Sunday, June 26, 2005

Omg, the myth of George and Charmian continues, in the progeny?

There seems just too much to comment on here, and, out of respect for copyright, I refrain from overly quoting, but, omg, the "sins" of the mothers and fathers seem duly visited upon the children? My friend Sebi met Martin Johnstone, and, due to the remarkable synchronicity of his reading a book of George Johnstone's at the time, seemed able to fill him in on childhood acquaintances he had apparently forgotten......not that I would like anyone to accuse this blog of name-dropping, in any way, shape or form! lol

But, omg, his little sister Shane suicided, like their mother Charmian, our own Sylvia Plath? There seems to exist a suicide gene? There seems also a genuine curse hanging over this family... Martin himself quit Sydney Uni. before finishing his degree, to the chagrin of his father Charmian quitting high school early to spite her father? The list of coincidences goes on and on... It seems Oz has lost yet another "brilliant mind" in Martin Johnstone: talk about "psychological dislocation", and I thought I amounted to a "deracinee"... No wonder we smoke and drink so much down under :-((


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

Nice to see that my little story has made it into the blogosphere. And what is life about if you can't name-drop ?

Sad to see that Martin's sister suicided, and I didn't even know that Martin himself was dead.

12:00 pm  

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