Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Blue Spectral Night

Actually, you missed the Ace of Wands in between; Queen of Wands I relate to my surge of anger and annoyance at cyber-tarot disappearing; Ace of Wands (which also saw the 'birth' of Craig's blog, remember?) to my surge of new vitality and enthusiasm at presenting Centrelink with my application for fulltime volunteer status yesterday; King of Pentacles (after a night in literati hell, when Yahoo games refused to score me for winning rated games, and only credited me with losing scores ;-P), the "grounded shaman", would indicate the need to for a complete change of pace, slow down, concentrate on being reliable and down-to-earth... ;-))
Had a wonderful dream (keyword for today!): from which I did not want to waken: in it, it seemed I struggled to write a short story about an alien who visited earth, did not like what he saw of my family, and so returned whence he came; I wanted to call it "the return of the Jedi" but realized someone else had already done this (!), so wanted to change it to "Jedi returns"... I just could not capture enough of the family dramas to make it realistic ;-P
Comments and interpretation: "alien" does not necessarily "channellings from higher dimensions"? "Alien" in this case means simply "family alienation"?


Blogger Sebastian Aristos said...

A very interesting interpretation of the relevance of the tarot cards for the last couple of days, as well as a fascinating dream. It is a shame that the short story was one that you only wrote in your dream. I would have loved to have read it. I saw a children's book that this reminds me of recently, however it was about an alien separated from his family ( a la 'ET' ), and not quite the same as yours.

10:44 am  

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