Tuesday, August 23, 2005

George Bush creates new award for John Howard

I just learned today that George Bush has created new award, just for John Howard. Now we also learned, at trivia, that the Victoria Cross bears the two simple words, "For Valour". What did they write on John's award, but three simple words, "For sucking up"? Even the Americans seem stunned by his level of sucking. Get real, John, sucking up will never have a place of honour in any "Australian way". Someone should sack you for "unAustralian activities". Whatever happened to the even more honorable, larrikin art of "taking the piss"?

Dreams: After a hard night travelling in the Otherworld of dream-literati, it seems that must also have been at least semi-lucid, because when at one point I thought I had inadvertently given a copy of my driver's licence (with street address) to another player, I seemed able to tell myself that the TV (off) did not amount to my computer, and I did not have the computer logged in to literati, all without waking up! Maybe I should stay off the piss more, because then my dreams do increase in lucidity, as I had hoped? (I could even sleep more, due to tiredness at not feeling able to eat properly) ;-))
I also had another dream, which I interpreted even within the dream (also an act of lucidity?) as being a visitation from Anne Rice in the form of one of the dolls from her collection. In the dream, I found myself pushing around a tiny doll-carriage containing two dolls, one dark- and one fair-haired, which I eventually named Anne and Sophie (Anne equated to the dark-haired one, and did quite resemble photos of Anne Rice). I also had to push around a baby carriage containing another doll and a stuffed, pink rabbit, all while trying to find my way home, and getting hungrier and hungrier, feeling "homeless" even, because of transport delays and frustrations. Finally "Anne" and "Sophie" (Wisdom, her fair-haired companion) became real, as in the story of the Velveteen Rabbit, and they stood under a tall tower which seemed in imminent danger of exploding; I felt concerned for their and all of our safety (o O, the Tarot Arcanum of the burning Tower, XVI?), but the tower, red-coloured, did not explode, and they turned into some kind of reptilian monsters, and just laughed at it ("banishing by laughter"?), so I knew everything would be alright... ;-))
Comment: the pink rabbit could represent Sebi, with his "unconditional, positive regard" (Carl Rogers), from the heart? In that sense, and that sense only ("maintaining boundaries"), can he call himself my "counsellor"! lol

Today's cyber-Tarot: Actually I disagree totally with the interpretation given for today's cyber-Tarot, 4 of Pentacles ("cleaving to material power"), as I usually do, but don't bother to comment. I would rather interpret it, from my own customised Tarot, as an injunction to simply "slow down, you move too fast / You've got to make the morning last now" (as per the words of Simon and Garfunkel's "Feelin' Groovy").

Addition to 21st century kabbalistic astrology: if we also include the other planet, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, that makes 11 planets (see 10 below), also incorporating the mysterious 11th sephira Daath, Knowledge, or gnosis (the initiate's way)? ;-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Claire. Tony lives in an oasis so heavenly you could only believe it if you had a videophone to see it, or if you accepted his invitation to come for the day on Sunday. We will pick you up on Sunday morning, and bring you out here. You will just love it, I am certain. 20 acres of magnificence, and a house that only Tony could have created, with even a huge indoor swimming pool. Have you got a bathing suit ?

Too much to comment on your blog at the moment, as we're just about to have lunch, but we have been discussing your dream and our cyber-tarot for the day, and are wanting to ask you all about the 11the sephira Daath.

Will comment again soon. Please reply by way of comment to my blog. If you want to post the same comment on your blog too (for continuity purposes for our readers - Sandy, Chris, Tony, Franz and others), it's easy to do it by copying and pasting the text from one "Post a comment" box to another. I probably won't be checking my e-mail for a while but am going to be updating my blog regularly and checking for comments.

Lots of love and I can't wait till Sunday.

See ya.

12:55 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Wow? Where do you find this heavenly oasis exactly? I would love to come, and yes, I have a passable bathing suit. What time on Sunday? ;-))

7:51 am  
Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

It seemms that we may have to postpone the visit on Sunday. I'll tell you about that when we catch up. Hopefully you'll be seeing Tony soon again though.

The dream you describe about the rabbit turning into a Reptilian Monster seems to me that you have had another dream for me. I've had to assert myself to people that have been a little bit crazy with me of late. There has been the threat of an explosion on two occasions, but I was able to control my emotions, although in the case of Franz in particular, it took me nearly a week to calm down and get over it. I felt a lot of fear and anger, and Chris was able to help me with it. I think, though, that he took on a lot of the anger which I felt and helped me to release it, but that he took it on himself. Tony said that there was someone around me whose psychic energy I was absorbing, and that I had to cleanse my aura as often as possible and to meditate. Strangely enough, he also told me that even though I have a wonderful relationship with my mother, there is something that I need to forgive her for that happened when I was about 8.

Oh my God, Claire. I've just seen on the top of the fridge that Franz gave me a pink rabbit ! He was the person that was like a tower exploding with rage around me.

My new boyfriend Tony has just logged onto MSN and we are starting a chat, so I'll finish here. Tony is an amazing person, and I think that we have a great connection. I am really in awe of what a beautiful person he is. More later

9:56 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

But you yourself equate to "the tower that did not explode"? Please bring said pink rabbit to fish and chips today: I would love to see it, and, if necessary, take care of it, if you cannot abide the sight of it... o O, reminds me of the story of the Velveteen Rabbit, that became real, through love! Rabbit equates to the medicine of fear, in the Animal Medicine cards: I suggest you read that section very carefully. The key seems to give all our fears back to Mother Earth; I asked Mother Earth about this once, worried that all the fear and negativity discharged into her would 'hurt' her, and she replied to me that seemed 'poison' to us, amounted to 'food' and 'nourishment' to her, so do not fear discharging your fears and negativity into Her!! (I equate to the Witch, Eyewalker, with whom Rabbit originally had a friendship, as a warrior?) ;-))

7:02 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ms.
Regarding your attentions to awards given to leaders of state to other leaders of state.

I`d say that because the award has not been issued before that there must be a resurgence in clear thinking and maybe a way out of this hole; whining hippies,( crypto fascists), have done nothing for this world as a whole except create divisions and whine because they`ve missed their opportunity to become rich: may I site the downfall of the Carter government in the U.S.A- resurgence in crypto right wing politics and the general dumbing of education standards since the late sixties.
The people you criticise may be the only people that can help the people you care about in this neo divided world...

Please consider:Yours sincerely


1:01 pm  

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