Saturday, July 02, 2005

Conversation with P'taah as mentor/counsellor:-))

Sebi: I hope some of this is useful, and that it cheers you up and makes you feel better.

Me: Therefore I reproduce the relevant bits as a "conversation with Pt'aah, as mentor/counsellor", as per the High Priest/Pope that just turned up in my meditation this morning (glad I did it at the altar again, not in bed) altar looked a bit neglected of late) ;-))

P’taah: Well, my beloved ones, what do we have this day of your time?

Strange opening question: maybe I could use that (for openers) in counselling? lol (laughter ALWAYS the best medicine, not to mention banishment of whatever ails you?) ;-))

Mickey: Well, P'taah, I have been thinking a lot about self-worth and our perception that we’re not worthy and how that plays out in people’s lives. People do very strange things and act in very strange ways because they don’t think they’re worthy and I wondered if you’d like to talk about that.

P’taah: Indeed, it is so. You know, this idea called self-worth, well lack of self-worth we would say, is simply about mis-perception because you have not been taught who you really are. And much of this idea, lack of self-worth, you could say, is based on religiosity -- the idea that you, humanities, are miserable worms, always having to strive to be worthy of the love of God. Well, of course, there is no God personified, and who you are is part of this energy that you call, mistakenly, ‘God’.

Me: True, I have given Bjorn Erik enough "unconditional positive regard": time he returned some of the favor? ;-))

P'taah: Now, that you might struggle to feel satisfaction in your life -- well, that is another thing, really, also quite strange.

Me: cf. Charmian Clift: "Finding Australia is a queer and emotional business"... so seems having to migrate back to one's native country, when one intended the migration the other way ;-))

P’taah: They don’t have to pass on anything. It is in the collective consciousness. And all of you pass on these insecurities – the idea that you must struggle to be worthy of note, to be worthy of attention, to be worthy of love – you breathe this in from your first breath in this life. As you awaken to life in physicality and as you tap into the collective consciousness, there it is. You do not have to be brought up in a religious family at all.

Me: Infant Sorrow (William Blake, Songs of Experience) as opposed to the original Infant Joy (Songs of Innocence)? ;-P

Mickey: I think it’s fascinating that what happens, it seems to me, is that somehow males are trained to deal with this by being arrogant – and I’m generalizing hugely here – whereas females are taught to deal with it by trying harder and harder and harder and being much more submissive.

Me: Yeh, and look where that got me in Ballarat, not to mention Charmian Clift, again (not that she seemed all that submissive, but she certainly felt it)... Hence she represents an Aussie proto-feminist, as well as a proto-blogger ;-))

Me: Mind you, I did do that in Norway as well...but with paranoid schizophrenia, the 'normal' male/female patterns don't work any more

P’taah: Well, in a way, a facet of that is absolutely true. Of course, arrogance usually hides the feeling of inferiority.

Me: That seems why, I know, people often take me for arrogant, when I really feel insecure....if only they knew ;-P

P'taah: The other thing that occurs, of course, as you are children, as you are growing up, because of the sense of unworthiness, all of you want to pick on everybody else because if you make other people feel unworthy, then perhaps you will feel better. And so this thing is self-perpetuating.

Me: That sounds like depression/anxiety to me (as in the last days of Charmian's life, when you could no longer tell the difference between drunk and sober) ;-P

P'taah: And, of course, women, historically, must be good at serving and being submissive, to keep the peace, to raise the family, etc. And, of course, those lines become blurred but nevertheless, there they are.

Me: Not to mention other lines, like those between fact and fiction, and one writer (George) ripping off another's alter ego (Charmian's 'Cressida Morley') to present it in the harshest possible light ;-P

P’taah: Because it is a matter of changing neural patterns so that, first of all, as you acknowledge the grand truths of this idea called ‘I am worthy of all wondrousness simply because I exist as a Perfect and Eternal Expression of Source’, as you acknowledge that you are a body of consciousness, are eternal and that body of consciousness, in a way the life beingness, is indeed simply an extension of Creation, then this idea called ‘unworthiness’ ceases to have any validity.

Me: I actually prefer today's Mayan affirmation (Yellow Lunar Sun): "I polarise, in order to enlighten, stabilising life. I seal the matrix of universal fire with the lunar tone of challenge", but, hey, whatever floats your boat!! ;-))

Mickey: That’s wonderful. I think that I’m going to add this to my Morning Song because I think I’m at the place where I’m ready for that.

P’taah: Indeed, all of these things are part of a grander idea of who you can be and marry very well with your gratitude for this life that you and the Creator effect.

Me: Gratitude for this life? Well, yes, and no.... Nothing so much wrong with this little life, as the fact that I cannot lead it in Norway, as intended ;-))

Mickey: Wow. Wonderful, P’taah, thank you.

Me: And thanks from me, P'taah, and Sebi ;-))

Namaste! (And namaste also to Bjorn Erik, as we used to do in Norway)..... The sun shining in my window helps too: thank you, Kinich Ahau ("lord of the day", in Mayan) ;-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

My pleasure, Claire. I'm very glad to see that P'taah made it into your blog. I'm not even sure that he made it into mine, but I will keep you up to date with the newsletter e-mails that are sent to me if you are interested. It seems that given your fascination with all things Mayan, we can't help but form a Pleiadian interest society.

10:12 pm  

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