Friday, July 08, 2005

London's 9/11: White Galactic World-Bridger/Death

In my dream it seems I have to move two kids, one Josh, being little, and one older girl (my inner child?) out to the country, with basic beds, bedding etc., in my good old car, but I have nothing with which to move furniture, and it seems I have yet to do everything, but find myself doing nothing; also I have to keep pulling him away from the windows he wants to climb up to, although the windows remain closed, because of my excessive fear of heights...
This seems a classic anxiety dream, such as I used to have in the school-holidays, as a teacher, although then the anxiety mostly derived from the school situation itself, and got progressively worse as school-term approached (now the only 'work'-related anxiety dream I have had concerned losing Bill ;-P), but now my anxiety seems primarily related to self and immediate family (now only Josh). Interesting that it raises also my "excessive fear of heights", because that did not actually emerge till we lived in a high-rise flat! My acrophobia seems as much an expression of anxiety as Josh's worsening obsessive-compulsiveness, however much he denies that as an expression, or symptom, of anxiety - and how could he not worry? Dog/sidereal Cancer seems "born to worry"... Dare I raise it as an expression of concern next I see him? Until now, I have raised it with him only as a "joke" ;-P
In the meantime, given "London's 9/11", that rudely interrupted my Literati game and chat last night, we all have plenty to worry about. Perhaps the idea of "move them out to the country" comes from the basic flight response of: "if at all possible, avoid cities, and crowded places". "They" (allegedly Al-Qaeda, but has everyone forgotten the IRA, who seem however happy to let Al-Qaeda carry the can?) , seem to have also made threats against Denmark and Italy, for continuing to maintain troops in Iraq. Don't we also? ;-P
I feel like playing William Blake's London in sympathy: "...and the hapless soldier's cry/Runs in blood down palace walls..." Does it not seem ironic that this had to happen hard on the heels of their feeling over the moon, chosen for the 2012 Olympics? o O (apocalyptic date, end of the Mayan calendar and all that?)... The apocalyptic plot thickens, and they don't call anxiety the epidemic of the millenium for nothing, given the current climate of the "politics of fear" ;-P


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

It's interesting to see how each of us processes feelings of anxiety in dreams in very different ways, although often the stimulus for such anxiety is incredibly similar. Who is Bill, by the way ?

I didn't know that you feared that Josh was obsessive-compulsive. How did he react to your bringing it up as a joke ?

I've been reading some blogs today and many of the Americans have a very dour view of their leadership, although unfortunately - and with justification - they also have a very dour view of ours. I have no doubt that violence begets violence, and am anxious to see our society evolve beyond using violence as a means of conflict resolution.

(And yes, the blog post was very well written !)

1:15 pm  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Oh...Bill = one of the clients at Gawith Villa, a very lovable if cranky old chap (also frequents Sacred Heart Art Group), much given to singing and regaling us with a song each week, from Advance Australia Fair (his original repertoire) to Come All Ye Faithful (spookily, at Jule, how did he know?) ;-))
How do you process your anxiety differently?
Of course, Josh still treated it as a joke (what else?), but, if anything, it just seems to get worse, and I read somewhere that if my precipitous flight to Norway would have any adverse effect(s) on his mental health, it would show by the age of 30... Yes, I am very, very worried about him; he seems to cope (all obsessive-compulsive, perfectionist control freaks do, so long as their routine seems relatively undisturbed), but it takes but a minor disruption in routine... ;-O

3:26 pm  

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