Sunday, June 05, 2005

Did someone say, "a change of occupation"? Well, the Collingwood magick sure has worked! ;-)) Posted by Hello
A new season KICKS off to a grand new beginning when VENUS (love) enters Cancer on June 3rd, and solo doesn't seem so bad if things didn't go quite right. Jupiter, (abundance) the ruler of Sagittarius, goes direct on the 4th bringing about an interesting time of philosophical, global, and political awareness, especially in the areas of finance. The stock market seems sure to find a better time over the next three months and into the 4th quarter, than what we've seen thus far this year. An interesting June we have this year, with more people traveling than ever before. The economy has gone up and people feel better about life, love, and their personal and professional pursuits of happiness, i.e. catch the Jupiter wave while ye may, ye magickal practitioners, and magickally seize the day!
Quote of the day, from Tim Winton's The Riders: "Well, stay at home on your own big island, he thinks, and do yourself a favour and never leave. Never grow old. Never chase the hard buttocks of the Scandinavians. Do not stand for winter, by God. And never leave your teeth in a glass of Newcastle Brown Ale at night, lest ye become a sad, sick travesty like someone we all know but do not quite care for.
"Gravely, and with a great horrible smile cut into his round face, he unscrews the Stolichnaya and pours a breakfast inch without catastrophe."
"Winton is not a great Australian novelist; he is a great novelist full stop" (The Times): a "metaphysical thriller", indeed ;-))


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

The Jupiter wave sounds good.

I started reading "The Riders", but didn't really get into it, and so gave up. Maybe I should give it another go ?

And I'm assuming that the spell you mentioned was to influence the outcome of the footy results ?

I'm looking forward to catching up on news of your job interview, but won't be at home tomorrow (Monday) as I'm going to Mum's, but will catch up with you later.

8:44 pm  

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