Sunday, July 17, 2005

Papa Legba, Voodoo deity

I found this beautiful image of Papa Legba online, as wyrd_crossings got me thinking about people who have inspired me, and, as well as Sammy, our heavily pregnant receptionist, who seems to represent a goddess of computers, I also thought of Greg, one of our Gawith Villa clients. I had always thought before, he had maybe had a past life as a watchdog, always vigilant, and uncannily observant, does not miss a trick, although non-verbal, so that if ever you can't find anything, you just sing out, "Hey, Greg, where can I find the [whatever]?" and then it always uncannily, miraculously appears! In this life, I theorised, he seems in training for a future life as a guardian angel, doing much the same sort of thing, but from higher up! Maybe, just as Dotty represented or incarnated the Hawaiian goddess Pele (as an annoying old woman always going about bludging tobacco!), he incarnates the extremely kindly and benevolent chief Voodoo deity and "way-opener" Papa Legba. Gods and goddesses really do walk among us, in all sorts of "wonderful disguises" (to use a phrase from Mike Scott)... Interesting also that Papa Legba's symbolic beast equates to the (watch)dog; interesting also that they also depict Papa Legba as somewhat lame or crippled in some way... Here endeth the Sabbath sermon; time to go to "church" with 3PBS gospel show ;-))


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