Saturday, July 23, 2005

Good breaking news!!

>Witchcraft finally legalised
>July 21, 2005
>From: AAP
>Witches ... finally allowed to be themselves / file IT is clear
>skies for witches and other followers of the occult in Victoria with
>the repeal of an antiquated law making witchcraft, sorcery and
>fortune-telling criminal pursuits.
>Victorian Attorney-General Rob Hulls has introduced legislation
>repealing the Vagrancy Act, saying many of the offences had no place
>in today's multicultural and tolerant society.
>"It is almost 200 years old and is steeped in the language and
>attitudes of Dickensian England," Mr Hulls said.

YAY!!! This calls for some sort of celebration: c'mon!! ;-))

>Other offences included in the legislation – such as escape from
>lawful custody, obscene exposure, begging and possessing house-
>breaking implements – will be re-enacted in other legislation.

Strange to have these associated with witchcraft and fortune-telling anyway! lol

>"There'll be several thousand pagans in Melbourne celebrating this
>news under the full moon tonight," he said.

Aroooooooo!!! ;-))


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