Thursday, June 09, 2005

Red Overtone Earth

Ok, after completing my webnovel last night, and not having done any real blogging on my regular blog in a week, I also saw my first bit of television (in insomniac hour, on the ABC, last night), when I woke briefly in the middle of the night: a genetic scientist giving a Press Club conference. One journalist called him a "gung-ho genetic warrior", and he smiled at that; can't remember his name, as it seemed something unpronounceable and Rumanian, although he seemed in every other respect like a very enthusiastic Aussie on speed. He also called himself a "practical ethicist", and raised all sorts of interesting ethical points about the present status and future possibilities of all sorts of "assisted reproductive" and "enhancement technologies". My main concern, still largely unanswered, seems that all these technologies remain very expensive, and therefore available only to the rich. If it comes down to the right of the individual to choose, in every case, whether they want a particular enhancement or not, then surely they should either open them to every individual (and not just rich individuals, in rich countries) or no one, otherwise we will perpetuate the same injustices and inequities already rampant with our two-tier health and education systems. And some people will always choose against the enhancement strategies, e.g. 10% of people will either still continue with a Down's syndrome pregnancy, or not have the test at all, preferring not to know, and will just accept whatever happens, anyway. Some enhancements would also involve losses, e.g. the old dilemma of so-called "bipolar disorder" and its high correlation with artistic creativity; how many highly artistic and creative people would sacrifice all their creativity in the interests of mood stabilisation?


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Welcome back to your blog. You sure woke up at an interesting time that night, and the blogosphere is now richer for you comments and ponderings.

Signed : An impoverished bi-polar in remission ( who is just leaving for his art class to stimulate his enhanced creativity, but must remember to take his synthetic mood stabilisers first )

9:37 am  
Anonymous Virgil Corley said...

Where can I to learn abt it in detail?

3:33 am  
Blogger asgif666 said...

Um...try googling practical ethics of assisted and reproductive technologies?

8:05 am  

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