics on. Frontal cortex equates to the monkey brain, midbrain to the mammalian/emotional, and these two together constitute our psychic (or soul) personality in gnostic terms; the backbrain, or reptilian, we can regard as the naked hylic (physical) on the one hand, but maybe the only one that also touches on the pneumatic (or spiritual)...see today's cyber-Tarot, 7 of Cups, with its 'rare and exceptional' opportunity for spiritual realization! Consider the archetype of the 'winged serpent', and the fact that birds have evolved from dinosaurs, having grown feathers and wings.... There seems no part of the brain that directly corresponds to the pneumatic, but maybe the hylic touches on it, more than the psychic (simian/mammalian, intellectual/emotional)? Hence the need for 'karmic stripping' away of 'excess baggage', and some of us seem lucky enough to experience this 'purgatory' in the bardo of this life, before the afterlife (so much of my Carmelite spirituality, and no more, remains with me)? I.e. the spiritual life, in the bardo of this life, seems about getting rid of as much 'baggage' as you can, before you get to the afterlife... till we seem but 'skinned rabbits', even in this life?

Afterthought: walking to Gawith Villa, I suddenly recall the image of the soul weighed against the feather of Ma'at in the Egyptian vision of the afterlife, and realise that the karmic stripping must continue, until our soul weighs only the weight of a feather, of truth (Ma'at) ;-))


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just read your blog reply concerning Sebi. Thank God (if there is any such being) that you also have understood that Sebi is not well. I really fear for him and I know that you as a true friend of his, is probably feeling the same. Have you heard from him? I think he will be with Tony, the guy frome the past who has the farm. I thought the plan was that you were visiting them tomorrow, Sunday. I've never met Tony but I have an awful feeling that he is not helping Sebi at all. I spoke to Tony one night on the phone and although I spoke to him of my concerns for Sebi, Tony was very non-responsive. This whole vidophone saga is so odd - maybe you have some ideas on why this seems to have such a hold on Sebi. I'f you are on line tonight please respond with some helpful words for me. I am at Club 80 and will continue to check the computer for reponses.
I'm sorry if this whole thing is freaking you out - I certainly don't want to have you worry
Thanks Claire

7:11 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

I saw him yesterday, and yes, I did find myself "the next in the line of fire"... So I do not know if I want to see him today, after all; the "energy" seems all too heavy right now: interestingly, he does also relate the energy to Dragon-energy, and that would equate to him as a Chinese Dragon, very Arian, impetuous, childish energy, "wanting IT ALL NOW"! Yep, Tony worries me as well. Videophones, "application sharing" etc... it all seems a kind of "boys with their toys" thing to me, and Sebi's "inner child", aka. "Peter Pan", does seem running amok again, when only a little while ago, his counsellor congratulated him on "growing up"? I got accused of wishing the wheel uninvented for not sharing their enthusiasm, as if you could call me some kind of total Luddite, like my mum (!); however, I do respect my technology, and Sebi's overenthusiasm seems also on the point of 'killing' his computer, but he won't hear that, either... Maybe the eventual 'death' of his computer will pull him up short, if nothing else ;-P If Club 80 has Yahoo Messenger, my Yahoo IDs are arachne6662004 and glitterati667: feel free to sign up and leave an instant message (you will probably find me under the latter) ;-))

9:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Claire,
Thanks again for your message. Spoke to Sebi today (Sunday). I believe that the best way that we can help each other is by 'being there' for each other. Claire, I hope you are alright and that the last few days haven't taken a toll on you. You have an amazing ability to read the thoughts of others. I believe that we people who have suffered depression in our lives have this special gift. Through all our inner sufferings we can see a great deal. I hope you are still considering the Art Theraphy on Saturday. I decided that I will 'go for it' - what the hell - it can't kill me (I've already tried that a couple of times). Let's be a support to one another and to Sebi. Somehow, I believe that we have been bought together under some strange plan. Is that stupid or am I still over religious or what? Hope you read this soon. I'll keep checking the computer here at 80 (yes here again but not for sex but for use of the computer). If I don't hear from you tonight I'll check your blog tomorrow. It's a bit difficult because I am at work but I do get moments when I can 'slip' on line. Look forward to hearing from you.

5:12 pm  
Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

I just logged in to see if you had written another blog entry, and was sadly disappointed to see that there was nothing new since your last post, which blew me away. Fortunately, I was able to download Yahoo Messenger here on Tony's PC, so I am very excited about chatting to you using it. In fact, I will log onto Yahoo Messenger after I post this entry, so that Tony can see how it works. He uses MSN Messenger. We are working together to create an online presence to sell his artwork, and are planning to use all the means at our disposal to create blogspaces. It is going to be great when he joins the blogosphere with us. Chris has also written his first blog post, and is going to call his blog "I Have, I Can, I Will". He didn't know how to create his own by himself, but posted it on my last blog entry as a comment. Tony's blog is going to be called "Art for Life", and we've realised that his spirit guide paintings are certainly going to rock cyberspace. I can't wait to get the pics and videos we've taken with his new wiz-bang videophone out of it and onto the PC and then into cyberspace and the blogosphere. Uranus be praised. Bring on the boys toys, and help us learn to communicate like God-beings. (Except that Arachne one !)

Hello world is a song that we're singing. Come on, get blogging !

Tony says that we are being inspired by the Gods of the Vine (he has 2000 grape vines on his property), and is thinking of organising a bonfire party for the next full moon, so bring all your crystals.

Dream on, wise and wonderful woman, and the Universe will shower you with blessings of light.

5:38 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Hehe, all hail the vines on Tony's property...
Hehe, thanks, Tony, sounds like psychotic hubby Bjorn Erik "potentiating" the water! lol

10:17 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

No worries, Chris, will attend art class on Saturday (gods and goddesses permitting), with knobs on, and tape in hand ;-))

10:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to hear Claire. Look forward to catching up. Hopefully I will be up to it as I do have some innner doubts about my ability 'to produce' the goods. Sounds stupid doesn't it but these sorts of things frighten me a little. The last couple of nights have been good for sleep so I must be settling down a little. It was good to speak with Sebi - By the way, did you read my I HAVE, I CAN, I WILL ... Hope readers don't think I'm too mad!!

8:43 am  

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